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19th January 2022
180W AC/DC power supplies 2x3" open frame 2.4x3.6" encased

TRACO POWER announces their TPP 180 and TPI 180 series of 180W high efficiency, miniaturised AC/DC power supplies for medical and industrial applications.

9th December 2021
THM 60WI Series Delivers high power for your medical applications

The THM 60WI series is a range of medical 60 Watt DC/DC converters in a compact 2.3” x 1.45” plastic package and with wide 4:1 input voltage range. 

1st December 2021
60W medical approved DC-DC converters with ultra-wide 4:1 input range

TRACO POWER announces their THM 60WI Series of Quarter Brick DC-DC Converters with ultra-wide input ranges and safety approvals for both Medical and Industrial applications.

11th November 2021
Industrial DC-DC converters with 36~160 VDC Input

TRACO POWER has announced the new TEN-WIRH range of 3~40 watt high-reliability DC-DC converters in compact and fully encapsulated footprints with an ultra-wide, 4:1 input range of 36~160 VDC.

15th October 2021
100W DC-DC converter with 12:1 input range

TRACO POWER has announced the TEP 100UIR family of 100W DC/DC converters in a fully encapsulated, compact Quarter brick footprint with an ultra-wide 12:1 input range for harsh environments in railway and industrial applications.

27th September 2021
18 to 960W enclosed AC/DC supplies are for industrial use

Metal enclosed power supplies from Traco have a wide operating range and are designed for industrial applications.

2nd September 2021
Reinforced isolated DC/DC converters with 3000 VAC isolation voltage

The THR line comprises four series of DC/DC converters between 3W and 40W with reinforced isolation (3,000VAC). These regulated DC/DC converters come in either a DIP-24 or 2”x1” package and also feature increased resistance against shock and vibration according to EN 61373. The THR 3WI, THR 10WI and THR 20WI also have an internal input filter to comply with EN 55032 class A. Efficiencies up to 90% allow safe operation from –40&d...

26th August 2021
TRACO launch THR-WI series of DC/DC converters

TRACO POWER have announced their THR-WI series of 3/10/20/40W DC/DC converters with double/reinforced insulation providing up to 3,000 VAC Isolation. These products operate over a wide 4-1 input range with up to 90% efficiencies and operating temperatures from -40°C to +80°C (+105°C maximum case temperature).

30th July 2021
AC/DC power supplies with multiple mounting options

TRACO POWER  has announced its new TMW series of 24 and 36W power supplies that are IP68 rated and fully encapsulated with flexible options for PCB or chassis mounting for medical and industrial markets. The TMW Series were also designed for flush box-mounting to support IoT and home/building automation markets. All models are supported by a global safety approval package.

20th April 2021
Meeting the evolving demands of the global healthcare market

The healthcare market continues to evolve rapidly and applicable standards such as IEC 60601 are becoming increasingly stringent. The vital responsibility for ensuring compliance – and the ultimate safety of both patients and operators using their products – places significant demands on medical device manufacturers facing stiff commercial realities. Florian Haas, Traco Power, explains.

14th April 2021
POL switching regulators in efficient open frame design

The TSR 1.5E is a 1.5 Ampere step-down switching regulator series and a drop-in replacement for inefficient LM78xx linear regulators. This series comes in a compact SIP-3 open frame package and complements TRACOPOWER’s existing POL portfolio with a series focusing strongly on a cost efficient design while maintaining our quality standards.

26th March 2021
Power safety solutions in medical devices

One of the key safety concerns with respect to medical devices is, that the patient is often electrically connected to the medical device. Since a medical device must be absolutely safe for both, the patient and the operator, all electronics including components must meet strict requirements according to IEC/EN 60601-1.

3rd March 2021
THN 20WIR Series 20W DC/DC converter for railway

The THN 20WIR series is a family of ruggedized 20W DC/DC converters for highest reliability in harsh environments, expanding the company's existing railway range in the 1x1” package up to 20W. The THN 20WIR has a wide 4:1 input range and increased resistance against electromagnetic interference, shock/vibration and thermal shock and come in a compact six-side shielded 1x1” metal package.

27th January 2021
Stefan Schaffhauser takes over as Traco Power CEO

In keeping with a long-term succession plan, the previous CEO, Markus Dalla Monta, will retire as of July 2021, following a 35-year career at Traco Power. Stefan Schaffhauser will assume the CEO position with the beginning of the business year on April 1st, 2021. As of this date, he will lead the Traco Power Group together with the CFO, Adrian Berger.

19th January 2021
20W DC/DC converter for ruggedised applications

TRACO POWER has announced its new THN 20WIR series of 20W high-density DC/DC converters in the industry standard 1x1” footprint which has been qualified for railway and rugged industrial applications with EN 50155 and EN 61373 certifications and IEC /EN /UL 62368-1 approvals.

14th January 2021
TPP 450B power supply offering safety protection class II

Traco Power launched its TPP 450 series two years ago, and the series now offers a major expansion with Protection Class II models (TPP 450BA-M Open-Frame Models and TPP 450B-M Enclosed with Fan Models). These products are well suited for non-stationary requirements where connection to ground is not possible.

7th January 2021
Ultra-compact 12W DC/DC converters for industrial

The TEL 12 & TEL 12WI are two series of isolated 12W DC/DC converters which come in an ultra compact DIP-16 metal package. The design purpose of these series was to miniaturised low power DC/DC converters to the maximum without sacrificing high efficiency.

5th January 2021
12W DC/DC converters with twice the power density

The TEL 12 & TEL 12WI are isolated 12W DC/DC converters which come in the ultra-compact DIP-16 metal package measuring only 0.94 x 0.54 x 0.40”, reportedly doubling the power density compared to most 12W converters in DIP-24 package. These converters are an economical solution for space-critical and cost-sensitive applications in instrumentation, IT and industrial electronics.

15th December 2020
DC/DC converter and AC/DC power supplies launched

Last year, Traco Power has launched more than 40 new series of DC/DC converters and AC/DC power supplies - despite of the COVID-19 pandemic. Traco Power’s product range focuses on the four vertical markets, listed below.

23rd November 2020
TMR 4 Series DC/DC converter for industrial applications

The TMR 4 and TMR 4WI are a set of regulated four watt DC/DC converters with either 2:1 (TMR 4) or 4:1 (TMR 4WI) input voltage range. They come in a compact SIP-8 package featuring single and dual output models, I/O isolation voltage of 1600 VDC and protection against short-circuit and over load.

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