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9th May 2023
TRI 1 Series high-isolation 1W DC/DC converters

The new TRI 1 and TRI 1SM are a set of high isolation, regulated DC/DC converter series which come in a compact SIP-8 and SMD-14 package.

24th March 2023
150 and 200 Watt DC/DC converters with 12:1 input range

TRACO POWER announces its TEP 150UIR and TEP 200UIR families of 150 and 200 watt DC/DC converters with a 12:1 input range (14-160VDC) in a fully-encapsulated half brick package.

13th March 2023
Traco Power launches technical blog

For tenured engineers, power converter datasheets are easily consumed, and many of the technical concepts are well understood.

13th January 2023
240W UPS module

TRACO POWER announces its new TIB 240-124BCMU module that turns any existing AC/DC 24VDC power source into full-fledged uninterruptible power supply (UPS) system supporting up to 240W of power, optimally charging and protecting connected lead acid batteries.

10th January 2023
1 Watt DC-DC converter in DIP-8 package

TRACO POWER announced their new cost-efficient TDU 1 series of one watt un-regulated DC-DC converters with 1,500 VDC isolation in the ultra-miniature DIP-8 package.

5th December 2022
Four new families of DC-DC converters by TRACO power

TRACO POWER has announced the release of four new families of 15 watt high-density DC-DC converters in the DIP-16 footprint.

16th November 2022
Traco Power's DC/DC converters for e-mobility

Compact, highly efficient, reliable and, above all, robust DC/DC converters are required to meet the high demands of e-mobility applications.

3rd November 2022
DC/DC converter in DIP-16 package, doubling effective power density

TRACO POWER announces the release of four new families of 15W high-density DC/DC converters in the DIP-16 footprint.

30th August 2022
DIN rail-mounted power supplies by Traco

One of the regular and essential elements of any industrial installation is the power supply unit. Designers of such systems most often use power supplies that can be mounted on a DIN rail. This is mainly for two reasons – the professional nature of such constructions and the versatility of the DIN rail in electrical cabinets.

2nd August 2022
2-Watt Medical DC/DC Converter in SIP-9 Package

TRACO POWER announces their TRV 2M series of 2-Watt DC/DC in the compact SIP-9 package with reinforced isolation of 5000 VAC for medical and industrial applications.

8th March 2022
300 Watt 2 x 4” Power Supplies

TRACO POWER has announced their TPP 300 series of 300W high-density AC/DC power supplies available in open frame or fan-enclosed packages for a wide-range of Medical and Industrial applications where long-term reliability is critical and space is limited.

25th January 2022
AC/DC Power supplies for industrial and medical use

High power-density: 180 Watt in 3”x2” or 3.6”x2.44” package

19th January 2022
180W AC/DC power supplies 2x3" open frame 2.4x3.6" encased

TRACO POWER announces their TPP 180 and TPI 180 series of 180W high efficiency, miniaturised AC/DC power supplies for medical and industrial applications.

9th December 2021
THM 60WI Series Delivers high power for your medical applications

The THM 60WI series is a range of medical 60 Watt DC/DC converters in a compact 2.3” x 1.45” plastic package and with wide 4:1 input voltage range. 

1st December 2021
60W medical approved DC-DC converters with ultra-wide 4:1 input range

TRACO POWER announces their THM 60WI Series of Quarter Brick DC-DC Converters with ultra-wide input ranges and safety approvals for both Medical and Industrial applications.

11th November 2021
Industrial DC-DC converters with 36~160 VDC Input

TRACO POWER has announced the new TEN-WIRH range of 3~40 watt high-reliability DC-DC converters in compact and fully encapsulated footprints with an ultra-wide, 4:1 input range of 36~160 VDC.

15th October 2021
100W DC-DC converter with 12:1 input range

TRACO POWER has announced the TEP 100UIR family of 100W DC/DC converters in a fully encapsulated, compact Quarter brick footprint with an ultra-wide 12:1 input range for harsh environments in railway and industrial applications.

27th September 2021
18 to 960W enclosed AC/DC supplies are for industrial use

Metal enclosed power supplies from Traco have a wide operating range and are designed for industrial applications.

2nd September 2021
Reinforced isolated DC/DC converters with 3000 VAC isolation voltage

The THR line comprises four series of DC/DC converters between 3W and 40W with reinforced isolation (3,000VAC). These regulated DC/DC converters come in either a DIP-24 or 2”x1” package and also feature increased resistance against shock and vibration according to EN 61373. The THR 3WI, THR 10WI and THR 20WI also have an internal input filter to comply with EN 55032 class A. Efficiencies up to 90% allow safe operation from –40&d...

26th August 2021
TRACO launch THR-WI series of DC/DC converters

TRACO POWER have announced their THR-WI series of 3/10/20/40W DC/DC converters with double/reinforced insulation providing up to 3,000 VAC Isolation. These products operate over a wide 4-1 input range with up to 90% efficiencies and operating temperatures from -40°C to +80°C (+105°C maximum case temperature).

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