Converter provides cost effective IP signal monitoring

12th May 2016
Mick Elliott

Two new families of 'plug and play' conversion products allowing IP signals to be monitored on standard displays and baseband signals to be injected inside an IP network have been announced by L2Tek. The emVIEW series, manufactured by Embrionix, is a small converter that can be mounted at the back of a monitor with connection via HDMI.

A 10GE IP signal is received by the module over single mode optical fibre allowing a video signal to be fully monitored.

The emVIEW monitoring module provides a cost effective way to supervise your signals inside your IP system.

Offering excellent versatility, the modules can be connected to any IP switches giving access to any IP signals (via AIMS, ASPEN, J2K formats) inside your network.

Using the same form factor, the emFUSION series takes baseband signals (SDI or HDMI) and encapsulate them into IP, so they can be incorporated into your media network.

The single mode fibre enables interconnectivity of equipment located at far distance from the engine room which is often the case with application such as live sports events coverage.

Both the emVIEW and emFUSION benefit from efficient mechanical design with the vibration resistant devices able to operate at extended temperatures of between -40 degreesC to 60 degereesC.

Evaluation samples and more technical information and support for customers in the UK, Nordics and Netherlands are available from L2Tek.

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