SOM speeds design of 4K video transmission equipment

29th July 2016
Mick Elliott

The Valens Colligo System On Module (SOM) – a turnkey, pre-certified HDBaseT 2.0 solution designed to minimise the cost, time and effort of bringing HDBaseT to market is available from L2Tek. With board design issues already managed, the Colligo SOM devices allow developers to focus attention on the interface connections needed to ensure a successful and timely product rollout.

Ideal for industrial PCs and medical applications, the small form-factor SOM embedded with the Colligo VS2310 IC is available in two configurations.

The Valens Colligo TX is a transmitter device suitable for UHD (4K) source equipment such as industrial PCs and media streamers. The Valens Colligo RX is a receiver module that can be integrated into existing designs for displays, projectors and other types of video sink equipment.

The small form-factor (50mm x 50mm x 7mm) SOM employs the same pinout and carrier board design for both the TX and RX variants.

The high-end Valens Colligo VS2310 chipset provides native USB 2.0 compliance and supports the 5Play feature set for relaying audio, video, control, Ethernet and power over a single cable for up to 100m.

Its proprietary HDI digital interfaces enable multi-stream video, daisy-chaining, switching, distribution, aggregation and more.

Engineering samples are available from L2Tek.

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