Dymax range of adhesives from Intertronics

18th October 2006
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The DYMAX range of adhesives from Intertronics is a comprehensive family of specialist coatings, adhesives, encapsulants, potting, sealing and masking products for micro-electronic and opto-electronic manufacture, rework and repair. In particular they are valuable for unitising/strain relief, wire tacking, heat dissipation and ruggedising of assemblies.
The DYMAX UV curing adhesives are ideal for wire tacking and thermal management situations, offering fast cure times with ease of use and high in-situ performance. They are easy to use, low cost UV cure adhesives that cure in seconds so offering increased productivity over epoxies, silicones and hot melts.

The on demand cure feature of these resins means no rework as a result of adhesive migrating onto solder pads or through holes. DYMAX adhesives are ideal for bonding heat skinks and heat sensitive components, wire and component tacking, strain relief of large parts and securing hand inserted components prior to wave soldering. They can be easily removed for field repair and re-applied.

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