Boards provide high-speed PCIe expansion to MicroTCA

25th February 2015
Nat Bowers

VadaTech has announced two boards that enable high-speed PCIe Expansion from an industrial PC to MicroTCA, AdvancedTCA, or other systems without customisation. The PCI123 is a PCIe compliant module routing x16 PCIe Gen3 out of the front panel ports, while the UTC006 provides an Ethernet switch managing an enterprise-grade Layer 2 or 3 switching/routing stack.

Utilising SFF-8644 connectors, the signals from the PCI123 can be partitioned as a single x16, dual x8 or quad x4 as required. The module supports an aggregate raw data rate of up to 128Gb/s and can be cabled to VadaTech’s UTC006 MicroTCA Carrier Hub (MCH) for PCIe expansion.  The MCH offers quad SFF-8644 ports for PCIe Gen3 expansion (x16, x8 or x4). It features a PCIe switch and routes PCIe x16 to the rear transition module.  A quad-core 1GHz CPU drives the MicroTCA carrier management controller, shelf manager, clocking and fabric management.

The UTC006 has a clock and jitter cleaning PLL synthesiser for generating any clock frequency disciplined to GPS/SyncE/IEEE 1588. Dual in-band 100/1000/10G are routed to the front panel via RJ-45 ports. There are also dual out-of-band LAN 10/100 via RJ-45 ports as well as dual CLK IN/OUT via SMB.

An AdvancedTCA-based interface for the PCI123 is also available to VadaTech’s ATC122 PCIe Gen3 carrier

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