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15th April 2019
DC/DC converter for critical medical applications

Adding to its medical portfolio, RECOM has introduced the REM2 series which offers versatile features and complete medical certifications. These modular DC/DC converters provide engineers with more freedom to develop their PCB layout, knowing that they will comply with the stringent regulations for medical certifications.

29th March 2019
Compact DC/DC converters increase flexibility

The new DC/DC converter series REC15E-Z from RECOM comprises fully specified 15W devices with wide input voltage ranges. They increase flexibility by accepting several standard bus voltages. Due to their compact footprint of one inch by one inch, the converters are suitable for cost sensitive applications where board space is at a premium.

28th March 2019
Low power SMD converters for critical medical designs

SMD versions have been released by RECOM for its 3.5, 5, and 6W medical-grade DC/DC modules. All key features required for critical medical applications are now available for your SMD design. The REM3.5E, REM5E, and REM6E series of medical-grade regulated DC/DC converters now come with either pins or SMD.

7th March 2019
Railway DC/DC converters for demanding environments

It has been announced that RECOM’s railway portfolio has been further extended with the new RP12-AR DC/DC converter series. These compact 12W one by one inch modules operate with 90% efficiency and up to +88°C ambient at full load. The RP12-AR series DC/DC converters are designed for railway rolling stock applications, but they are also suitable for non-railway high-voltage battery applications. 

1st March 2019
Complete reference designs for railway applications

  RECOM has introduced evaluation platforms for its DC/DC railway converters up to 240W. They are available in either high voltage (-1) or high current (-2) layouts and include a RIA12 surge stopper. The R-REF04-RIA12-1 and R-REF04-RIA12-2 are complete reference designs for railway applications.

22nd February 2019
Precise outputs for low power DC/DC converters

  RECOM has extended its low power DC/DC portfolio with the R0.5ZX and R1ZX series. The R0.5ZX and R1ZX are based on the 2kVDC isolated low profile R1SX SMD series but include an internal linear regulator to give a precise, load independent and low noise output.

18th February 2019
Low power DC/DC converters for critical medical designs

Aiming to show its development expertise, RECOM, has introduced medical-grade DC/DC modules which offer 3.5, 5 and 6W. These converters reportedly offer all key features required for critical medical applications while keeping down the cost of these modular solutions. 

9th February 2019
Will you be damned by Eudamed?

  A more rigorous approach to the Medical Device Directive could be a burden rather than a revitalising tonic, suggests Steve Roberts, CTO, Recom

17th January 2019
4:1 input DC/DC converters in compact 1"x1" footprint

  RECOM recently released a REC15E-Z series of 15W isolated DC/DC converters features wide input ranges at low cost in the popular 1”x1” case size. This saves a significant amount of PCB space, while the wide input ranges increase flexibility by accepting several standard bus voltages.

21st November 2018
Quarter-brick DC/DC converters for railway

 The latest addition to RECOM’s railway portfolio are two 40 and 60W DC/DC converter series in quarter-brick packages with an ultra-wide input voltage range from 14 to 160VDC making them a universal solution for railway rolling stock applications and high voltage battery systems.

5th November 2018
Medical DC/DC converters provide two MOPP

New medical-grade DC/DC modules in a power range from 15W to 30W, which can be easily integrated in medical designs due to their compact case size and full medical certifications, have been introduced by RECOM. The enhanced properties make these modules suited for medical-grade applications as they are strong in reinforced isolation of 5kVAC, and low leakage current, while offering wide 4:1 input voltage ranges. 

5th November 2018
The AC/DC 'Book of Knowledge' at electronica

Steve Roberts, Technical Director at RECOM, has published his new AC/DC Book of Knowledge for electronica 2018. The book aims to share Roberts’ electronics knowledge with students and engineers from around the world and RECOM will be handing out copies to visitors at Hall A5/210 at electronica 2018.

31st October 2018
Buck-boost regulator in DOSA footprint made in Europe

The latest RBB10 buck-boost converter with DOSA footprint and extra-low profile has been presented by RECOM. These power modules can reportedly reliably provide trimmed output voltages from a wide range of input voltages in applications such as USB voltage regenerators, 3.3 to five volt converters and battery regulators. 

25th October 2018
Output extended for IoT and smart home AC/DC converters

  RECOM has extended the output options for its latest 15W and 20W AC/DC power supplies. The complete range of single output (5-48VDC), dual output options (12 and 15VDC) in both pinned and wired versions is now available.

10th October 2018
3.5W modules for Industry 4.0 and smart home applications

  Due to the success of the recently released RAC05-K/277 5W AC/DC series, RECOM now offers additional output options to this product series. The RAC3.5-K/277 versions supply up to 3.5W on the PCB, while the RAC05-K/277/W wired versions simplify installation.

8th October 2018
AC/DC supplies cater for industry 4.0, IoT and smart homes

  There are several themes to the Recom portfolio, including medical, railway, integrated lighting, low, mid- and high power density modules. Among the latest releases is the RAC05-K/277 5.0W AC/DC modules designed for industry 4.0, the IoT and smart home.

10th September 2018
5W AC/DC modules for industry 4.0, IoT and smart home

RECOM has expanded its low power AC/DC portfolio with encapsulated 5W power supplies, which operate up to +90°C. They accept input voltage lines of up to 305VAC and offer peak power capability up to 6W. These modules are suitable for Industry 4.0, IoT and smart household applications requiring features that go beyond the industry standard.

3rd September 2018
Low cost DC/DC converters offer high isolation

The RKZE series has been released by RECOM, a low cost solution for applications that require high isolation and operate in wide temperature ranges. The PCB mount DC/DC modules are pin-compatible to RECOM’s RK and RH converter series enabling easy power upgrade options with identical footprint.

23rd July 2018
Five Watt AC/DC modules for wide mains voltages

It has been announced by RECOM that it has released its exclusive 5W AC/DC converter, the RAC05-K/480 series, which accepts input voltages of up to 480VAC. They are also OVCIII rated with a 6kV surge protection, and operate reliably at industrial temperature ranges. 

19th June 2018
IoT and smart home converters designed for low power

The latest 15 and 20W AC/DC power supplies from RECOM are designed for low power IoT and household applications. Based on the footprint of the compact RAC10-K modules, these new modules feature high-efficiency over a wide load range and minimal standby power consumption.

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