Economical switching regulator series with 12V option

14th October 2020
Alex Lynn

RECOM Power has extended its highly efficient and economical R-78E series of switching regulators to include a 12V option compatible with TO-220 linear regulators. RECOM widely promotes and manufactures high efficiency switching regulators modules to replace the discrete TO-220 packaged linear regulators with its 78-series. 

Throughout the years, the R-78 series has grown to include its R-78E economy version for cost sensitive applications. The R-78E series continues to be a reliable and affordable switching regulator without ever compromising its performance. With efficiency as high as 91%, parts are available with 3.3V, 5V and now, the newly released extension of 12V outputs, requiring no additional heatsinks for their rated output current of 1A continuous/2A peak up to 60°C ambient, while supplying 0.6A at 85°C. Input range is up to 28V for all parts.

The R-78E series has around 30% lower losses than competing parts, for cooler running and high reliability, with a ‘pulse skipping’ mode maintaining high efficiency down to light loads. The parts also have much lower low conducted and radiated noise than other products on the market, requiring just a small LC input filter for compliance with EN 55032 Class A or B emissions limits. Overall size of the R-78E series parts is 11.6x8.5x10.4mm.

Protection features are comprehensive with cycle-by-cycle current limiting, short circuit, output over-voltage limiting and automatic soft-start to reduce inrush current.

Steve Roberts, Development Manager at RECOM commented: “The wide input voltage range of these parts makes them ideal for cost-sensitive 24V industrial bus and 12V battery applications. At the same time, the high peak output current capability will be useful for powering relays, sensors, IoT radios, audio equipment and much more.”

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