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16th March 2020
32-bit microcontroller product line-up expanded

Toshiba Electronics Europe has announced major strategic expansions to its already extensive line-up of 32-bit microcontrollers. The TXZ+ family is a new range based on Arm Cortex processor cores.

5th March 2020
New IC features non-latching overcurrent detection

Toshiba Electronics has added a new device to its line-up of single channel brushed DC motor driver ICs. Housed in a small HSOP8 package with popular pin-assignment, the new IC enhances product sourcing possibilities and features a convenient non-latching overcurrent detection.

2nd March 2020
100V N-Channel power MOSFET for automotive applications

Toshiba Electronics has released a new 100V N-channel power MOSFET suitable for automotive equipment applications such as load switches, switching power supplies and driving of motors.

27th February 2020
New CMOS silicon on insulator process announced

Toshiba Electronics has improved the characteristics of their Silicon On Insulator (SOI) process technology for RF switch /LNA ICs. The process, known as TaRFSOI (Toshiba RF SOI) is SOI-CMOS (silicon on insulator complementary metal oxide semiconductor), is an original front-end process technology that Toshiba developed for RF switch ICs.

17th February 2020
Trio of new high current photorelays announced

Toshiba has announced the availability of three new photorelays that are aimed at applications where they will replace mechanical 1-Form-A relays in industrial and factory automation installations.

11th February 2020
Servo drive reference model to launch at embedded word 2020

Toshiba Electronics has announced that it will launch its modular Servo Drive Reference Model (RM) Multi-Channel Motor Control reference platform at this year’s Embedded World exhibition under the banner of 'The Journey of Motor Control'.

6th February 2020
Stepping motor driver IC with integrated current sensing

Toshiba Electronics Europe has launched an additional device to its line-up of micro-stepping motor driver ICs. The new TC78H670FTG is a dual channel high resolution micro-stepping motor driver IC that is capable of driving motors with a wide range of operating voltages.

31st January 2020
HDD vs SSD: an easy choice?

On paper, many choices seem initially clear. A sports car seems to offer significantly more performance on paper than a run-of-the-mill vehicle. But its shortcomings become clear once it is time to take the kids to school, bring home the shopping from the supermarket, or collect furniture from the local store. And, for most of us, the choice is one or the other, not purchasing both so that the limitations of one can be offset by the other when re...

28th January 2020
Logic ouput photocoupler designed for digital input PLCs

Toshiba Electronics has launched a new high speed 10Mbps logic output photocoupler for 24V digital input Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) and other measurement and control equipment. The new TLP2363 requires a supply current of just 4mA and is rated for a wide operating temperature range (-40 to +105°C). The threshold input current (IFHL) is specified with min, 0.3mA and max. 2.4mA thereby ensuring conformance to the digital input sta...

16th December 2019
New 100V N-channel MOSFETs designed for automotive applications

Toshiba Electronics has launched its very first 100V N-channel power MOSFETs for automotive applications that are available in the small surface mount SOP Advance (WF) package. Designed specifically for modern 48V system applications, the devices are suited to use in boost converters for Integrated Starter Generators (ISG) and LED headlights as well as motor drives, switching regulators and load switches.

12th December 2019
Brushless motor controller features closed loop speed control

Toshiba has announced a new three-phase brushless motor controller that features an integrated gate driver. The sensorless design of the TC78B009FTG does not require Hall effect sensors, making it suitable for applications involving high velocity fans or impellers in servers, blowers, small pumps, cordless vacuums and robotic cleaners. In recent years, increases in server capacity and performance have required larger and higher velocity fans...

10th December 2019
System power ICs designed for automotive applications

Toshiba Electronics has announced the launch of a range of general-purpose system power ICs with multiple-outputs. The new devices support functional safety according to ISO26262 for safety-critical automotive applications including those that require extremely high safety such as Electric Power Steering Systems (EPS) and braking systems where ASIL-D is required.

28th November 2019
Compact resettable eFuse IC providing low voltage safety

Toshiba Electronics has announced their range of eFuse IC products, consisting of six products in the TCKE8xx series that support various protection functions for power supply lines. Whereas conventional fuses perform a sacrificial function, physically breaking the electrical link to the circuit they are protecting, eFuses offer a resettable solution that additionally provide further protection features that a typical fuse cannot.

Artificial Intelligence
27th November 2019
Image recognition processor wins highest score in safety performance

Toshiba Electronics Europe announced that Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation Visconti 4 image recognition processor was a key component of the driver assistance systems of Lexus sedans from Toyota that received excellent evaluations in the 2019 first half Japan New Car Assessment Program (JNCAP). 

20th November 2019
Fuses protect and reset power supply lines

  Multiple protection options are afforded with eFuse ICs from Toshiba Electronics Europe. The company introduces six products in the TCKE8xx series for low voltage applications.  

Control Systems
29th October 2019
Device features phase control and closed-loop speed control

Toshiba Electronics has announced a three-phase brushless motor control pre-driver IC with Intelligent Phase Control technology that enables optimum operating efficiency in a wide variety of applications including high velocity server fans, blowers and pumps. In recent years, advances in server capacity and performance require physically larger and higher velocity fans for cooling any excess heat generated by the equipment.

23rd October 2019
Integrated device offers protection against voltage fluctuations

Toshiba Electronics has announced the launch of a new three-phase brushless motor driver for home appliances such as air-conditioners and air-purifiers. The new TB67B000AHG driver is also suited for use in a wide variety of industrial applications. This high voltage device extends and expands the existing TB67B000 series of drivers that delivers highly energy efficient motor drive and noise reduction in a single, integrated package.

8th October 2019
Voltage drive photorelay features tiny 2.9mm2 footprint

  Toshiba Electronics has announced the availability of a new voltage driven photorelay with a tiny S-VSON4T package and reduced input power dissipation. The new product, designated TLP3407SR, features a maximum LED current of just 1mA at the input, which represents a reduction to approximately 33% of that of its predecessor, the TLP3407SRH.

3rd September 2019
Hard drive series deliver expansive storage for NAS applications

Toshiba Electronics Europe has announced the addition of new 16TB helium-sealed models to both the N300 NAS Hard Drive and X300 Performance Hard Drive Series. The 16TB models offer 14% more capacity than 14TB models. The 16TB models also double the buffer size of the 14TB models, increasing from 256MiB to 512MiB.

8th August 2019
New RM5 series of value SAS SSDs approved for vSAN 6.7 customers

Toshiba Memory Europe has announced that a VMware vSAN 6.7 certification has been earned for its RM5 Series of value SAS SSDs running on HPE ProLiant Gen10 servers. The 12 gigabits per second (Gb/s) RM5 Series with VMware vSAN 6.7 and VMware ESXi 6.7 certification is now listed in the VMware Compatibility Guide and available through the same channels in which HPE ProLiant servers are sold.

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