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26th February 2024
SiC inverter control modules for electric motor drivetrains

At the Applied Power Electronics Conference (APEC), CISSOID will release its new series of SiC Inverter Control Modules (ICMs) dedicated to the E-mobility market.

21st March 2023
CISSOID & Silicon Mobility expand partnership with SiC inverter reference design

CISSOID and Silicon Mobility have announced a partnership to deliver a complete and modular Silicon Carbide (SiC) inverter reference design supporting electric motor drives up to 350kW/850V. CISSOID will also sell and deliver Silicon Mobility's OLEA APP INVERTER Software for Electric Vehicle Powertrain Control providing the customer with a development platform ready for integration work.

12th April 2021
SiC IPMs scupper range anxiety in electric vehicles

  Shifting focus from the battery to the drivetrain in electric vehicles allows design engineers to optimise the use of SiC in intelligent power modules

11th March 2020
SiC MOSFET intelligent power module for E-mobility

CISSOID has announced a new 3-Phase SiC MOSFET Intelligent Power Module (IPM) platform for E-mobility. This new IPM technology offers an all-in-one solution including a three-Phase water-cooled SiC MOSFET module with built-in gate drivers.

20th January 2020
Robust gate drivers for fast switching SiC power modules

CISSOID has delivered robust Gate Drivers for XM3 SiC MOSFET Power Modules from Wolfspeed. Aimed at high power density converters, the new Gate Driver board safely drives the fast switching SiC power modules to achieve low losses and operates in high temperature environments found inside space-constrained motor drives, compact power supplies or fast battery chargers.

7th May 2019
High temperature gate drivers at PCIM 2019

Specialist in high temperature semiconductors, CISSOID, will present new High Temperature Gate Drivers, SiC MOSFET’s and IGBT Power Modules at PCIM 2019, the exhibition and conference for power electronics, intelligent motion, renewable energy, and energy management.

9th February 2018
Supporting customers affected by obsolete microelectronics

Provider of high-temperature and extended lifetime semiconductor solutions, CISSOID, has announced its readiness in supporting customers affected by the Last-Time-Buy (LTB) announcement by Honeywell for its High Temperature Microelectronics Products and releases a cross-reference table for CISSOID equivalent parts, all rated from -55 to 225°C and also available as bare die.

18th April 2016
CISSOID delivers SiC intelligent power modules to Thales

CISSOID announces the delivery of the first prototypes of a 3-phase 1200V/100A SiC MOSFET Intelligent Power Modules (IPM) to Thales Avionics Electrical Systems. This module, developed with the support of Clean Sky Joint Undertaking, will help increasing power converters density, by decreasing weight and size, for power generation and electromechanical actuators in More-Electrical Aircrafts.

3rd June 2015
SiC MOSFET module offers low switching losses

CISSOID has released CHT-PLUTO, a dual Silicon Carbide MOSFET module primarily meant for half-bridges with 30A continuous capability for both low-side and high-side, delivering up to 60A. The two independent switches can be used in parallel to deliver a total of 60A with a breakdown voltage in excess of 1200V and a low on-resistance of 23mΩ at 25°C and 50mΩ at 225°C at VGS=20V.

25th March 2015
Isolated gate driver operates from 175 to 225°C

Aimed at high density power converters, motor drives and actuators based on either fast switching SiC transistors, traditional power MOSFETs or IGBTs, the HADES v2 isolated gate driver has been released by CISSOID. Suitable for the aeronautics, automotive, industrial and oil & gas markets, the device integrates all of the necessary functions to drive the gates of power switches in an isolated, high voltage half bridge. 

5th March 2015
80V quad diode device operates up to +225°C

CISSOID has announced a high-temperature 80V quad diode which includes four independent and dielectrically isolated diodes that can be connected in different configurations. Able to be connected in series, in parallel for higher current or in a rectifier bridge, each individual diode can sustain a reverse voltage of 80V, has a maximum forward current of 900mA at 225°C and is suitable for operation from -55 up to +225°C.

