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11th December 2019
Alex Lynn

RECOM Power has launched digital models for its entire product catalogue in collaboration with SnapEDA, the biggest platform for electronic component discovery & design-in. Symbols & footprints for RECOM’s entire catalogue are now available for free download via the RECOM and SnapEDA websites, helping engineers design electronics faster.

As part of the new collaboration, engineers can now access over 20,000 new symbols & footprints for RECOM’s power supplies - the digital models needed for circuit board design - saving them weeks of development time versus making them from scratch.

When designing electronics, engineers need digital models for each component on their circuit boards. Designing them is a time-consuming, repetitive, and error-prone process, which takes engineers away from what matters most - designing and innovating the most impactful products possible. With this new collaboration, engineers can now simply drag-and-drop models into their schematics and PCB layouts, so they can start designing and innovating instantly.

RECOM products in this release include compact & high-quality AC/DC power supplies, DC/DC converters, LED drivers and switching regulators. For example: 

  • RAC05-K/480-5W - AC/DC converter, capable of 480VAC in a one by two inch package.
  • RPM - DC/DC SMD switching regulator, with a DOSA footprint and 99% efficiency rating.
  • RBB - DC/DC buck/boost compact switching regulator, with a 95% efficiency rating and 7µA standby power consumption.
  • REM1/REM2 - Internationally certified 1W-2W medical-grade DC/DC converters in SIP7 & SIP8 packages.

“We’re excited to work with RECOM Power because our visions for simplifying and accelerating the development process for engineers are perfectly aligned. RECOM is doing this by simplifying the integration of power supplies, which are an essential part of most electronics products,” said Natasha Baker, CEO & Founder of SnapEDA.

Christoph Wolf, President of RECOM Power, added: “SnapEDA provides an extensive digital component library for engineers involved in PCB design and we are grateful for the opportunity to join this extraordinary resource, as well as have it available on our own site. We are looking forward to this successful collaboration.”

The symbols & footprints have been made using recommended land patterns provided by RECOM or IPC standards, where applicable. They are compatible with Altium, Autodesk Eagle, Cadence OrCAD & Allegro, KiCad, Mentor PADS & DXDesigner, and Proteus. Models made by SnapEDA have 99.9% accuracy and are verified with SnapEDA’s patent-pending verification technology.

The models are available free on both the RECOM Power and SnapEDA websites.

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