CISSOID unveil the 3.5W FUJI DC-DC Converter

8th July 2013
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CISSOID's new FUJI executes a non-isolated discontinuous control mode Flyback topology, with triple output. Used as Point-of-Load, the FUJI generates three standard voltages locally from a single power supply bus that can range from +12V to +28V. The output voltage of the evaluation kit are +5V; +3.3V and +1.8V.
Depending on the load conditions and on the regulation requirements of the application, the design can support 2 additional built-in linear regulators that generate the 2 lowest voltages. The Flyback regulation loop is set on the +5V output. Default switching frequency is set to 100kHz and can be modified up to 500kHz.

FUJI is offered in the form of an Evaluation Kit that consists of a compact demonstration board, a complete Application Note with the electrical schematic and bill of materials.

Fuji lets immediate evaluation and integration into any custom electronic design with high temperature requirements, or into an MCM hybrid project. Custom requirements for electrical and mechanical performance are available to suit the needs of the individual; the Application Note brings necessary information for most of the customization needs.

Designed to meet the toughest space constraints, the demonstration board is 1 inch wide by 3 inches long and less than half an inch high, including all the necessary passive and active components. All the components are rated -55°C to +225°C. The transformer is a custom-made toroid model built from a standard high temperature core.

CISSOID is working with IPDIA to offer as an enhanced solution with high-temperature silicon capacitors appropriate for 250°C operation from IPDIA which offer improved temperature, voltage, and high reliability.

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