80V quad diode device operates up to +225°C

5th March 2015
Nat Bowers

CISSOID has announced a high-temperature 80V quad diode which includes four independent and dielectrically isolated diodes that can be connected in different configurations. Able to be connected in series, in parallel for higher current or in a rectifier bridge, each individual diode can sustain a reverse voltage of 80V, has a maximum forward current of 900mA at 225°C and is suitable for operation from -55 up to +225°C.

Monolithic integration provides better matching and thermal tracking between diodes while dielectric isolation offers design flexibility.

CHT-ELARA is packaged in a small hermetically sealed 5x5.5mm TDFP16 ceramic package, featuring a heat slug to achieve a junction-to-case thermal resistance as low as 11°C/W. High integration level and enhanced thermal characteristics make CHT-ELARA an optimal solution for power rectification, e.g. in flyback or forward DC/DC converters and gate drivers.

CHT-ELARA diodes have a low junction capacitance of 15pF at 25V reverse voltage, making them suited for AC signal rectification, for example in a full-bridge rectifier easily implemented with a single chip. The diodes have a forward voltage of 0.33V for a forward current of 1mA at +225°C. They present a leakage current limited to 2µA at 80V reverse voltage and +225°C, making ELARA very suitable for high temperature voltage multipliers (charge-pump). With a forward current of 450mA for a forward voltage of 1.5V at +225°C, ELARA can also be used in voltage clamping applications.

Pierre Delatte, CTO, CISSOID, commented: “CHT-ELARA is a very flexible product that can be used across the full temperature range (-55 to +225°C) as a full bridge rectifier, a single diode, a clamping device or any other configuration (e.g. common cathode or common anode). It provides the robustness and extended life time required in aeronautics, oil & gas and industrial applications.”

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