Video I/O and processor module for DVR applications

6th December 2013
Nat Bowers

Creative Electronic Systems introduce a new video I/O and processor module, the VPP-8112. Ideal for harsh conduction-cooled environments, the VPP-8112 XMC module accommodates various input and output channels with powerful image processing capability. It also features the DaVinci digital media processor from Texas Instruments.

TI's DaVinci digital media processor incorporates: an ARM Cortex-A8 processor, running an embedded Linux system; a video image coprocessor for H.264 and MPEG-4 video compression/decompression; a floating point VLIW DSP; and a 3D graphics processing unit. It also has rich integrated I/O periphals including: a PCIe x1 Gen2 link; two Gigabit Ethernet links; one SATA-II interface for external storage; and two USB 2.0 ports.

This is complimented by the additional two stereo audio inputs and outputs on the VPP-8112. Also featuring low power consumption and standard conduction-cooled XMC format, the new XMC module can be installed on any single board processor or passive carrier. Available in either air-cooled and conduction-cooled operating environment options, the VPP-8112 is suuplied with a device driver for an x86 Linux or PPC VxWorks host, and the complete firmware for the supported features.

Hervé Garchette, CEO of CES, commented: “The VPP-8112 is specifically designed as a powerful video acquisition and processing solution for harsh environmental conditions. The XMC form-factor makes it possible to use this module in many types of systems with XMC carriers.”

CEs can also provide an integrated laboratory system for system prototyping and evaluation. This is comprised of a VPP-8112 installed on a carrier that links via PCIe to a RIO6-8093 VME single board computer. CES provides fully integrated flight computers with video processing, general-purpose processing, and avionic I/O interfaces using the VPP-8112. Additionally, CES offers a stand-alone development kit that provides easy access to all I/O interfaces.

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