Linear voltage regulators operate up to +175°C

12th February 2015
Nat Bowers

A fixed-5V linear voltage regulator ruggedised for high reliability and high temperature automotive and industrial applications, the CMT-ANTARES, has been unveiled by CISSOID. The device delivers up to 200mA to the output load from input voltages between 5.5 and 30V over a temperature range from -55 to +175°C.

The output voltage is stabilised to 5V ±5% including all possible variations: initial accuracy, temperature changes, line and load regulations. CMT-ANTARES is also immune to latch-up, resistant to ESD events up to 6kV and is protected against short circuits and power overloading by a current limiter and over temperature protection triggering above +225°C. It also offers comfortable safety margins with maximum absolute ratings for temperature and input voltage extending to 200°C and 40V.

“CMT-ANTARES has been developed to address the needs primarily of the automotive and industrial markets which require robust voltage regulators, operating above the temperature supported by traditional semiconductors, at an affordable price. CMT-ANTARES is the only product of its kind currently available on the market. It has been submitted to power temperature cycling and high temperature operating life tests exceeding the requirements of the automotive AEC-Q100 (Grade 0) qualification standard. For automotive applications CMT-ANTARES is suited to supply automotive sensors and actuators modules used close to the engine, the exhaust systems, brakes, turbochargers and also exhaust gas recirculation. In industrial markets applications such as electrically controlled pumps & valves, industrial gas turbines and large DC/DC converters will all benefit from this regulator,” commented Dave Hutton, Vice President, Worldwide Sales & Business Development, CISSOID.

The device offers a junction-to-case thermal resistance of 4.6°C/W which, combined with the high operating temperature, enables minimal cooling requirements. The CMT-ANTARES is supplied in a 3-pin TO-263 plastic package which makes it easy to integrate on the PCB and allows a drop-in replacement of commercial voltage references. Volume pricing will be €2.90 in quantities of 25,000 units.

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