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7th June 2021
Processor AMC with NXP layerscape LS1046A

VadaTech has announced the AMC708. The AMC708 is a Processor AMC (PrAMC) in a single module, mid-size AdvancedMC (AMC) form factor based on the NXP LS1046A (quad core) processor. The unit provides PCIe Gen3 on Ports four to seven or eight-11 per AMC.1.

7th May 2021
QorIQ P5040 processor AMC with PCIe interface launched

VadaTech has announced the AMC704. The AMC704 is a Processor AMC (PrAMC) in a single module, mid-size AdvancedMC (AMC) form factor based on the NXP P5040 (quad core) processors. The unit provides dual x4 PCIe on Ports four to seven and eight to 11 per AMC.1 and the PCIe interface can be configured in Host or Agent mode.

19th April 2021
1U open VPX rackmount chassis with two 3U payload slots

VadaTech has announced the VTX951. The VTX951 is a 1U Open VPX chassis with two 3U VPX payload slots. It can accept 0.8, 0.85 and 1.0” pitch modules and is well suited for commercial deployment.

1st April 2021
PCIe Gen 3 ATCA carrier module with Intel Core processor

VadaTech has announced the ATC125. The ATC125 is a carrier module with an on board x16 PCIe Gen3 slot to accept any standard PCIe edge type module. The module has dual 100GbE connected to the Fabric channels and dual GbE to the base channels.

5th March 2021
AMC539 AMC with dual embedded SFP/SFP+ GbE/10GbE

VadaTech has announced the AMC539. The AMC539 is based on the Altera Arria-10 GX1150 FPGA in F1517 package and is compliant to AMC.1, AMC.2, AMC.3 and/or AMC.4 specifications. Additionally, the module has dual front panel SFP+ for 2x 10GbE fibre.

11th February 2021
Processor AMC with Layerscape LX2160A

VadaTech has announced the AMC705. The AMC705 is a Processor AMC (PrAMC) based on the NXP Layerscape LX2160A in a single-module, full-size AMC form factor based on the AMC.1, AMC.2 and the AMC.4 specifications. The LX2160A provides 16 Cortex- A72 cores with 8 MB platform cache and dual 64-bit memory controllers.

18th January 2021
VT085/VT086 advanced secure KVM transmitter

VadaTech has announced the VT085/VT086. VT085, when used in conjunction with a VT086, forms a complete KVM extension over a secure LC Fibre link. Data is encoded using a proprietary algorithm which, together with the use of fibre, combats interception of sensitive data.

26th November 2020
Two slot 6U VPX rackmount chassis with RTM

VadaTech has announced the VTX995. The VTX995 is a dual slot 6U VPX rackmount chassis supporting up to two conduction cooled 6U VPX modules. The chassis accepts both front and Rear Transition Modules (RTM). The chassis CPU will monitor and maintain the temperature at the VPX module wedge, as set by the user.

9th October 2020
VadaTech FMC with dual versatile wideband transceivers

VadaTechhas announced the FMC238 and FMC239 with dual versatile wideband transceivers. Both FMC’s are a FPGA Mezzanine Card (FMC) per VITA 57.1 standard. These low powered units boast a small footprint and utilise the ADRV9009 highly integrated, wideband RF transceiver. 

25th August 2020
VadaTech 3U VPX time and frequency card with onboard GPS/IRIG

VadaTech has announcedthe VPX337. The VPX337 time and frequency card provides a complete, feature-rich, GPS/PTP (1588)/IRIG/NTP bus-level timing solution to a VPX system, with exceptional flexibility. The local oscillator can be disciplined by the onboard GPS receiver, or 1PPS, or Inter-Range Instrumentation Group (IRIG) input, to cancel out any oscillator drift or aging.

6th August 2020
VadaTech PCIe PCI597 card with VU13P UltraScale+

VadaTech has announced the PCI597. The module front panel I/O is via six Board-mount Optical Assemblies, each providing 12 channel full-duplex transceivers with Clock Data Recovery (when using 28G transceivers) and fibre I/O via MTP/MPO. Transceivers are available in two speed grades, 10.6 Gb/s and 28.1 Gb/s per channel, both with multi-rate capability.

24th July 2020
VadaTech PCI124 based on the PCI-SIG specification

VadaTech has announced the PCI124 and PCI125. The PCI124/125 are VadaTech’s 4th generation PCIe expansion modules based on the PCI-SIG specification. Both modules include a Retimer/Conditioner to improve signal integrity for enhanced system performance and reliability across long cables.

2nd July 2020
VadaTech VPX572 provides dual ADC with sampling rates

VadaTechhas announced the VPX572. The VPX572 provides a dual ADC with sampling rates of up to 6.4 GSPS at 12-bit resolution (ADC12DJ3200).

8th June 2020
3U VPX Zynq UltraScale+ FPGA from VadaTech

VadaTech has announced the VPX585. The VPX585 is a 3U VPX FPGA Carrier with single FMC+ (VITA-57.4) interface. The unit has an on-board, re-configurable FPGA which interfaces directly to the VPX P1 connector and all FMC+ LA/HA/HB pairs (the module does not support HSPCe connector).

13th May 2020
AMC576 Zynq UltraScale+ RFSoC FPGA board from VadaTech

VadaTech has announced the AMC576 module Zynq UltraScale+ RFSoC FPGA board. The AMC576 utilises the Xilinx XCZU29DR RFSoC and is compliant to AMC.1, AMC.2, AMC.3 and AMC.4 specifications. The unit interfaces the FPGA directly to the AMC FCLKA and TCLKA-D.

3rd March 2020
Series of 2U VPX chassis with RTM support

VadaTech, a manufacturer of integrated systems, embedded boards, enabling software and application-ready platforms, announces the VTX880 and VTX881 chassis. The VTX880 is a 2U VPX chassis with six 3U VPX slots, while the VTX881 is a 2U VPX chassis with three 6U VPX slots.

11th February 2020
Rugged blade processor brings increased memory

VadaTech has announced the ATC128, a high performance ATCA blade processor featuring dual 24 core Intel Xeon processors, each with six banks of memory providing up to a total of 384 GB DDR4 memory with ECC. 

22nd January 2020
FPGA module with dual board-mount optical assemblies

VadaTech, a manufacturer of integrated systems, embedded boards, enabling software and application-ready platforms, has announced the FMC259, an FPGA Mezzanine Module per VITA 57.4 (FMC+) specification with dual Board-Mount Optical Assemblies, each providing 24 channel full-duplex transceivers capable of up to 28.1 Gb/s per channel (more than 1344Gb/s total bi-directional). 

6th January 2020
FPGA board facilitates large buffer sizes

VadaTech has announced the AMC573, which utilises the Xilinx XCZU28DR RFSoC and is compliant to AMC.1, AMC.2, AMC.3 and AMC.4 specifications. It has an onboard, re-configurable FPGA which interfaces directly to the AMC FCLKA, TCLKA-D. The module has two banks of 64-bit wide DDR4 memory with ECC (16 GB in total). This allows for large buffer sizes to be stored during processing as well as for queueing the data to the host.

11th December 2019
Dual FMC+ Carrier with Xilinx Zynq UltraScale+ FPGA

VadaTech has announced the AMC560. The AMC560 is an AMC FPGA Carrier with dual FMC+ (VITA 57.4) interfaces and is compliant to AMC.1, AMC.2, AMC.3 and AMC.4 specifications. The unit has a Xilinx UltraScale+ XCZU19EG MPSoC FPGA that provides 1,968 DSP Slices and 1,143k logic cells. 

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