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22nd December 2015
X-REL semiconductor 2015 summary

X-REL Semiconductor, the innovation leader in extended lifetime, high-temperature and high-reliability semiconductors, finishes the year 2015 having introduced eight new products targeting highly demanding markets such as aerospace, industrial, hybrid and electric vehicles, transportation, geothermal and oil & gas.

5th November 2015
ULDO linear regulator features high input voltage

X-REL Semiconductor announces the XTR70020 high input voltage, high output current ULDO (Ultra Low Dropout) linear regulator, with best-in-class dropout voltage and quiescent current consumption. The recently released XTR70020 further expands X-REL’s portfolio of high reliability, extreme temperature and extended lifetime power management products for linear power supply applications in power generation, oil & gas, industrial, aerospace...

30th April 2015
Chipset reduces passive component count by 40%

Designed to drive market availability of normally-on (JFET, MESFET) as well as normally-off (MOSFET) transistors, the XTR26020 chipset has been introduced by X-REL Semiconductor. This 2nd gen driver is 25% smaller than the XTR260010 chipset and reduces the quantity of required passive components by 40%. The device has led to a first-ever compact half bridge solution by X-REL.

3rd February 2015
MOSFETs suit demanding power conversion applications

Integrating power N-channel MOSFETs and drivers tailored for use in extreme reliability and high temperature applications, X-REL Semiconductor has introduced two product families. The XTR20410 and XTR20810 devices both target DC/DC converters, motor control, power switching and other power conversion applications in demanding aerospace, industrial, hybrid and EV, transportation, geothermal and oil and gas markets.

17th November 2014
Shifter & flip-flop families operate from -60 to +230°C

  Designed for highly demanding markets including aerospace, industrial, hybrid and EVs, transportation, geothermal, oil and gas, the XTR50010 and XTR54170 bi-directional level shifter and D-type flip-flop product families have been released by X-REL Semiconductor.

30th September 2014
Crystal oscillator driver saves space and BOM costs

Designed to provide high-reliability in extreme temperature and extended lifetime systems, the XTR60010 low-power crystal oscillator driver has been unveiled by X-REL Semiconductor. Operating with supply voltages of 2.5-5.5V and crystals from 32kHz to 50MHz, the device is suitable for crystal oscillators, clock generation, clock buffering, frequency division and precision timing applications.

1st August 2014
Logic gates target automotive & aeronautics applications

Designed for high-reliability, extreme temperature and extended lifetime environments, X-REL Semiconductor has announced the XTR54000 multi-function logic gates. Suitable for automotive, aeronautics and down-hole applications, the devices can be used as a drop in replacement of standard 54HC and 74HC logic gates for 2.8-5.5V operation.

2nd July 2014
MOSFETs handle extreme temperature operation

Designed for high-reliability, extreme temperature and extended lifetime applications, X-REL Semiconductor has announced four mid-power P-channel and two small-signal P- and N-channel MOSFETs. With excellent switching and linear characteristics, and very low leakage current, the transistors are suited for power conversion, power management, level translation and sensor interface applications.

30th May 2014
Device provides 32 output voltages with no external resistor

A ULDO linear regulator has been launched by X-REL, signalling an expansion of the company's power management portfolio. The XTR70010 high current, linear regulator has been designed for high-reliability, extreme temperature and extended lifetime power supply applications and can provide 32 different output voltages with no external resistor. The device can also operate as a capacitor-less regulator in applications where the output current does n...

26th February 2014
Power switch driver boasts operates at extreme temperatures

An intelligent power driver for SiC, GaN and silicon power switches has been announced with the company, X-REL Semiconductor, claiming the device is the industry's first power switch driver able to operate at extreme temperatures. The monolithic, isolated, intelligent power driver is targeted at motor drive, power conversion and high-voltage communication applications.

19th June 2012
X-REL Semiconductor launches new products: a Versatile Timers Family and a Power MOSFET Family.

Following the announcement of its XTRM products family (-60°C to +230°C) of high-temperature and extreme reliability electronics components, X-REL is proud to announce the availability of five new products belonging to two product families:

30th September 2011
X-REL Semiconductor launches XTRM: a new family of high-temp, extreme reliability electronics components

Following the announcement of the creation of French spin-off X-REL Semiconductor from EASii IC, X-REL introduces XTRM, its High-Reliability / High-Temperature product portfolio dedicated to fields such as Aeronautics & Space, Transportation & Automotive, Harsh Environments, Oil & Gas, Industrial and Geothermal.

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