12th February 2015
Linear voltage regulators operate up to +175°C

A fixed-5V linear voltage regulator ruggedised for high reliability and high temperature automotive and industrial applications, the CMT-ANTARES, has been unveiled by CISSOID. The device delivers up to 200mA to the output load from input voltages between 5.5 and 30V over a temperature range from -55 to +175°C.

8th January 2014
Isolated gate driver maximises SiC switch benefits

Driving high efficiency Silicon Carbide (SiC) and traditional silicon power switches, HADES is a 2nd generation isolated gate driver chipset. CISSOID's latest offering aims to maximise the benefits of the newest Silicon Carbide (SiC) power switches. To accomplish this, increased switching frequencies translate into dramatic reduction of the size & weight of the passive & magnetic components; while faster switching times lead to increased ...

Frequency Control
24th September 2013
High temperature, extended lifetime clock generator

CISSOID introduces a versatile clock generator, the CHT-CG50LP, which is suitable for building clock modules and frequency-based transducers for the industrial market as well as for high-reliability applications in the Oil & Gas, aerospace and defence markets. Using an external crystal, the circuit has been designed to provide reliable precision and performance throughout the -55°C/+225°C temperature  range, and for supply voltag...

8th July 2013
CISSOID unveil the 3.5W FUJI DC-DC Converter

CISSOID's new FUJI executes a non-isolated discontinuous control mode Flyback topology, with triple output. Used as Point-of-Load, the FUJI generates three standard voltages locally from a single power supply bus that can range from +12V to +28V. The output voltage of the evaluation kit are +5V; +3.3V and +1.8V.

12th June 2013
CISSOID Releases CHT-RIGEL, a High Reliability Adjustable Voltage Regulator for up to 30V input and 100mA output

CISSOID expands its STAR product family with CHT-RIGEL, a new adjustable voltage regulator for embedded power supplies in applications that must sustain high temperatures, harsh environments or that simply require extended lifetime. RIGEL accepts a wide input voltage range from 4.5V up to 30V, and generates a regulated output settable between 1.8V and 28V.

28th May 2013
CISSOID launches AMALTHEA, a High-Temperature, General Purpose 80V / 3A Dual Diode

CISSOID expands its PLANET family of discrete products with the launch of CHT-AMALTHEA, a medium power, general purpose, dual diode in a hermetically sealed metal can TO-257 package. This new device is guaranteed for operation from -55°C up to +225°C. CHT-AMALTHEA includes two diodes and is available in three possible configurations: Common anode, common cathode and dual series configurations.

16th May 2013
CISSOID Sets a New Standard for High Temperature Sensors with OPAL

OPAL is a dual Op Amp specifically designed to meet the toughest environmental constraints of sensors in automotive, industrial and general High Reliability applications such as aeronautics, military and down-hole tools (Oil&Gas) electronics. Key features include low input offset (50µV typ.), low noise (5 µVpp typ.) and single +5V ±10% power supply.

28th February 2013
CISSOID Announce New High-Temperature 1200V/10A SiC MOSFET

CISSOID introduces CHT-NEPTUNE, a high-voltage power switch in TO-257 package, suitable for power converters and motor drives guaranteed for reliable operation up to +225°C. CHT-NEPTUNE is a high-temperature, high-voltage, Silicon Carbide MOSFET specifically built for power converter applications in high-temperature and harsh environments.

29th November 2012
CISSOID Introduces a High-Temperature N-Channel MOSFET Transistor 80V / 1A in a Tiny SMD Package

CISSOID introduces the CHT-NMOS8001, the latest member of its EARTH family of general purpose transistors. The CHT-NMOS8001 is an N-channel MOSFET guaranteed for operation from -55°C up to +225°C. It is available in a tiny thin dual flat pack (TDFP) hermeticallysealed Ceramic SMD package, as small as 5x5.5mm (PCB footprint).

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