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13th January 2021
Portfolio of low power microcontrollers expanded

Toshiba Electronics has strengthened its presence in the low power microcontroller market through a greater breadth of product groups within its TXZ+ family. Optimised for motor control systems, domestic appliances, human machine interfaces and connected IoT infrastructure, these highly integrated devices are based on Arm Cortex-M processor cores.

6th January 2021
How to harmonise industrial networking applications

Visiting an exhibition that focuses on industrial automation systems, you can be forgiven for feeling overwhelmed by the sheer number of different systems. Industrial equipment often seems clunky and bulky by comparison to other modern consumer devices. Some interfaces rely on technology that has been around for decades, but that is really the appeal of many of these solutions: they are established, fulfil the use case, and are reliable. Ariel La...

10th December 2020
Motor driver ICs optimised for automotive deployment

Toshiba Electronics has just announced two new driver ICs for brushed DC motors. The TB9054FTG and TB9053FTG utilise advanced DMOS FET technology to achieve a low RDSON value. These H-bridge devices are AEC-Q100 Grade 1 qualified and support temperatures up to 150°C junction temperature.

26th November 2020
LDO voltage regulators deliver rail stabilisation

Toshiba Electronics Europe has announced the TCR3RM series of low noise ultra-compact LDO voltage regulators. Constructed in a plastic DFN4C package measuring 1x1x0.38mm, the TCR3RM series comprises 32 product variants with fixed single output voltages in the range 0.9 to 4.5VDC.

4th November 2020
Dual-channel H-bridge motor driver IC with PWM control

Toshiba Electronics has further expanded its portfolio of driver solutions for brushed DC and stepper motors with the introduction of the TC78H660FNG. This H-bridge motor driver IC, which is based on the company’s latest generation DMOS process, can deliver a PWM-controlled current of 2A (maximum). Running off a 2.5-16V input supply voltage, it can drive two brushed DC motors or a single stepper motor.

2nd November 2020
Toshiba focuses on power system designs at electronica 2020

Toshiba Electronics has announced that it will participate in the electronica virtual 2020 event. The company’s virtual booth will showcase its latest innovations and emphasise its overriding passion for creating power solutions. Featuring finer lithographic technology, plus smaller and more reliable packaging solutions, these next generation solutions support the need for compact, feature-rich system designs that deliver elevated efficienc...

29th October 2020
Compact on-resistance MOSFET enhances battery pack operation

Toshiba Electronics has further expanded its comprehensive portfolio of power saving N-channel MOSFETs with the introduction of the SSM6N951L. Leveraging the company’s advanced power semiconductor process expertise and IP, this 12V-rated common-drain device exhibits numerous operational performance parameters.

27th October 2020
Toshiba launches low current consumption CMOS operational amplifier

Toshiba Electronics has released a new CMOS operational amplifier featuring ultra-low current consumption to its product line-up.

19th October 2020
Toshiba launches 1,200V silicon carbide (SiC) MOSFET

Toshiba Electronics Europe has launched a 1,200V silicon carbide MOSFET (SiC MOSFET) for high power industrial applications including 400V AC input AC/DC power supplies, Photovoltaic (PV) inverters and bi-directional DC/DC converters for uninterruptible power supplies (UPS).

16th September 2020
Toshiba new compact-sized photorelay P-SON4 package

Toshiba Electronics Europe has introduced more photorelays to its expansive portfolio. All three of these devices are housed in the new P-SON4 package format. They are able to deliver very strong performance characteristics, while taking up significantly less board space than commonly used SOP packages

11th September 2020
Photorelays from Toshiba reduce mounting density

Toshiba Electronics Europe has launched three new photorelays, the TLP3407SRA, TLP3475SRHA and TLP3412SRHA. With a 2.0x1.45mm footprint, they are some of the smallest voltage-driven photorelays on the market and offer an extended operating temperature rating of 125°C.

1st September 2020
Prototyping of automotive control systems in cyberspace

Evolving model-based development in the automotive industry to new levels, Toshiba Digital Solutions, has announced the introduction of its Distributed Co-simulation Platform for joint prototyping of automotive control systems in cyberspace. The technology, which will be presented today by Taro Shimada, President and CEO and Dr. Dai Araki an IoT expert of TDSL at this year’s prostep ivip Symposium, hopes to enable remotely operated, multi-c...

24th August 2020
Toshiba’s photorelays with low trigger current contribute to low power consumption

Toshiba Electronics has introduced two new photorelays, the TLP170AM and TLP170GM, housed in a small 4-pin SO6 package, for security systems, building automation and other industrial equipment. The new products feature a low trigger LED current of 1mA, which reduces input side power loss by increasing the sensitivity of the photodiode array.

18th August 2020
Compact ON-resistance N-channel MOSFETs for automotive

Toshiba has developed a series of new high-efficiency N-channel MOSFETs for automotive applications that are based on the company’s advanced U-MOSVIII-H process technology. The XPN3R804NC and XPN7R104NC both have 40V voltage ratings, while the XPN6R706NC and XPN12006NC support 60V operation.

17th August 2020
Toshiba Visconti 4 image recognition processor for ADAS

Toshiba has announced that Zhejiang Asia-Pacific Mechanical & Electronic will deploy the Visconti 4 image recognition processor in its next generation advanced driver assistance system (ADAS). This is the first time that a Visconti family processor will be mass-produced for a company outside Japan.

7th August 2020
Toshiba and Mikroe create motor control click boards

Toshiba has announced Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage’s collaboration with MikroElektronika, on a range of new motor control Click boards targeting motor control applications.

21st July 2020
Image sensor arrays accelerate AOI throughput figures

Toshiba Electronics has further strengthened its portfolio of advanced optoelectronic devices by introducing two new lens reduction type CCD linear image sensors. Predominantly targeted at implementation in Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) systems, though also suitable for barcode scanners, the TCD1105GFG and TCD1106GFG are 1500pixel monochrome devices that each have a 5.25μm pixel pitch.

16th July 2020
Stepping motor driver addresses automotive requirements

Toshiba Electronics has introduced the TB9120AFTG. This constant-current 2-phase bipolar stepping motor driver, which is designed for automotive use, can significantly streamline motor system implementations. It delivers a sine-wave output signal (with up to 1/32 incremental steps supported) while requiring only a simple clock input. The need for a sophisticated microcontroller unit (MCU) or dedicated software is thereby avoided.

9th July 2020
Advanced light-receiving tech enables solid-state LiDAR

Addressing the ongoing migration towards autonomous driving, Toshiba has announced the introduction of a high-resolution, long-range light-receiving technology for deployment in solid-state LiDAR systems.

29th June 2020
New devices support low voltage peripheral circuits

Toshiba has released the first high speed communications photocouplers that can operate with a supply voltage as low as 2.2V. The devices are suited to a wide range of applications including Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs), measurement / control equipment and any other equipment requiring a high speed digital interface.

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