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11th April 2017
Low light camera board optimised for in-car security

  L2Tek is selling the SeeCam_30, a two-board ready-to-manufacture low light camera solution developed by e-con Systems using a AR0330 CMOS image sensor from ON Semiconductor and USB 3.1 type C Gen 1 interface connector.

11th April 2017
Camera board optimised for evening and daylight use

The SeeCam_30, a two-board ready-to-manufacture ultra-low light camera solution developed by e-con Systems is now on sale at L2Tek. It is based on an AR0330 CMOS image sensor from ON Semiconductor and USB 3.1 type C Gen 1 interface connector. The SeeCam_30 is optimised for evening and daylight use in surveillance, face detection, in-car security and near-infrared (NIR) imaging applications.  

22nd February 2017
OEM platform delivers video over Ethernet

The All Media Over IP (AMoIP) board level solution from CoreEL is available at L2Tek.. The AMoIP is a versatile market ready OEM platform which transmits and receives video, audio and control over standard 1G Ethernet infrastructure optimised with ultra-low latency for real-time interaction with the video content applicable within medical, industrial and surveillance use.

25th January 2017
UK deal covers video delivery infrastructure platforms

L2Tek has signed a UK-wide deal to represent Kontron, a provider of data centre and telecom infrastructure platforms for the telco, video/broadcast, and cloud provider markets. L2Tek will sell Kontron small form-factor computer modules and boards plus the SYMKLOUD converged infrastructure platforms. The solutions will be sold to OEMs, systems integrators and also direct to telecom, digital broadcasters and service operators.

3rd August 2016
SMPTE ST-2022-6 converters aid cost effective design

A new family of SDI-to-IP emSFP converter modules designed to encapsulate high-performance uncompressed SDI signals into a SMPTE ST-2022-6 stream or decapsulate a ST-2022-6 stream to an uncompressed SDI signal is available at L2Tek. Manufactured by Embrionix, the modules are the smallest of their kind available in the market and can be installed directly into IP network routers, switches and SDI platforms.

29th July 2016
SOM speeds design of 4K video transmission equipment

The Valens Colligo System On Module (SOM) – a turnkey, pre-certified HDBaseT 2.0 solution designed to minimise the cost, time and effort of bringing HDBaseT to market is available from L2Tek. With board design issues already managed, the Colligo SOM devices allow developers to focus attention on the interface connections needed to ensure a successful and timely product rollout.

13th July 2016
UVC camera board delivers low light performance

The high-performance See3CAM CU30 USB Video Class (UVC) Camera with S-mount (M12 mount) lens holder from e-con Systems is available at L2Tek. Based on the AR0330 CMOS Image Sensor from OnSemi, the See3CAM CU30 is a two-board solution containing the camera sensor board and USB 3.0 UVC controller board.

19th May 2016
System on module cuts product design time

The eSOMTK1, an nVIDIA Tegra K1 (TK1) system-on-module (SOM) manufactured by e-con Systems offers engineers the opportunity to dramatically improve time-to-market for their product designs. The module, available at L2Tek, facilitates faster simultaneous hardware and software development. The compact SOM is ideal for drones, smart surveillance, robotics and telepresence applications.

12th May 2016
Converter provides cost effective IP signal monitoring

Two new families of 'plug and play' conversion products allowing IP signals to be monitored on standard displays and baseband signals to be injected inside an IP network have been announced by L2Tek. The emVIEW series, manufactured by Embrionix, is a small converter that can be mounted at the back of a monitor with connection via HDMI.

29th March 2016
Repping deal covers video codec FPGA IP cores

L2Tek has signed a deal to represent NGCodec in the UK, Ireland and Scandinavia. NGCodec is a Silicon Valley start-up developing video codec FPGA IP cores. The addition of this franchise strengthens L2Tek’s one-stop-shop where encoding, decoding and transport FPGA solutions are all offered.

