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12th January 2021
The future of tech, as told by CES

It’s day two of digital CES and the innovations are well underway, with companies big and small from all over introducing their latest developments and breakthroughs to their peers and customers. Among the highlights was a keynote from CTA President and CEO Gary Shapiro and CES Vice President Karen Chupka, find out here what they had to say.

7th January 2021
Podcast: Episode #19 - Reflections on 2020, observations on 2021

Distributors are at the sharp end of customer demand so in our latest Electronic Specifier Insights podcast we turned to Mouser's Mark Burr-Lonnon, Senior Vice President, EMEA, Asia and Global Service for a view on the pandemic-bashed 2020 and how 2021 may turn out. He also talks about investment in logistics to meet increasing demand and which vertical sectors can accelerate growth in 2021.

18th December 2020
Podcast: Episode #18 - An update from Farnell

It is just over four years since Avnet acquired Farnell. That deal was closed by a previous CEO.

10th December 2020
Distribution industry top brass optimistic for 2021

A false dawn or a path to the sunny uplands of an industry revival and boom? Industry executives think the latter. Record months and booming business is being reported across the board. This surge in business is already producing lengthening lead times for some products, and allocation may not be too far away, according to Electronic Specifier's Mick Elliott.

7th December 2020
Technology companies capitalise on smart cities forecast

The global smart cities market is expected to grow from $410.8bn in 2020 to $820.7bn by 2025, at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 14.8% according to a report by Markets and Markets. Smart Cities are projected to create business opportunities worth $2.46 trillion by 2025, says a recent Frost and Sullivan report, with these cities predicted to be spending $327 billion on technology by 2025. 

4th December 2020
Podcast: Episode #17 – Women in Electronics

Women in Electronics is a community of progressive women leaders who are dedicated to the professional and personal leadership development of women in the fast-paced electronics industry.

26th November 2020
Scientists and entrepreneurs need tax breaks to meet the green agenda

Tax and advisory firm Blick Rothenberg has urged the Government to incentivise UK scientists and business entrepreneurs by giving them a variety of tax breaks if it is to meet its green agenda

6th November 2020
Podcast: Episode #15 - What to expect from virtual electronica 2020

Under normal circumstances everyone in the industry should be in the process of clearing their diary and packing the lederhosen as the great and the good of the electronics world descend on Munich for the biennial electronica exhibition.

30th October 2020
Why is robotic surgery so expensive?

There are plenty of reasons advocates of robotic surgery can point to as justifications for the costs, but regardless of the reasoning, the surgeries are still very expensive. The most popular system used in robot surgery is the da Vinci surgical system, and since its inception, da Vinci systems have performed more than 6 million surgeries. Guest blog written by Amber Harris, Academic Resources, Circa Interactive

2nd October 2020
Podcast: Episode #13 - Improving recycling across the board

In this episode of the Electronic Specifier Insights podcast we will be talking to Jack Herring, Founder of Jiva Materials, a sustainability startup company that has developed the world's first fully recyclable printed circuit board (PCB).

1st October 2020
Distribution takes baby steps to growth

‘Bumpy’ – Rob Rospedzihowski, President, Sales, Farnell EMEA has picked the perfect word to summarise the component distribution’s emergence from the initial COVID-19 phase.

1st October 2020
How distribution can support the Medtech industry

Especially in times of corona, medtech is of particular importance - a difficult market in itself, not least because of strict safety regulations, but one that nevertheless offers a wide range of development opportunities for medtch companies, said Andreas Falke, Managing Director, FBDi, Germany’s component distribution association.

21st September 2020
The future prospects for big data in healthcare

In the last decade, every single industry has been affected by the availability and depth of big data, and the healthcare industry was certainly no exception. Well-utilised data in healthcare have been catalysts for patient-centric improvements in almost every corner of the industry, with increases in disease prevention, information about dealing with things like COVID-19 (believe it or not, it could be worse), and ultimately reduce costs by grea...

18th September 2020
The benefits of augmented reality for mental health

Though generally tied to the video game industry, augmented and virtual reality companies are planting seeds from the construction industry to education, and most sectors in between, including healthcare. Augmented reality in healthcare can help with a number of issues, both mental and physical, but this article will focus on its benefits regarding the former. Guest blog written by Amber Harris, Academic Resources, Circa Interactive ...

17th September 2020
The fashion of the future: what will tech bring next?

Like many industries, the fashion of the future has become intrinsically linked with technology. From the textiles used in garment manufacturing to creating a sustainable supply chain, technological advancements are set to innovate fashion in countless ways. For a long time, the processes used in the fashion sector have remained remarkably unchanged. In the coming years, however, we can expect big things! Fashion brand Zalando investigate.

Events News
11th September 2020
Catch up with the Electronic Specifier Expo

The Electronic Specifier Expo took place on Monday 1st September and featured a significant number of key industry players, sharing their products, solutions and expertise across the show booths and the virtual exhibition’s webinar content.

4th September 2020
Zero 8: Flagship excellence across-the-board

Infinix has announced its 2020 flagship smartphone, the Vision Master Zero 8. Beautifully designed, and built to capture stunning photos and videos, the Zero 8 is the result of relentless innovation; setting a benchmark as Infinix enters the high-end smartphone market in style. Infinix has built a strong reputation. It understands local markets, and tailors its technology and design with the goal of helping today’s trendsette...

2nd September 2020
Podcast: Episode #11 - Shaping the future of industrial designs with GaN technology

Hello and welcome to this latest instalment of the Electronic Specifier Insights podcast. Power management is integral to business strategy at Texas Instruments (TI), and as such the company is pushing significant investment towards gallium nitride technology, commonly known as GaN. This technology has huge potential to make a difference to how industrial and other applications are going to function in the future.

Artificial Intelligence
2nd September 2020
Can AI help eliminate police brutality?

Following the police shooting of Jacob Blake, America is once again thrust into the debate of how to cure and prevent police brutality. Is artificial intelligence the answer? Possibly, but there may be a few caveats.

Events News
1st September 2020
Discover the Electronic Specifier Expo 2020

On 1st September, Electronic Specifier will be bringing the latest products and technology trends together at the ‘ElectronicSpecifier Expo’. Attendees of this virtual event will have the opportunity to hear from a wide variety of industry experts who will be sharing the latest products, technologies and solutions.

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