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Electronic Specifier’s celebration of Women in STEM 2022

26th August 2022
Sheryl Miles

To celebrate all the diverse and influential women in STEM on Women’s Equality Day (26th August), Electronic Specifier have taken a trip back through their annals of all the trailblazing STEM women that they have had the pleasure to meet … so far.

These women are leading by example and demonstrating to females, young and old, everywhere, you can do it.

Women in the engineering community make up 16.5% of the industry, and the gender pay gap (the difference in average hourly earnings for all men and all women across an organisation, a sector, or the economy as a whole) is 17.3% in the UK. Though these figures may be slowly rising, they are a long way off being equal, especially in the upper echelons, which is still very much a male-dominated arena.

The challenges faced by being a female in a predominantly male-oriented sector don’t start with the first interview. It goes back much further than that. It stems from primary school and early years development.

We need to show young girls all the options and possibilities open to them, and perhaps more and more will have the courage and confidence to enter the sector.

So, to celebrate the women in STEM who are pushing those boundaries and leading the way for the younger generations, Electronic Specifier present to you our top female STEM leaders, celebrating their exceptional talent.

The categories:

Achiever – a celebration of those fearless women who continue to push the boundaries, Smashing The Existing Mould in STEM

Advocate – the women who champion the talented females out there, who may otherwise feel alone and unable to be a part of the industry

Advisor – For those women who freely give up their time to raise awareness of the importance of females, and female role models in the STEM community

And finally,

Ascendent – a nod to those women rising through the ranks, who are the ones to watch

The team at Specifier took all of these categories into consideration and produced our list of 15 influential and inspirational women in STEM. Here they are below:

  1. Sue Harnett, Founder, President, and Board Chair of Rewriting the Code
  2. Elizabeth Donnelly, Chief Executive Officer at the Women’s Engineering Society
  3. Maria Heriz, Vice President, Commercial Operations, EMEAI at Tektronix
  4. Professor Clare Grey, Co-founder of Nyobolt
  5. Tulika Agarwal, Assistant Manager at KPMG
  6. Nicola Thorn, CEO, AND Technology
  7. Valerie Lynch, Founder, AND Technology
  8. Ellie Jukes, first year Make UK apprentice, Hitachi
  9. Laura Reeves, Project Engineer, Ansible Motion
  10. Esmeralda Martos, global vehicle homologation expert, NIO
  11. Sue Black, Professor of Computer Science, Durham University
  12. Heather Fulara, Director of Interconnect Passives, Premier Farnell
  13. Nuria Manuel, Quality Assurance Consultant and Founder of Veriom
  14. Dr Sarah Peers, STEM education specialist, NMITE (the New Model Institute for Technology and Engineering)
  15. Susan Roche, General Manager, SolutionsPT

Congratulations to all of these women who are excellent role models for our future generation of STEM women!

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