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25th April 2007
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Coming from its partnership with I & J Fisnar Inc, Intertronics has announced a range of dispensing valves including the DV509 diaphragm valve, the VDP150 plunger pump for positive displacement dispensing and the PDV-1000 precision screw unit. These dispensing valves will be of great interest to development or production engineers wishing to achieve micro to medium applications of low to high viscosity materials such as cyanoacrylates, reagents, UV adhesives, paints, inks, solvents, glues, electrolytes, alcohol and other volatile substances. They will find applications across a wide range of industrial situations, e.g. gaskets, potting, filling, and shielding.
The Intertronics range includes the DV509 pneumatic diaphragm valve which is particularly suitable for precise flow control of low to medium viscosity liquids such as cyanoacrylates (superglues), reagents, UV adhesives and volatile substances where the wetted parts need to be separated from the air supply. The DV509 can dispense from as little as 0.0001ml at 200 cycles a second.

The VDP150 is a positive displacement valve and is used for constant high repeatability deposits of medium to high viscosity fluids of 5000-20,000cps. Shot sizes can be fine-tuned by a stroke-adjuster integral in the valve. Dispensing of as little as 0.005ml is achieved by filling a known chamber volume. The dispense cycle is controlled by a 4-way Valve Controller which provides rapid cycling.

The PDV-1000 is a series of precision screw type valves suitable for high viscosity materials greater than 35,000cps delivering repeatable deposits starting from 0.00003ml. Shot time intervals can range from 0.001 - 65 seconds. The PDV-1000 can be used with filled and/or abrasive materials like solder paste or conductive epoxy.

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