Custom AC/DCs and DC/DCs from RECOM

16th February 2022
Kiera Sowery

RECOM is known globally for its cost-effective AC/DC and DC/DC converters, with a wide range of standard products from 0.25W up to tens of kW.

It may be less well known that RECOM also manufacture full-custom, semi-custom and modified-standard products. Its engineering teams in China, Taiwan, Austria and Italy have extensive experience in product development and can design products from the ‘ground up’ to increase the volume of production.

Alternatively, semi-custom-designs and modifications to existing products are offered with very competitive pricing. Modification costs are kept low because RECOM’s automated production lines offer benefits due to its economies of scale through various methods such as by reusing existing tooling and production equipment with access to its on-site component stock.

RECOM also has a library of platform designs to call on, particularly through its Italian sister company PCS, who specialises in fast-turnaround, high-power and full-custom solutions. These proven platform designs can often be readily adapted for other applications without necessarily incurring extensive development or certification costs.

RECOM’s customisation and standard product modification service includes low- to high-power AC/DCs and DC/DCs, battery chargers and conditioners, AC inverters and PFC front-ends. All application areas are covered – including industrial, medical, energy, aerospace, mobility and military COTS. According to customer requirements, fully customised and semi-custom products can also be supplied with the necessary safety and EMC certifications.

Martin Rausch, the CTO of RECOM commented: “For many years, we have offered customer-specific modifications to our standard products, so we may already have a version that matches your special requirements. If a full-or semi-custom design is the solution, RECOM can be your design partner for any application and market.”

Contact RECOM to discuss your project and for advice on how to specify your fully custom, semi-custom or modified-standard power converter for minimum cost and fastest delivery.     

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