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1st July 2020
RECOM Power hires Martin Rausch as CTO

RECOM Power has announced that Martin Rausch has been appointed to the newly created position of Chief Technology Officer (CTO). Rausch has joined RECOM after six years serving as a Managing Director at TGW Mechanics where he managed the development and supply chain locations in Austria, China and the US.

29th June 2020
A guide to thermal impedance

  This guide by Recom considers effective thermal impedance testing to allow the converter to run at full capacity, without compromising performance

3rd June 2020
Open frame AC/DCs from RECOM feature high efficiency

RECOM has announced that it is adding the RACM60-K series to its range of open frame AC/DC power supplies. The low-profile two by three inch design features 90% efficiency across its load range, enabling full-power operation from -40 to +55°C without forced cooling, and up to +85°C with derating or forced air.

29th April 2020
Free medical power supplies from RECOM till May 31st 2020

Due to the coronavirus crisis RECOM is experiencing a strong increase in demand for the 30,000 products and specifically for the medical-grade portfolio. This includes the AC/DC and DC/DC Power Supplies ranging from one to 550W with 2xMOPP and UL/IEC/EN60601 3rd Ed. Certification.

26th February 2020
Standard set for DC/DC power density in a SIP-8 package

RECOM has announced the launch of its RS12-Z series of 4:1 input DC/DC converters, providing 12W in a SIP-8 package. Leveraging advanced planar technology, RECOM now offers a full 12W output in the industry-standard SIP-8 package from their new RS12-Z series of DC/DC converters up to 75 °C in free air, the highest power available in this format. 

20th February 2020
Non-isolated DC/DC range in SMD LGA footprint

RECOM has announced the launch of its RPMB-3.0 range of 3A non-isolated DC/DCs in a DOSA-compatible LGA package with adjustable output from one to 24V and input voltage up to 36V. With the launch of its RPMB-3.0 series, RECOM has expanded its range of compact, non-isolated DC/DCs in its standard 12.19x12.19x3.75mm DOSA-compatible, thermally-enhanced LGA package. 

19th February 2020
Power supply features baseplate cooling for two MOPP

RECOM’s new 550W AC/DC power supplies support fanless operation with an innovative thermal baseplate design for medical, industrial, ITE and household applications.The new ultra-compact RACM550-G series from RECOM is designed to support up to 300 watts of continuous output power without cooling fans. 

20th January 2020
LED driver modules provide up to 60VDC input voltage

RECOM has announced the launch of its RCDE-48 series LED driver modules with up to 60VDC input voltage and 1050mA constant current output with analogue or PWM deep dimming. RECOM has added to its offering of LED drivers with the RCDE-48 series, a range of modules that can provide up to 350mA, 700mA or 1050mA constant current to drive strings of up to 15 high brightness LEDs with efficiency up to 97%.

19th December 2019
2W and 3W SIP16 DC/DC converters provide 20kVDC isolation

RECOM has announced the launch of its RHV2 and RHV3 series of certified, ultra high isolation DC/DC converters with single and dual outputs rated at 2W or 3W in a compact SIP16 package. RECOM has extended its range of unregulated DC/DC converters with the RHV2 and RHV3 series which feature ultra-high isolation ratings of 12.5kVAC/one minute or 20kVDC/one second in a compact SIP16 package, that measures just 45x15x17mm.

12th December 2019
Half-brick 3kW buck-boost converter provides 98% efficiency

RECOM has announced the launch of a 3kW buck-boost high efficiency DC/DC converter in a half-brick baseplate-cooled package. The recently introduced RECOM RBBA3000 buck-boost, non-isolated, DC/DC converter features a maximum of 3kW of output power rating in a industry-standard half brick baseplate-cooled package.

11th December 2019
Helping engineers design faster with new digital models

RECOM Power has launched digital models for its entire product catalogue in collaboration with SnapEDA, the biggest platform for electronic component discovery & design-in. Symbols & footprints for RECOM’s entire catalogue are now available for free download via the RECOM and SnapEDA websites, helping engineers design electronics faster.

15th October 2019
Low profile QFN-package power module announced

  RECOM’s latest addition to its DC/DC converter portfolio is one of the smallest in its class of low profile QFN-packaged buck regulator power modules. According to the company, the RPX-2.5 module is exceptional due to its flip-chip technology which increases power density and improves thermal management.

4th October 2019
Switching regulator with high input voltage range

RECOMs new high input voltage switching regulator R-78HE excels in versatility and quality for your industrial 48V battery powered equipment. The R-78HE5.0-0.3 is a low-cost industrial grade switching regulator in a classic SIP3 3-pin format that will accept an input voltage up to 72VDC (100V DC surge) to supply a regulated 5V/300mA short-circuit protected output. 

23rd September 2019
Tiny AC/DC solution provides three watt output

With the RAC03-K, RECOM has introduced one of the smallest three watt solutions on the market. This versatile converter can be used in a wide range of applications due to complete certifications for ITE and household standards. In a compact 1in² footprint, these modules deliver an output power of three watts from -40 to 60°C and two watts up to 80°C. 

21st June 2019
High isolation AC/DC modules for IoT and industrial automation

RECOM’s newest addition to its low power AC/DC portfolio includes durable modules with full certifications for household and ITE applications. Their 4kV isolation, 150% peak power capability and -40 to +90°C operating temperature make them suitable for a wide range of operating conditions.

3rd June 2019
AC/DC power supply in IEC mains filter housing

The latest innovation from RECOM fits a universal AC input power supply inside the case of a standard IEC mains filter. It features safe and touchable DC outputs and is easy to install. The design of the RAC05-K/C14 fits a complete five watt power supply into a standard C14 mains filter housing, without altering the case size and at a lower cost than many power supplies or mains filters alone.

13th May 2019
Acquisition to provide power supplies for a range of applications

It has been announced that RECOM Power has acquired 75% of Power Control Systems based in San Vendemiano near Conegliano, Italy. This well-established company specialises in the design and manufacture of AC/DC and DC/DC power supplies from three watts up to 10kW for Railway, Medical, Military and Industrial applications. 

8th May 2019
Low cost DC/DC converters in open-frame SMD

The R2SX series of compact two watt DC/DC converters are suited for bus isolation and a wide range of industrial automation control equipment. Their low profile and compact footprint saves space in your PCB design. The R2SX is an open-frame two watt SMD isolated DC/DC converter with either 3kVDC/ one minute isolation (/H version) or 1kVDC/ one minute isolation options. 

15th April 2019
DC/DC converter for critical medical applications

Adding to its medical portfolio, RECOM has introduced the REM2 series which offers versatile features and complete medical certifications. These modular DC/DC converters provide engineers with more freedom to develop their PCB layout, knowing that they will comply with the stringent regulations for medical certifications.

29th March 2019
Compact DC/DC converters increase flexibility

The new DC/DC converter series REC15E-Z from RECOM comprises fully specified 15W devices with wide input voltage ranges. They increase flexibility by accepting several standard bus voltages. Due to their compact footprint of one inch by one inch, the converters are suitable for cost sensitive applications where board space is at a premium.

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