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22nd March 2023
Investment boom in semiconductor industry

Exyte is expanding its engineering and production capacities in the Czech Republic.

Eco Innovation
21st March 2023
Decarbonise UK public buildings 'five times faster' to meet Net Zero targets

The UK government is currently missing one of its core Net Zero commitments to reduce CO2 emissions by 101 years, according to the Public Building Energy Efficiency Report.

News & Analysis
21st March 2023
Nokia adds to right to repair sentiments with new G22 handset

Nokia has announced one of the first android smartphones designed to be repaired at home. In partnership with iFixit, the device will allow users to perform tasks like swapping out the battery in under five minutes.

21st March 2023
Applied AI is set to convene global healthcare innovators

KFSH&RC invites patrons and partners to partake in the milestone conference ‘Digital Health Conference’, which is set to gather over 50 speakers from leading healthcare markets and thousands of attendees from more than 15 participating countries.

20th March 2023
LUMI data centre receives Green Data Centre of the Year award

The LUMI data centre has been recognised in the 2023 Data Centre World Awards for the Green Data Centre of the Year. The award was presented at the Data Centre World event in London on 8 March 2023.

Artificial Intelligence
17th March 2023
OpenAI releases GPT-4 to build upon the success of ChatGPT

OpenAI has recently released a new update to its ChatGPT service, moving it from GPT-3.5 to the new and improved GPT-4 model.

17th March 2023
Abu Dhabi announces autonomous racing league

In line with its vision of building a world-class R&D hub in Abu Dhabi, ASPIRE, has announced the launch of an autonomous racing league.

Aerospace & Defence
17th March 2023
Patent application filed for CAV Systems-designed ice protection solution

CAV Ice Protection Limited has filed for a patent for an anti-icing solution for small uncrewed aerial systems (sUAS) that it claims could revolutionise commercial drone use in cold climates.

15th March 2023
What does the Spring Budget 2023 mean for innovation?

At Spring Budget 2023 the government is building on the foundation put forward at Autumn Statement 2022, with a plan to deliver on three of the five key priorities set out by the Prime Minister in January: to halve inflation, grow the economy and get debt falling.

Events News
15th March 2023
congatec discuss new computer-on-modules applications in ‘megatrends’|embedded world

congatec, a supplier of industrial and embedded computer-on-modules, told an exhibition hall at embedded world 2023 about the availability of its new computer-on-modules, and the applications that it believes it's next-gen chip can bring.

14th March 2023
The world’s first general-purpose humanoid robot

Figure, a robotics startup based in the United States, has unveiled its plans for ‘the world’s first commercially viable general purpose humanoid robot,’ named Figure 01.

14th March 2023
The Electronics Excellence Award winner announced at embedded world

Electronic Specifier has announced Rohde & Schwarz as winner of its prestigious Electronics Excellence Award at embedded world 2023.

Eco Innovation
13th March 2023
Bitcoin’s energy consumption has dropped by 50%

Mining is a power-intensive process that requires significant computing power to solve complex mathematical equations and record entries into the blockchain. 

10th March 2023
Microchip firm asks UK gov’t for hundreds of millions in investment

The boss of one of the UK's major microchip firms is calling on the government to invest "hundreds of millions" in the sector. This comes following a joint report published Thursday (9th March) that found "skills shortages, high costs and low public awareness threaten the UK's position in the vital semiconductor race". 

10th March 2023
Is automation a threat to people’s jobs or the next step in manufacturing?

The narrative often pushed by mainstream media is that automation is a looming omnipresent threat that will one day steal the jobs of millions around the globe, but will this really be the case? Instead, is this simply the next step in automating monotonous tasks, driving manufacturing to its full potential, and creating a more efficient world overall? To explore this idea further, Electronic Specifier spoke to Joe Booth, CEO of Altus Group, who ...

Women in Tech
10th March 2023
Woman of the Year announced at prestigious tech awards

In 2011 the everywoman in Technology Awards was first conceptualised, and every year since then it has grown bigger and bigger.

Events News
9th March 2023
The 4th Industrial revolution and the steps to get there | Tech Show

“If you don't figure out how to improve this industry, these hyperscale companies that are trying to dominate the world with this digital infrastructure will figure it out for you,” said Compass Datacentres’ Chief Innovation Officer - Nancy Novak to a packed auditorium at Tech Show’s Data Centre World yesterday (8th March).

Cyber Security
9th March 2023
Busting cybersecurity myths at CloudExpo

Cybersecurity myths are incorrect and harmful, that is according to Etay Maor, Senior Director Security Strategies at Cato Networks.

Women in Tech
8th March 2023
Technology allows us the time to be human

When working in a fast-growing company, there needs to be clear direction and structure. It’s not about dictatorship, but a network of equals, a conglomeration of adults. Technology is an enabler that affords users the time to focus on what’s important to their business – and that’s the people.

Women in Tech
8th March 2023
Women are making Web3 work for them

As we celebrate International Women’s Day, Electronic Specifier recognises the contributions and achievements of women in Web3.

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