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28th February 2024
Compact QFN SMT DC/DCs provide up to 6A

RECOM has announced its new compact QFN SMT DC/DCs which are able to provide up to 6A in a miniaturised form.

13th December 2023
DC/DCs ideal for mobility applications

RECOM has added to its range of cost-effective, regulated DC/DC converters for mobility applications with models rated at 400W output.

12th October 2023
5W DC/DC in DIP24 package has 4:1 input range

RECOM now offers another option for customers needing a 5W, wide input DC/DC with the new, REC5K-RW, in an economical, industry-standard, plastic DIP24 package.

27th September 2023
30W AC/DC range expanded

RECOM adds an open frame version to range of board-mount AC/DCs.

21st September 2023
Tiny 1” x 1” medical grade 6W AC/DC

The RACM06E-K/277, a board-mount, through-hole 6W AC/DC converter has been launched by RECOM, with performance that makes it ideal for a wide range of applications.

Component Management
31st August 2023
Switching regulators have extended input and temperature ranges

RECOM's three-terminal R-78 series switching regulators have long been a popular replacement for lossy '78 series' linear types, with dramatic improvements in efficiency eliminating the need for heatsinks, saving cost and precious board space.   

6th July 2023
Medical Grade 4:1 DC/DC packs 60W in miniature package

RECOM has added a 60W board-mount DC/DC with high power density and medical-grade isolation to their portfolio. 

1st June 2023
RECOM's E-Series for AC/DC power supply at Rutronik

The AC/DC power supply provides the necessary DC voltage for many electronic devices, efficiency is key for these devices.

30th May 2023
RECOM launches DIP24 DC/DCs with 36-160V input

DC/DCs for rail applications typically operate from 72V, 96V, or 110VDC nominal input with dips and surges.

9th May 2023
RECOM adds Midoriya Electric to its distribution network

RECOM has announced the addition of Midoriya Electric to its existing distribution network in Japan.

3rd May 2023
EMC ‘Book of Knowledge’ Published

RECOM has published the latest in their series of ‘Books of Knowledge’ with EMC as the subject.

26th April 2023
5W DC/DC in 1 x 1” package added to ‘K’ series

RECOM have continued to add to their ‘K’ series of DC/DC converters featuring advanced circuit design techniques and manufacturing technology with the REC5K-AW, a 5W, wide input DC/DC in a plastic package, just 1 x 1” footprint, 0.4” profile (25.4 x 25.4 x 10mm).

12th April 2023
40W DC/DCs in 2x1” for railway applications

A new range of DC/DCs for railway applications from RECOM sets a standard for power density and cost-effectiveness with 40W output in an industry-standard 2x1x0.4” (50.8x25.4x10.2mm) board-mount through-pin package.

21st March 2023
RECOM DC/DCs announced with technology upgrades

Many modular low-power DC/DCs on the market have been designed to suit manual, low-cost assembly, which only suits the simplest of circuits with their inherent performance limitations.

14th March 2023
Popular switching regulators upgraded

The R-78 series of three-terminal switching regulators from RECOM has been a high-efficiency replacement for three-terminal, TO-220 style linear regulators, saving energy, board space, and cost, by eliminating heatsinks and their assembly overheads

22nd February 2023
RECOM adds to range of board-mount AC/DCs

The comprehensive range of low-power AC/DCs from RECOM has been further extended with a 30W part in a package size of 1.6x2.0x1.0” (40x52.5x25.5mm).

2nd February 2023
RECOM introduces wide-input 30W DC/DC in a miniature package

RECOM has announced a wide-input 30W DC/DC in a ‘miniature’ package.  Packing a 30W rating into a 25.4mm x 25.4mm low-profile case, the new REC30E-Z series of DC/DC converters from RECOM also has two wide input ranges: 9-36V and 18-75VDC. The range does not compromise on performance however, efficiency peaks at over 90%, they have 2kV/1 min isolation, require no minimum load, and have a range of fully regulated single and dual ou...

18th January 2023
DC/DC range in miniature case features 4:1 input

A new family of surface-mount, cost-effective, regulated DC/DC converters has been launched by RECOM designated R5M, R3M, R2M, and R1M, rated at 5W, 3W, 2W, and 1W respectively.

16th December 2022
‘Brick’ format DC/DCs offer 20A output

Two new ranges of cost-effective switching regulators are available from RECOM - the RPMGQ-20 and RPMGS-20. Both are open-frame, through-hole, non-isolated DC/DC buck converters with an 18V-75V input.

21st November 2022
New 150W and 300W half-brick DC/DCs from RECOM

The range of DC/DC converters from RECOM has been extended with the addition of two products in the industry-standard half-brick format.

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