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High temperature, extended lifetime clock generator

24th September 2013
Nat Bowers

CISSOID introduces a versatile clock generator, the CHT-CG50LP, which is suitable for building clock modules and frequency-based transducers for the industrial market as well as for high-reliability applications in the Oil & Gas, aerospace and defence markets. Using an external crystal, the circuit has been designed to provide reliable precision and performance throughout the -55°C/+225°C temperature  range, and for supply voltages between 3.0V and 5.0V, up to 50MHz frequency.

Its robustness guarantees the oscillator will always start-up, no matter what the conditions are. The circuit also supports 32kHz crystals for real-time clock generation needs.

This product is the second generation of CISSOID’s clock generators. It combines the same unrivalled robustness of its former generation device CG50, while bringing additional features, reduced current consumption and lower pin count. The CHT-CG50LP IC features a built-in frequency divider selectable from 1 to 512, an enable/disable control signal and an external clock input. The output driver capability is programmable (8/16mA) as well as the crystal driver strength.

This second generation of clock generator confirms CISSOID’s commitment to the high reliability market for oil & gas, industrial, aerospace and automotive applications. CG50LP offers a robust and cost effective solution for industrial applications, where high temperature is not necessarily needed, but decades lifetime is a must, which cannot otherwise be achieved with traditional semiconductors.

Etienne Vanzieleghem, CISSOID VP of Engineering, comments: “A strong request from our customers was to offer a reduced pin count solution and a default configuration with very few wire-bond connections in view of shrinking clock module implementations”. With only eight connected pins in its minimal configuration, CHT-CG50LP is fully in line with such requirements. “In addition, the circuit has been designed with 40% reduction of the current consumption," Vanzieleghem added.

CHT- CG50LP can be ordered now for sampling and evaluation in TDFP16 package under the part number CHT-PUL9560A-TDFP16-T. Pricing starts at 117.31€/unit up to 200 units.For production volumes in die form, CHT-CG50LP is priced below 5€/unit.

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