High Temperature Logic Family from CISSOID

3rd July 2008
ES Admin
CISSOID has announced its CHT-74 Logic Family for extreme temperatures. The products are optimized for High-Temperature, High Reliability applications. They bring digital functions to system designers targeting high temperature electronics, even beyond 200°C.
The CHT-74 family is composed of a quad 2-input NAND, a hex inverter, a quad 2-input OR, a quad 2-input AND, a quad 2-input NOR, a Dual D-type flip-flop with set and reset, and a quad 2-input XOR. Most of the CHT-74 family circuits are pin-to pin compatible with standard 74 logic families. They keep high speed performances and low leakage, even at high temperature.

CHT-74 series fit market requirements for Oil & Gas, Aeronautics, Space and Automotive applications with a large temperature range from -55°C to 225°C. All components can work between 3.3V and 5V power supply over the complete temperature range with input and output CMOS compatibility.

This new logic family is part of Cissoid’s product roadmap, offering customers a more and more complete portfolio of Extreme Temperature Electronics components. CHT-74 brings tangible opportunities to develop mixed signal applications at high temperature without the need to implement a micro-controller or DSP for simple digital functions.

The CHT-74 logic family is available in Ceramic DIL14 packages for sampling and evaluation. Full characterization is ongoing and other packages are available on request.

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