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18th January 2023
DC/DC range in miniature case features 4:1 input

A new family of surface-mount, cost-effective, regulated DC/DC converters has been launched by RECOM designated R5M, R3M, R2M, and R1M, rated at 5W, 3W, 2W, and 1W respectively.

16th December 2022
‘Brick’ format DC/DCs offer 20A output

Two new ranges of cost-effective switching regulators are available from RECOM - the RPMGQ-20 and RPMGS-20. Both are open-frame, through-hole, non-isolated DC/DC buck converters with an 18V-75V input.

21st November 2022
New 150W and 300W half-brick DC/DCs from RECOM

The range of DC/DC converters from RECOM has been extended with the addition of two products in the industry-standard half-brick format.

7th November 2022
High power density AC/DC power supplies

RECOM's board-mount AC/DC converters from 1 to 60W with an ultra-wide universal input are complete power supplies that require no external components to comply with safety and EMC regulations without an earth connection.

5th October 2022
15W and 25W AC/DCs operate to 528VAC in harsh conditions

RECOM has announced two new cost-effective, board-mount AC/DC converters rated at 15W and 25W: the RAC15-K/480 and the RAC25-K/480, both with an input range of 85-528VAC.

29th September 2022
RECOM 3W DC/DC converter series

RECOM has extended its range of DC/DC converters with a 3W version of their isolated RSH series in a surface-mount format with wide input ranges.

15th September 2022
RECOM RPX series DC/DC converters at Rutronik

The RECOM RPX DC/DC converters in QFN housings are also available as '-Q' variants which meet the strict requirements of the automotive industry according to AEC-Q100 Grade 1. Optionally, they can also be equipped with 'wettable flanks' for automated optical inspection (AOI).

3rd August 2022
Compact 500W DC/DC plug & play converter for e-mobility

500W DC/DC for off-highway e-mobility applications.

16th June 2022
DC/DC converters meet AEC-Q100

RECOMs new compact QFN-packaged RPX-Q series meet the AEC-Q100 grade 1 requirements and feature wettable flanks for Automated Optical Inspection (AOI).

15th June 2022
DC/DC converter range meets AEC-Q100

RECOM’s RPX series in QFN package now meets AEC-Q100 Grade 1 requirements.

12th May 2022
RECOM's 20 W AC/DC RAC20E-K/277 at Rutronik

The RAC20E-K/277 adds a 20 W AC/DC converter with high power density to RECOM's E-K series. Special features include OVC III rating up to 2000 m altitude and a wide operating temperature range from -40 °C to +90 °C with derating, making the device particularly suitable for harsh environment applications such as auxiliary power supplies in roadside EV chargers, industrial environments and test and measurement.

16th February 2022
Custom AC/DCs and DC/DCs from RECOM

RECOM is known globally for its cost-effective AC/DC and DC/DC converters, with a wide range of standard products from 0.25W up to tens of kW.

26th January 2022
600W AC/DC features medical certification

RECOM has extended its range of AC/DC open-frame power supplies with the RACM600-L series. The module can deliver 400/450W (115/230VAC) with convection cooling while 600W is available with continuously forced airflow.

19th January 2022
DC/DC converters designed for gate drive power

The RA3 range of DC/DC converters is available from RECOM, designed to power IGBT, Si, SiC and GaN gate drivers.

2nd December 2021
DC/DC converter features 2W output at high temperature in a surface mount format

The RSH2 series from RECOM - a series of compact, high efficiency, 2W DC/DC converters in a surface-mount format with wide input ranges.

25th October 2021
100W and 300W DC/DC converters are DOSA-compatible

Two DC/DC converters in an eighth brick format have been added to the Recom range. The cost-effective DC/DC products are supplied in a DOSA-compatible low-profile, through-hole form factor, measuring 58.4 x 23mm.

1st February 2021
3D packaging increases RPMH in switching regulators

  Switching current in the RPMH range of non-isolated switching regulators has been extended from 0.5 to 1.5A, with no size penalties, says Recom.

14th October 2020
Economical switching regulator series with 12V option

RECOM Power has extended its highly efficient and economical R-78E series of switching regulators to include a 12V option compatible with TO-220 linear regulators. RECOM widely promotes and manufactures high efficiency switching regulators modules to replace the discrete TO-220 packaged linear regulators with its 78-series. 

14th September 2020
RECOM Power’s RACM60 Series AC/DC power supplies now shipping

Sager Electronics, a North American distributor of Interconnect, Power and Electromechanical components and provider of value-add solutions, has announced that it is now stocking RECOM Power’s RACM60 Series 60W AC/DC power supply. RECOM Power's RACM60 series are 2x3" medical-grade, open-frame AC/DC converters that provide 4kVAC/1min reinforced isolation.

17th July 2020
Power supply with baseplate-cooled with enclosure options

RECOM has introduced a highly compact 4x2” 230W innovative baseplate-cooled power supply for 2 x MOPP medical, household, industrial and ITE applications.

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