Series 6: Episode 1 – Engineering Education at the university level

7th January 2022
Sam Holland

In this week’s podcast, Charlotte Morgan interviews Dr Sarah Peers from engineering-specialised university NMITE (the New Model Institute for Technology and Engineering) about engineering education.

Dr Peers is specialised in STEM education, particularly mathematics and mechanical engineering. In this interview, she discusses such topics as the changing landscape of education, and how NMITE is engaging with its students in a way that is unique and able to present engineering as a more inclusive and accessible field of study.

As Peers explains: “What makes [NMITE] so different is that we're making our learners practice engineering from the first day virtually … to develop their engineering skills through problem solving, through looking at real-world challenges. The structure of it is very interesting and the whole philosophy and approach is very interesting.”

Aside from looking at the importance of changing perceptions of engineering, Dr Peers also covers her experience of focusing on women in engineering, such as her engagement with INWES (the International Network of Women in Engineering and Science) and other organisations. As she explains: “I've been heavily involved in gender diversity in engineering, which has led to gender diversity in the wider areas of STEM … particularly the impact on innovation and creativity.”

To listen to this podcast, play the audio below – or you can play it on Spotify or Apple Music.

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