COM modules offer high flexibility for system integration

21st March 2017
Alice Matthews

TQ has extended its x86 product range. The new COM Express Compact module, TQMxE39C2, is equipped with Intel Atom E3900 series processors and, with two DDR3L SO DIMM sockets, offers high flexibility for system integration. A further version, with soldered DDR3L storage and ECC support, is also nearing preparation and will be available from May 2017. For applications with small dimensions, the new SMARC 2.0 module, TQMxE39S, is useful.

Equipped with up to 8GB of quad-channel LPDDR4 storage and features for mobile applications, the module supplements the existing product range for low power applications.

Klaus Martin, TQ Product Manager for x86, explained further: “To be able to make full use of the performance capabilities of the new Intel Atom generation, the use of COM Express with type-6 pin-out is of interest. Up to three graphics outputs with high-resolution 4K content can be made available with the powerful graphics controller that is integral to the CPU. The combination of high computing power with low-power dissipation provides an ideal entry option for scalable systems based on the compact form factor of COM Express. In the development of our modules, robustness and reliability are given priority. All our modules can be offered in extended temperature range and, with optional conformal coating and nano-coating, have optimum protection against weathering and harmful gasses. In order to also address applications with the highest failure safety and shock resistance requirements, we offer many module versions with soldered working memory and ECC error correction techniques.”

Harald Maier, x86 Business Development Manager at TQ, commented on the extension of the product range from the point of view of the market: “With the COM Express mini module, TQMxE39M, already introduced to the market, we have laid an important foundation stone for applications with the latest Intel Atom technology. To cover all application fields in the embedded universe, it was a logical step to offer the new Intel Atom generation in further form factors. For this reason, the SMARC 2.0 form factor was also added to the product range so that mobile applications and entry solutions with restricted available space can also be optimally covered. I am very pleased that, once again, we have reduced innovation and robustness with extended temperature range to a common denominator."

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