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8th January 2021
Integrated lighting solutions to improve experience

Signify and Honeywell have announced a strategic alliance to deploy integrated, smart lighting solutions for commercial buildings. Together, the companies aim to improve the occupant experience – focusing on productivity and wellbeing – and to reduce energy consumption.

4th January 2021
Signify provides the benefits of natural light indoors

Signify has realised its first NatureConnect installation in the Netherlands, a natural light indoors innovation inspired by nature to boost employee wellbeing and productivity. At Van Rennes Elektro & Installatietechniek, they realised the possibilities of NatureConnect and its contribution to a more productive and natural office environment. 

21st December 2020
Gran Canaria installs Interact City on main highway

Signify is transforming Gran Canaria’s most important highway, known as GC-1, into a smart highway with Interact City. The Cabildo (council) of Gran Canaria has upgraded the lighting system to LEDs that provide a 2700K colour temperature. This supports its main objective of preserving the outstanding conditions for viewing the night sky as required by the Canarian Observatories.

Alternative Energy
15th December 2020
Solar lighting innovations boost energy efficiency

Signify has installed solar luminaires on Leipsoi Island in Greece to protect the island’s environment while enhancing safety in places that were insufficiently illuminated before. This sustainable solar lighting solution was commissioned by Fotis Mangos, Mayor of the Municipality of Leipsoi.

14th December 2020
UV-C disinfection lighting brings additional safety

The last thing you need, is to worry about your health and safety during shopping. Unfortunately, amid the current pandemic this is all too much the reality for many grocery shoppers. Now, thanks to the installation of UV-C disinfection lighting from Signify, customers of EDEKA Clausen in Hamburg can rest assured that their retailer has their safety top of mind.

Alternative Energy
14th December 2020
Pan-European consortium for green energy deal

Signify, HEINEKEN, Nouryon and Philips have formed the first consortium to sign a Pan-European green energy deal securing additional renewable electricity for Europe. The four companies have a shared vision to further reduce CO2 emissions in support of the UN Paris Agreement and the European Green Deal objectives.

30th November 2020
Tackle COVID-19 with UV-C disinfection lighting

Signify has launched a broad portfolio of luminaires and devices with UV-C disinfection lighting for the professional market. Together with Boston University the company validated the effectiveness of UV-C light sources in inactivating SARS-CoV-2, the virus causing COVID-19.

19th November 2020
Colour Kinetic lighting in Guanyin Altar

Signify has completed the installation of Colour Kinetics luminaires and Luminous Textile panels in the ‘Guanyin Altar’ Buddhist temple on Mount Putuo in Zhejiang Province, China. It’s the first time Luminous Textile panels have been installed in a domed ceiling, creating a representation of skylight using dynamic colour lighting, dynamic video content, and music.

5th November 2020
Signify announces new Chief Executive Officer

Signify has announced the appointment of Stephen Rouatt as the new Chief Executive Officer for Signify UK and Ireland. He has been with Signify for almost five years, bringing more than 20 years of industry and professional services experience across a range of sectors to the CEO role.

24th September 2020
Strategic partnership to accelerate LiFi

Signify and EDZCOM, the Nordic specialist in edge connectivity, will join forces to introduce Trulifi by Signify, two-way wireless network connectivity through infrared and visible light, into industrial applications. The partnership will apply to Signify’s LiFi solutions, branded Trulifi, in the manufacturing industries.  

2nd September 2020
Signify and ScaleAQ partner for sustainable aquaculture

Signify and ScaleAQ have joined forces in a global strategic partnership for sustainable aquaculture solutions, to optimise feed conversion in the most efficient way and contribute to the food challenges the world is facing. Together the two companies will improve fish welfare, production and yield for fish farmers by providing an optimal light spectrum, light distribution and control system so farmers can customise the light recipes to thei...

27th August 2020
WiZ launches a new generation of smart lighting products

Signify has announced the official launch of the latest generation of the multi-protocol WiZ smart lighting system in Europe. WiZ offers a comprehensive range of affordable smart lights and accessories that are easy to set-up with Bluetooth and your existing WiFi network.

25th June 2020
Signify invests to broaden its UV-C lighting portfolio

Signify is increasing its UV-C lighting production capacity and expanding its UV-C product portfolio to address the growing global need for the disinfection of air, surfaces and objects.

19th June 2020
New Philips Hue bulbs, fixtures, and lights from Signify

Signify has announced several new and updated Philips Hue products, hoping to change customer cooking and dining experiences, enable customers to highlight specific objects, and make smart lighting even more accessible.

18th June 2020
Signify’s UV-C light sources tackle COVID-19 causes

Signify and the National Emerging Infectious Diseases Laboratories (NEIDL) at Boston University have conducted research that validates the effectiveness of Signify’s UV-C light sources on the inactivation of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19.

10th June 2020
Aquaculture fish light helps to optimise growth results

Signify has announced its latest innovation in aquaculture LED lighting. The company launched the new Philips Seacage 340W fish light which helps to optimise growth results for land- and marine-based cultivation of salmon and also shows proven results for other fast-growing fish species like seabass and seabream. The light distribution helps to prevent exposure to sea lice, reducing treatment up to 50%.

5th June 2020
Signify aims to be packaging plastic-free in 2021

Signify has announced that it is actively striving for a reduction of the environmental impact of its products. As part of its packaging policy, Signify already uses 80% recycled paper for its packaging and will now start phasing out all plastics from packaging for consumer-related products with the aim to be plastic-free in 2021.

2nd June 2020
Report rates Signify as leader in smart street lighting

Signify has been rated as the global leader in smart street lighting by Guidehouse Insights (formerly Navigant Research). The report places Signify as first, both in strategy and execution, a position that the company has held since 2018.

26th May 2020
Signify appoints Francisco Javier van Engelen Sousa as CFO

Signify has announced the appointment of Francisco Javier van Engelen Sousa as Chief Financial Officer, effective June 15th, 2020. Javier will succeed René van Schooten, who currently holds the position on an interim basis.

20th May 2020
NatureConnect brings benefits of natural light indoors

Signify has introduced NatureConnect, a lighting innovation inspired by nature to make people feel happier and healthier. The system is built on proven biophilic design principles, which use elements of nature in interior spaces to create healthy, engaging and inspiring environments.

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