Chipset reduces passive component count by 40%

30th April 2015
Siobhan O'Gorman

Designed to drive market availability of normally-on (JFET, MESFET) as well as normally-off (MOSFET) transistors, the XTR26020 chipset has been introduced by X-REL Semiconductor. This 2nd gen driver is 25% smaller than the XTR260010 chipset and reduces the quantity of required passive components by 40%. The device has led to a first-ever compact half bridge solution by X-REL.

The XTR26020 introduces a transistor source current sense approach while maintaining backtrack compatibility with transistor de-saturation measurement strategy. The chipset also retains the most successful features of the XTR26010 driver, including isolated communication protocol, high switching frequency, cross conduction prevention inherent mechanism, on-chip soft shut-down switch, and on-chip Miller clamp.

For ease of scaling-up in front of greater power FET gate size, the XTR25020 can be used as sidekick to the XTR26020. The XTR40010 in its XTR40012-S version brings an evolution of the isolated transceiver with a smaller footprint package.

The XTR26020 chipset can be associated with an Isolated Flyback DC/DC, built upon the XTR30017-FE or the XTR2N0825-FE, which are smaller footprint packaged versions of the respective XTR30010 and XTR2N0825 product lines.

Overall this chipset enables X-REL customers to create a complete half-bridge gate drive block with a dedicated power supply block in a 120x32x10mm mechanical size, using a six-layer PCB with active and passive components on one side (except FETs on the second side) for better thermal cooling efficiency.

This implementation demonstrates what can be achieved for intelligent power modules that require the minimisation of parasitic inductances and capacitances between the driver and the power switch, as well as the minimisation of the number of passive components to allow miniaturisation and increased reliability.

As with other X-REL Semiconductor products, the XTR26020 is able to reliably operate from -60 to well above +230°C, with an expected lifetime of about five years at +230°C. Being operational at high temperatures is mandatory in applications where the environment is at elevated temperature or where a power device makes the temperature increase inside the application casing. Additionally, all X-REL Semiconductor products can be used in applications running at lower temperatures (e.g. from 100 to 200°C) where extended lifetime is expected or where failing is not an option. For example, the expected lifetime of X-REL Semiconductor parts in a driver application operating at Tj=150°C is over 35 years.

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