Geeplus voice coil actuator copes with movement

29th December 2023
Paige West

The VMXY80 voice coil actuator from Geeplus, specifically engineered for the steering of optical beams, is optimally suited for data transmission across tall buildings or other structures vulnerable to movement. It offers rotational deflection around two axes.

This actuator features a moving element mounted on a steel flexure, ensuring frictionless motion. It operates using two coil pairs that generate torque on either the X or Y axis when activated. The torque is directly proportional to the excitation current, leading to a corresponding deflection.

Geeplus has designed the VMXY80 to be scalable, allowing for the production of both smaller and larger variants based on similar designs, provided the production quantities are economically feasible. The current model, with an 80mm diameter, represents near the maximum size for which radial magnets are available. For larger versions, segmented magnets can be used, potentially leading to designs with a square footprint.

While the primary function of the VMXY80 is to steer laser and light beams, its versatile design also opens possibilities for its application in industrial, military, or special effects lighting sectors.

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