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1st May 2009
C-MAC MicroTechnology's 225°C DC-DC converter is first product from CISSOID partnership

C-MAC MicroTechnology has launched a high temperature Buck DC-DC converter, the first product from its partnership with CISSOID announced last month. C-MAC has developed the high temperature 10-20 Watt module based around CISSOID’s ETNA design. Various output voltages are available in the range 2.5V to 25V from inputs up to 30V.

25th March 2009
C-MAC partners with CISSOID to develop latest high temp microelectronic solutions

C-MAC MicroTechnology and CISSOID have agreed a strategic partnership that will lead to the development of high reliability components, modules and sub systems for high temperature applications operating up to 225°C. The two companies combine a wealth of design and manufacturing experience in high temperature microelectronics and will expand their existing customer relationships in the oil, gas, aerospace, defence, automotive and space industr...

12th March 2009
High temperature Logic ICs in plastic package sustain continuous operation at 175°C

CISSOID has announced a suite of logic products, the CMT-74XX, which sustain a temperature range from -55°C to +175°C. These products extend CISSOID’s CMT line of High Temperature IC’s in plastic package.

17th February 2009
CISSOID introduces High Temperature IC Family In Plastic Package

CISSOID has announced its new CMT Product Family, targeting applications between -55°C and +175°C. The CMT family has been develop and optimized to fill the gap between usual semiconductor components and CISSOID’s CHT family (-55°C to +225°C).

2nd February 2009
Successful tests of CISSOID components by NASA

CISSOID has released recent test results of their circuits by NASA for extreme high and extreme low temperature applications. Researchers at NASA’s Glenn Research Center have tested recently a CHT-555 SOI timer circuit. The circuit was provided unpackaged by CISSOID and then tested using special high temperature packaging technology developed at Glenn.

23rd January 2009
CISSOID Introduces DC-DC Converter Reference Design for Operation up to 225°C

CISSOID, a leader in high temperature semiconductor solutions, has unveiled ETNA, the industry's first DC-DC Converter Reference Design suitable for operation from -55°C up to +225°C. This reference design is the first product of a family of DC-DC converters named VOLCANO. It implements a buck (step down) DC-DC converter with proven CISSOID products as active components. ETNA offers the smartest solution for energy-sensitive applications in hig...

3rd July 2008
High Temperature Logic Family from CISSOID

CISSOID has announced its CHT-74 Logic Family for extreme temperatures. The products are optimized for High-Temperature, High Reliability applications. They bring digital functions to system designers targeting high temperature electronics, even beyond 200°C.

30th May 2008
High Temperature General Purpose Operational Amplifier from CISSOID

CISSOID has announced the release of its Quad High Temperature General Purpose Operational Amplifier for extreme temperatures. The product (CHT-OPA) is optimized for High-Temperature, High Reliability applications. This amplifier is a new major building block to realize High-Temperature systems such as sensor interfaces, buffers, filters and pre-amplifiers for ADC.

9th April 2008
Tony Denayer new CEO at CISSOID

Cissoid, the pioneer of Silicon-on-Insulator (SOI) products, announced today the appointment of Tony Denayer as CEO and Director.

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