Raspberry Pi expands its Compute Module offering

24th April 2024
Paige West

Raspberry Pi has expanded its Compute Module 4S offerings, introducing additional memory variants to cater to industrial and embedded applications.

Since the launch of the Compute Module series in 2014, Raspberry Pi has provided a flexible form factor specifically for such applications, continually adapting to meet the diverse needs of its customers.

The latest update to the Compute Module 4S includes options with 2, 4, and 8GB of SDRAM, supplementing the original 1GB variant. These new options are designed to cater to industrial customers transitioning from older models like the Compute Module 3 or Compute Module 3+, who require more computing power and memory while maintaining the same form factor.

Raspberry Pi confirmed that it would continue the production of the Compute Module 4S until at least the 31st January, 2034. In support of this long-term availability, the company has produced a transition document to assist users in migrating from previous Compute Module iterations. Comprehensive product briefs and datasheets are also available to facilitate this transition.

These industrial boards are available for purchase from Raspberry Pi Approved Resellers, catering specifically to industry needs. The Compute Module 4S boards are supplied exclusively in bulk, with packages containing 200 units. The price per unit starts at $25, with a maximum lead time of six weeks.

The versatility of the Compute Module 4S is evident in its varied applications across different sectors. Industrial customers have deployed these boards in a wide range of systems, from electric vehicle charging stations to innovative self-pour beer taps and coffee machines. Noteworthy applications also include specialised medical monitoring devices and the development of media research tools that analyse television viewing preferences. Additionally, Kunbus has utilised these modules to develop its industrial product line, Revolution Pi.

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