1st February 2016
China IC company signs repping/disti agreement

L2Tek has signed an agreement with Lontium Semiconductor to represent the company and distribute its low power, mixed-signal ICs and SoC products in the UK, Ireland and Scandinavia.  China-based Lontium's products include splitters, switches, extenders, converters, transmitters, receivers and controllers for video broadcast, digital signage and surveillance applications.

2nd December 2015
Power transmitter/receiver speeds wireless charging of mobiles

A family of inductive power transmitter and receiver ICs from Semtech for wireless charging and power management is available at L2Tek. Previously branded Triune Systems before acquisition by Semtech, the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) Qi certified and Power Matters Alliance (PMA) compliant chips deliver high operating efficiency with low stand-by power consumption for applications including smartphones, tablets and GPS devices as well as other ...

24th October 2015
SOCs support H.264 video streaming and HD format conversion

The AL582 and AL360 system-on-chip (SOC) solutions for HD video streaming and conversion applications from AverLogic are available at representative and distributor L2Tek.  With just a 12 x 12mm footprint, the AL582 compact chipset delivers a cost-effective, low power and wireless H.264 video streaming solution, particularly appealing to manufacturers of professional surveillance cameras.

7th October 2015
L2Tek signs e-con Systems in UK and Ireland

Manufacturers representative and distributor L2Tek has signed a deal to represent e-con Systems, a manufacturer of video products for embedded systems, in the UK and Ireland. The product range includes USB2.0 and USB3.0 cameras, camera modules and boards. Reference design kits are available for many of the products.

22nd September 2015
FIFOs, codecs swell L2Tek portfolio

L2Tek has landed a UK and Ireland franchise to distribute high performance HD AV H.264 codecs, video/ image processors, and FIFO chips from AverLogic of Taiwan. L2Tek is a manufacturers’ representative and distributor of components and sub-assemblies for professional video and high-speed communications systems.

9th February 2015
Long range radio modules operate in 868 MHz band

L2Tek is stocking IMST’s ultra long range radio modules. The modules, developed by IMST in close cooperation with Semtech, have a range of up to 15,000 metres and operate in the license-free 868 MHz band. They are designed to provide robust performance as the rollout of LTE close to the 868 MHz band threatens increased interference to wireless links in security systems, smoke detectors, smart meters, home automation and lighting controls.

20th June 2014
Embrionix 12G-SDI video optical and coaxial SFP solutions

L2Tek has announced availability of Embrionix’s 12G UHD-SDI video SFP modules in optical and coaxial versions.The emSFPsolution, capable of transporting SD-SDI to 12G-SDI in a single fibre (supporting 4K transfer bit rates from 50 Mbps to 11.88 Gbps) meets all broadcast video standards. The optical version allows broadcasting over greater distances at significantly less cost compared to coaxial versions that are limited in distance. 

28th January 2014
Video ICs support MHL interface standard

L2Tek is selling new video ICs from Explore Microelectronics, a fabless semiconductor company based in Taiwan. Aimed at companies designing and manufacturing digital and analogue audio/video (AV) broadcast and switching equipment, the new EP9555E is a three-port low-power HDMI/MHL receiver with a video up/down scaler and CCIR 601/656 digital video output.

31st October 2013
Changeable interface connector system for HD video

L2Tek has today announced the introduction of a new Changeable Interface Connector System. Developed by Cambridge Connectors, the new changeable interface connector system supports all mainstream 75-Ohm coaxial interface styles. It is designed for 6GHz high-speed high-definition video applications, such as the latest UHDTV standard.

27th June 2013
Stagebox Steps Up Glasto Broadcast Technology

Distributor and manufacturers rep L2Tek says that the BBC will be using the ground-breaking Stagebox High-Definition (HD) production technology for its upcoming broadcasts from this year's Glastonbury Festival. L2Tek is a licensee of the cost-saving Stagebox camera-mounted Internet-Protocol (IP) connectivity device, which was developed by BBC Research and Development.

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