Passive and electromechanical elements from Panasonic

4th May 2022
Paige West

Panasonic products can be found in numerous parts of the TME catalogue – from simple to complex components of automation systems. This article will provide an overview of the former: basic, passive, and electromechanical components that stand out for their high durability and precise manufacturing.

TME kindly invites anyone interested in the full range of Panasonic products to view the catalogue: www.tme.eu/en/news/library-articles/page/44332/passive-and-electromechanical-elements-from-panasonic.

Passive components and fuses

Firstly, let’s look at the passive electronic components from Panasonic. They are suited for mass production and assembly processes, and they allow for the construction of more precise and faultless circuits. It should be noted that most of the products described below are available directly from the TME warehouses, which allows the company to minimalise shipment and delivery time.

SMD resistors

Panasonic’s SMD (surface-mount device) resistors with a range of parameters fulfil the needs of most production processes. First and foremost, precision resistors deserve special attention. They stand out for their tolerance of 0.1%, 0.5% or 1% and, in the case of selected products, the thermal factor (the ability to change their resistance depending on thermal conditions) of 25ppm/°C. It is worth noting that for most of the products the permissible operating temperature ranges from −55°C to +175°C. These resistors can work with the voltage of 75V and 100V, and their nominal power is 100mW, 125mW, 250mW or 500mW. Products available in the offer are enclosed in 0402, 0603 and 0805 packages (from 1005 to 2012 according to the metric norm), and their resistance ranges from 0Ω to 1MΩ.

In the case of slightly more tolerant (up to 5%) resistors, the thermal factor ranges from 100ppm/°C to 600ppm/°C – which is still a sufficient specification for most electronic circuits. The nominal power of those components is 100mW, while the resistance range is from 0Ω to 10MΩ.

Conductive polymer tantalum solid capacitors

Among many different Panasonic capacitors in the TME offer, you can find Polymer tantalum components from the POSCAP series. They are made using technologies developed by the supplier and are suited for high-frequency circuits. They stand out for their low resistance (low ESR) down to 5mΩ and their main applications suit embedded systems, communication, and digital circuits.

They are SMDs with a capacitance from 10µF to 680µF (with a 20% tolerance), designed for voltages of 2.5V to 35V DC. Most products can work in temperatures from −55°C to +105°C. Of course, the POSCAP series is just a portion of all the capacitors from Panasonic that are available in the TME catalogue.

THT and SMD varistors

Varistors remain one of the most basic components securing electronic circuits from voltage spikes. The Panasonic components of this category are mostly designed for THT (through hole technology) mounting, but SMD elements are also available. Their maximum operating voltage ranges from 14V to 680V AC and from 16V to 895V DC, while the maximum current ranges from 300A to 10kA. In the case of the THT variants the pitch is 5mm, 7.5mm or 10mm.

SMD power inductors

In power supplies and other circuits, another necessary component of power supplies and other circuits that manipulates the electric current is a power inductor. With the development of precision and mobile electronics (particularly devices that require compact converters and high power) these inductive components have undergone significant miniaturisation and a drastic increase in current capability.

Panasonic offers such power inductors through its TME catalogue: the inductors designed for automotive-grade surface mounting and high-current applications. It covers an inductance range from 0.33uH to 100µH. One of their salient traits is their high thermal tolerance: they can work in temperatures ranging from −40°C to +150°C and are enclosed in packages with the footprint of 5.5 x 5mm to 10.9 x 10mm. Their resistance does not exceed 348mΩ.

SMD fuses

Another Panasonic product group that is worth taking a closer look at is its family of miniature SMD fuses. This group comprises fast-acting and super-fast-acting fuses – standard components used in compact consumer circuits. They are applied, among others, in battery-powered equipment, in which a faulty cell or damaged power circuit can lead to high current fluctuations and major malfunctions. In the Panasonic range of products, there are single-use fuses for the voltage of 32V DC, in standard 0402, 0603 and 1206 packages. Rated currents (burn-out currents) of these components range from 500mA to 5A.

TACT microswitches

TACT microswitches are highly popular electromechanical components. They are widely used due to their small size and intuitive operation (the characteristic ‘click’, an audible signal that accompanies the closing of the circuit). There are many variants of these components on the market with varied sizes, mounting options, IP rating, etc. TME offers these components by Panasonic – more than ten series of microswitches with a long lifecycle and mechanical endurance.

SMD microswitches

The miniaturisation of electronic devices brought the need for manufacturing more compact switches. This trend results today in the widespread availability of low-profile TACT buttons, suited for reflow soldering (SMT mounting). The Panasonic range of such products includes switches whose profile does not exceed 0.35mm (selected models), while their lifespan, electric parameters and thermal tolerance (which is particularly relevant when it comes to not only surface mounted components, but also those installed near current converters, battery cells, etc.) are really good.

EVPAA series

The EVPAA series includes very compact (footprint: 2.9mm x 3.5mm) TACT switches with the SPST contact configuration. The switching force of these components is from 1N to 5N, which makes them easy to use, but at the same time difficult to switch on by accident. They are typical components used in mobile (portable) devices. The switches are equipped with a large actuator (with the diameter of 1.8mm), and thanks to this, they can be easily integrated with mechanical elements of an enclosure (e.g., in matrix keyboards for entering access codes).

EVQQ2 series

EVQQ2 series products are designed for the devices that require mechanically resistant switches. This is due to the guaranteed number of cycles of faultless work (up to two million with limited pressure). Additionally, microswitches are characterised by the relatively low contact bouncing (max. 10ms). Thanks to that, these solutions are suitable for those applications in which they will be in constant use, but where a fast response to the user’s signal is required – in home appliance, remote access controls, game controllers or other human interface devices.

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