High Performance Optical adhesive from Intertronics

28th February 2007
ES Admin
New from Intertronics is the Dymax OP-29 series of adhesives offering resilience, optical clarity, low stress and resistance to yellowing, thermal shock, vibration and impact, plus elimination of birefringence where the ultimate in precision bonding is required. OP-29 adhesives are ideal for doublet bonding, lens laminating, mirror, prism and fibre optic assembly where their solvent free, rapid cure characteristics increase productivity, lower assembly costs and enhance operator safety.
The OP-29 series is available in viscosities ranging from 2,500 cP to 20,000 cP - from thin wicking grades to thixotropic gels. They are designed to cure fully when exposed to low to medium intensity UV and visible light in the 300-500 nm range. They have unlimited pot life and cure on demand in seconds, eliminating long cure time and racking, so parts can be ready to be shipped for J.I.T. delivery.

OP-29 series optical adhesives have excellent adhesion to lens construction materials and to most metal, coated or painted frames and holders. Their low shrinkage (2.8% linear shrinkage) and good flexibility (35,000 psi Modulus) minimise movement, eliminating birefringence common to more rigid types of formulations. Successful lens bonding applications include cameras, microscopes, tank periscopes, as well as eyeglass and sunglass lenses.

Intertronics also offers a full line of compatible UV light curing sources for all types of optical applications.

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