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20th March 2020
AI software market to grow five times by 2025

One in five workers in a non-routine job will rely on artificial intelligence (AI) for at least part of their role, according to forecasts. The growing volume and complexity of business data have forced many firms across a variety of industries to adopt AI software to boost growth.

20th March 2020
AR to transform infrastructure management

The development of augmented reality (AR) as a tool to manage and visualise hidden infrastructure management assets has taken a major step forward following the announcement of a partnership between two technology companies. MGISS, a UK geospatial specialist, has partnered with Canada-based vGIS to transform traditional GIS, BIM and CAD data into AR visualisations.

19th March 2020
Oxford’s app for remote learning for home schoolers

Distance learning is nothing new, in that the children of farmers and those in rural and regional areas have undergone distance learning, originally over ham radio, for decades. Meanwhile, home schoolers have been able to take advantage of the technology for many years, too.

News & Analysis
18th March 2020
The coronavirus and its impact on the electronics industry

Electronic Specifier's Lanna Cooper speaks to the industry to gauge feeling and outlook following the coronavirus pandemic, and its impact on electronics manufacturing, supply chain, legalities and economic fallout.

2nd March 2020
Podcast: Episode #3 - embedded world round-up

It was a tough week for Nuremberg Messe, the organisers of embedded world 2020. There’s not a trade exhibition on the planet that can afford to lose 200 exhibitors and over half of its visitors and come up smelling roses.

Aerospace & Defence
24th February 2020
Tech solutions in the wake of 2019 shootings

There were four shootings at US military bases in 2019. Since 1993, there have been more than 20 shooting incidents at armed forces installations. One especially deadly, left five dead at two separate facilities in Hawaii and Florida. Here, author Kayla Matthews explores how tech can offer a solution to the 2019 shootings, in order to try and prevent more in the future.

24th February 2020
AI in healthcare electronics and devices in 2020

Over the past few years, new applications of AI have rapidly spread through the medical field, changing the way scientists perform research, doctors run hospitals and patients receive treatment. Some scientists have already used AI tools to develop new vaccines and diagnose patients. Now, AI is poised to revolutionise another sector of the healthcare industry — medical devices.  By Kayla Matthews

20th February 2020
Five ways real-time analytics can improve manufacturing

Manufacturers are continually looking for ways to improve efficiency and output, not just to increase profits but also to streamline operations and lower costs. Many new and emerging technologies have helped make optimisation possible, mainly through automation and a wealth of insights. By Kayla Matthews

Events News
19th February 2020
High profile cancellations at embedded world

Following a string of other companies withdrawing from embedded world 2020 amid COVID-19 fears, Mouser, Arrow and Digi-Key have all announced the cancellation of their exhibits at the show. Other companies to have cancelled include: STMicroelectronics, Cypress Semiconductor, NXP, Renesas, Microchip, Arm, Silicon Labs, On Semiconductor, Swissbit, Xilinx, and ROHM Semiconductor.

19th February 2020
Internally Vs externally clocked isolated sigma-delta modulator

Isolated sigma-delta modulators have been proven to provide very high accuracy and robust current and voltage sensing in noisy industrial motor application environments. There are two types of isolated sigma-delta modulators. One with an internal clock signal and the other that receives the clock signal from an external source. 

Events News
13th February 2020
MWC cancelled amid coronavirus fears

It has been announced that following a spike in coronavirus cases and multiple exhibitors pulling out of the event, Mobile World Congress (MWC) has been cancelled. The show was due to be held between 24th and 27th February in Barcelona, expecting around 100,000 attendees to the event from 200 countries, with approximately 6,000 of that number expected from China. 

News & Analysis
11th February 2020
International Day of Women and Girls in Science 2020

Today, 11th February 2020, recognises the critical role women and girls play in science and technology. It’s clear to see that over the past 15 years, much effort has been made to inspire and engage women in science. Yet there is still work to be done, as research shows less than 30% of researchers across the world are women.

Tech Videos
7th February 2020
Video: isolated gate drivers & noise immunity

In power electronics, isolated gate drivers are used to drive IGBT and Power MOSFETs. With the emergence of SiC and GaN, power electronics are operating at higher frequencies to increase system efficiency and reduce system size and costs. The increase in frequency results in higher switching noise or commonly known as common mode transient, dv/dt. 

3rd February 2020
Augmented reality and the hospitality industry

It’s proving progressively more difficult to find an area of our daily lives that technology hasn’t enhance in some way shape or form. Intelligent, innovative solutions are making us all more efficient as we go about our day-to-day lives. Everything from dining out to staying in hotels has been brought in line with the digital age, and augmented reality is one of the top emerging tools being used within the hospitality sector.

31st January 2020
Solvent dispenser designed for medical tubing assembly

Technomed, a subsidiary of Tecnoideal, and a leader in machinery and services for medical plastic tubing assembly, will unveil the DS-Vision, its most advanced solvent dispenser for the bonding of medical tubing, at the MD&M Trade Show in Anaheim, California, on February 11th, 2020.

Aerospace & Defence
31st January 2020
Munich Airport successfully reduces CO2 emissions

The international climate protection organisation CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project) has again recognised Munich Airport (FMG) for its highly effective climate protection efforts. For the third consecutive year, Munich Airport has achieved ‘Leadership Level’ and earned an ‘A-‘ rating in the ‘Climate Change’ category. 

31st January 2020
93% of mobile transactions blocked as fraudulent in 2019

Ninety-three percent of total mobile transactions in 20 countries were blocked as fraudulent in 2019 according to a report on the state of malware and mobile ad fraud released today by mobile technology company, Upstream.

30th January 2020
3D printing a catalyst for Industry 4.0

The variety of technologies compromising Industry 4.0 are now numerous, but it is the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), advanced industrial robotics (AIR), and 3D printing that are the driving forces behind the fourth industrial revolution, which is reorganising manufacturing and supply chains. Quocirca’s Louella Fernandes explains.

Tech Videos
30th January 2020
Compare isolated gate drivers and noise immunity

Isolated gate drivers are used to drive power semiconductors, such as IGBTs and power MOSFETS, in inverters, motor drives, UPS, and EV charger. The gate drivers are used to provide galvanic insulation between the control circuits and the high voltages. Watch the video to learn more about the basics of isolated gate drivers and noise immunity.

30th January 2020
Tech sector calls for greater support from Parliament

MPs and policymakers will be urged at a dinner at the Houses of Parliament to re-focus efforts to boost the UK’s manufacturing and technology sectors after a lengthy period of uncertainty caused by the prolonged discussions over Brexit.

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