Nisshinbo releases dual SAW filters

24th June 2024
Caitlin Gittins

Nisshinbo Micro Devices proudly announced the release of the NSNJ2023 and NSNJ2024, two advanced dual Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) filters housed in a compact package. 

These filters are designed to improve performance in various applications, including general-purpose multi-band communication systems, by selectively filtering out specific frequencies from a signal.

SAW filters operate on the principle of surface acoustic waves, which travel along the surface of a material. These filters are typically constructed on a piezoelectric substrate, capable of converting electrical signals into mechanical vibrations (acoustic waves) and back into electrical signals. Due to the characteristics of the substrate and the design of the interdigital transducers (IDTs), only certain frequencies are efficiently transmitted, effectively filtering the signal.

Integrating two SAW filters into a single package offers several benefits, particularly for modern electronic devices and communication systems. Combining two SAW filters in one package significantly reduces the overall size of the component, which is particularly valuable in compact electronic devices where space is limited. Additionally, this integration simplifies the design and manufacturing process, reduces the number of components on the circuit board, and is more cost-efficient.

The NSNJ2023 and NSNJ2024 are available in a space-saving package measuring just 3 x 3 x 1.08 mm, making them ideal for use in small-sized applications.


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