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14th September 2021
Alex Cappy named Vice President and CEO of Hubs, a Protolabs Company

Protolabs has named Alex Cappy as its new Vice President and CEO of Hubs, a Protolabs Company, effective Friday, 1st October.

14th September 2021
Reducing the environmental impact of electronics manufacturing

As many organisations move towards more sustainable and environmentally sound practices, we must take stock of the industries and operations with the largest impact. One such category is electronic waste, which not only comes from old and recycled equipment but also the production of those technologies - namely through electronics manufacturing. And since the manufacturing environmental impact is already monumental, it makes sense to adjust accor...

31st August 2021
Top five sensor products in August

Electronic Specifier takes a look at the top sensor products to have been released in August.

31st August 2021
Top five cabling products in August

Electronic Specifier takes a look at the top cabling products to have been released in August.

27th August 2021
Season 4 - Episode #10 - NFC technology skyrockets

Identiv recently announced that the company is building an RFID Community around its new NFC Starter Kit.

27th August 2021
The world’s first direct-drive sidebot

Wyzo, the world’s first direct-drive pick-and-place sidebot, will be showcased to the US market for the first time at PACK EXPO Las Vegas on 27th-29th September. From artisan companies taking their first steps into automation to established large-scale manufacturers, visitors to booth 6027 can experience first-hand how Wyzo can work safely side-by-side with humans with zero protective barriers or performance compromises. 

Alternative Energy
27th August 2021
Energy storage: No time for short cuts

The need for energy storage is growing tremendously, and battery applications are everywhere - from mobile phones to handheld power tools, to electric vehicles using grids tied to alternative energy. Meanwhile, the boundaries between storage cells and supercapacitors are getting blurred. Supercapacitors are taking over the jobs previously done by battery cells, such as in memory retention applications. The science of energy storage for both batte...

26th August 2021
Sylvania embraces new lighting regulations

New ground-breaking EU and UK legislation is on track to shake up the lighting industry. A ten-year European government review begins its implementation in a major move to improve product efficiency, protect the environment and boost sustainability for the benefit of consumers.

26th August 2021
The digital prototyping revolution

Everyone has the potential to contribute to innovation. From ideas that change the world, or disrupt the status quo, to niche solutions that only impact a small number of people at a certain time, human beings are constantly coming up with ideas and solutions that advance the world around us in one way or another. Alejandro Turrell, CEO at LastBasic explains.

25th August 2021
Calls for cyber training to be part of staff inductions

Insurance specialist, Ascend Broking, is calling for businesses to build cyber security training into every staff induction for new joiners, to try to combat the ever-growing threat to British businesses posed by cyber criminals and the malaise of what Ascend calls ‘cyber inertia’. 

20th August 2021
Season 4 - Episode #9 - Inspiring the next generation of women engineers

Techwuman is an engineering consultancy, specialising in design engineering for the physical security of critical national infrastructure.

20th August 2021
How do power supplies impact electronics?

The power supplies chosen for electronics can have an impact on how those devices perform or how swiftly manufacturers can produce them. Here are some of the key things that electronics engineering and design professionals should keep in mind.

13th August 2021
Electronic Specifier Webinar Summit - Editorial catch up

On the 1st September Electronic Specifier will host its Webinar Summit, a one-day event packed with discussions around the latest industry trends in electronics, and the products and technologies that are shaping sectors from automotive to wireless.

12th August 2021
British AI tech firm drive revenues for business

A British AI tech start-up Kortical, which helps companies use machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities, has improved 10x their success rate of generating positive outcomes across their organisations vs the industry average.

Aerospace & Defence
12th August 2021
Special design for use in space

AS-Schneider has received an order from the space industry. The company supplies valves and valve manifolds for the programme of a national space agency that have to meet very special requirements for use in space. 

Alternative Energy
12th August 2021
Solar-to-hydrogen tech improves in efficiency

Researchers have made a major breakthrough in the use of solar energy to generate hydrogen fuel, a potential green power storage medium. New research on barium tantalum oxynitride semiconductors has uncovered a technique that makes the technology 100 times more efficient. The breakthrough could help make practical an alternative, solar power-based hydrogen generation method.

11th August 2021
Vessel and shipment delays on the rise

Recent vessel-tracking data from project44 has revealed substantial year-over-year increases in vessel and shipment delay times across most major trade lanes connecting China to the rest of the global economy. These longer lead times cast a spotlight on already overburdened transportation networks and ongoing supply chain disruptions. For many businesses, the unrelenting supply-side bottlenecks and increasing transportation costs are impacti...

9th August 2021
House of Commons staff put through training amidst cyber security fears

The House of Commons has put 2,658 out of its approximately 3,000 strong workforce on an eight-part cyber security training course in the most recent financial year (FY 20/21), according to official figures.

5th August 2021
UV-C light robots boost care home infection prevention

SARS-CoV-2 remains an ongoing threat in care homes across the country, but that’s not just the only dangerous pathogen for older and vulnerable residents including the various mutated strains of SARS-CoV-2.

29th July 2021
Diesel or not to diesel: Should construction turn its attention to electric?

Few industries globally are struggling quite as much to reduce their carbon footprint as that of construction.

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