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2nd July 2020
The returns and the risks

The biggest changes that we are likely to see as 4G gives way to 5G include higher speeds, lower latency, and the ability to connect more devices at once. The benefits of 5G aren’t limited to its use however, and Qualcomm is predicting a $12.3tn economic boost worldwide, with 22 million new jobs thanks to both the infrastructure and technological developments required by 5G. 

2nd July 2020
No boat? No problem: laying the world’s longest subsea cable

Construction of the longest subsea power cable in the world has now passed the halfway point and achieved a major engineering feat to enable Norway’s zero carbon hydro energy to be shared with the UK.

22nd June 2020
Are robot swarms about to become a reality?

Scientists are looking for ways to make robot swarms from millions of molecule-sized robots which can perform multiple tasks simultaneously.

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18th June 2020
Electronic Specifier Expo 2020

This September 1st Electronic Specifier will be bringing the latest products and technology trends together at the ‘Electronic Specifier Expo’.

15th June 2020
ESD safe materials to accelerate 3D printing in electronics manufacturing

Material choice is one of the key considerations for an engineer when it comes to choosing a manufacturing method; and they can benefit greatly from having access to ESD safe materials (electrostatic discharge) which are critical for 3D printing electrostatic sensitive fixtures, enclosures, and parts. Brandon Sweeney, Head of R&D for Materials and Co-founder of Essentium, explains further.

15th June 2020
Signs of optimism in the electronic components industry

After a torrid three months for the electronic components industry, there are at last some signs of optimism. There are caveats to be sure. In these uncertain times, nobody can be sure of anything. Comparisons with the 2008/2009 crash aren’t valid.

Events News
11th June 2020
Electronic Specifier Expo 2020

On 1st September Electronic Specifier will be bringing the latest products and technology trends together at the ‘Electronic Specifier Expo’. Attendees of this virtual event will have the opportunity to hear from a wide variety of industry experts who will be sharing the latest products, technologies and solutions in the industry, as well as contributing to an informative programme of webinars and motivating talks.

27th May 2020
How children can still get into STEM during lockdown

In almost all of walks of life, science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, STEM has an influence on what we do, whether that be taking medicine, using a smartphone, travelling from A to B, or making sense of numbers and graphs — something we’re all having to appreciate more right now. By Caitlin Purvis

1st May 2020
Shark brings us new anti-hair wrap and flexology tech

Although Shark may have joined the cordless community late, it doesn’t stop them excelling in this area, and if we watch this space, could soon be top of the cordless industry. I was lucky enough to attend the launch of the new Shark Anti-Hair Wrap Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner where I was able to not only try the product for myself but learn all about the product, and delve deeper into the technology behind it.

30th April 2020
Podcast: Episode #7 - Engineering innovation anytime, anywhere

MSC Software Corporation (MSC), a global leader in Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) simulation software and services and part of Hexagon's Manufacturing Intelligence division, has announced that it will provide its customers with free offline licensing and remote access options to help engineering innovation and enable engineers to remain productive while working from home as COVID-19 closes customers offices globally.

22nd April 2020
The last cyber protection standing

In a world where we are arguably more connected than ever, there are so many different cyber security solutions and potential threats. NanoLock Security is one solution that offers powerful, device-level protection from insider, outsider and supply chain attacks. NanoLock’s always-on protection stops attacks even when the network or device is hacked or the attacker has physical access to the device. Whilst using virtually zero computing or ...

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22nd April 2020
Happy World Earth Day!

Today marks 50 years since World Earth Day started back in 1970 and while many people are conscious of trying to reduce their use of plastic, it is also worth mentioning that people often neglect to think about the electronics that they consume.

News & Analysis
22nd April 2020
Covid-19 pandemic how coping in a crisis means carry on, learn and be safe

  Companies are showing their agility in the Covid-19 corona virus outbreak. Caroline Hayes finds out how some are balancing safety and productivity while using opportunities presented in this worldwide crisis.

20th April 2020
Podcast: Episode #6 - The voice of the UK’s interconnect market

The latest podcast from Electronic Specifier Insights looks at the rebranding of the Interconnect Technology Suppliers Association (ITSA), the voice of the UK interconnect market. .

10th April 2020
Everything you need to know about the electronics industry events

This time last month, the current situation seemed almost unthinkable for many. But over the past few weeks, the world has been turned upside down with the outbreak of coronavirus and there’s not one industry that hasn’t been affected.

2nd April 2020
Podcast: Episode #5 - Tech fights back against COVID-19

The latest podcast from Electronic Specifier Insights looks at how the electronics industry is using the latest technology to fight back against COVID-19. Click the link below to listen.

Tech Videos
2nd April 2020
ESD immunity performance for galvanic isolation products

In this video, we will run thousands of voltage across some really cool and small semiconductor devices. In any high voltage and electrical noise system, the electro-static discharge (or ESD) immunity, an important aspect of electromagnetic compatibility, or EMC, is a key consideration in choosing a galvanic isolation device.

24th March 2020
Distributors assess impact of COVID-19 as China bounces back

Into the fourth quarter of last year and in the early going of 2020 the electronics industry was confident about a return to growth, and the sunny uplands of increased revenues.

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23rd March 2020
COVID-19: Suppliers report supply and delivery issues

Component suppliers have been delivering regular updates to customers on the impact of COVID-19. Some are reporting plant closures and delivery problems, though it is clear all are striving to keep customers supplied as best as possible.

23rd March 2020
Podcast: Episode #4 - The impact of COVID-19 on the electronics sector

Recent events around COVID-19 have left us all uncertain of what the future holds, and critically, what the world will look like when it's all over.

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