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31st March 2020
Office wellbeing enhanced with IoT sensor bundles

Employee discomfort, ill health and reduced performance can be linked to a poor-quality office environment, IoT sensor bundles can help to prevent this. Good quality lighting can already help to increase employee productivity up to 23%. Apart from lighting, there are other environmental elements that impact employee health and wellbeing.

27th March 2020
Sensor ready LED driver portfolio with new D4i standard

Signify has upgraded its portfolio of compact Philips Xitanium Sensor Ready Xtreme LED drivers for outdoor applications with the recently granted D4i certification. This joint certification programme is designed to deliver standardisation in the market, drive wider adoption of IoT connectivity in lighting and aid smart city or building projects.

19th March 2020
Connected lighting brings Cologne closer to a smart city

Connected lighting supplied by Signify is helping the city of Cologne, Germany, to become a smart city by connecting all of the city’s 85,000 light points to its Interact City lighting management system.

10th March 2020
Raising bar for wellbeing with IoT sensor bundles

Employee discomfort, ill health and reduced performance can be linked to a poor-quality office environment. Good quality lighting can already help to increase employee productivity up to 23%. Apart from lighting, there are other environmental elements that impact employee health and wellbeing that the new IoT sensor bundle can help to solve.

9th March 2020
Signify completes acquisition of Cooper Lighting

Signify has completed the acquisition of Cooper Lighting Solutions from Eaton. The transaction strengthens Signify’s market position and better positions the company to capture growth in the North American lighting market. 

28th February 2020
Illuminated view at the world’s largest cricket stadium

Signify has announced that it is providing cricket fans in India with an illuminated view on the nation’s favourite sport as it lights the Sardar Patel Stadium (commonly known as Motera Stadium), the world’s largest cricket stadium located in Ahmedabad, in association with Larsen & Toubro.

26th February 2020
Luminaires bring circularity to the streets

Signify has announced that it is launching two street luminaires that meet the requirements of a circular economy, are easy to install and maintain and can be connected to City Management Systems such as Interact City. Signify is developing products, systems and services for a circular economy to meet the increasing demand for sustainable technologies.

20th February 2020
Cloud based multisite lighting system

Signify has announced at EuroShop its latest step in the Retail IoT space through the launch of Interact Retail multisite management – a cloud-based, multisite lighting system designed for multiple stores and retail distribution centres. Signify’s Interact Retail multisite management connected lighting system has been vetted by leading UK retailer Marks & Spencer (M&S).

Alternative Energy
3rd February 2020
Connected management system saves energy in hotels

The hotel industry faces the challenge to reduce its carbon emissions by 66% by 2030 and 90% by 2050 to stay within the 2°C threshold agreed at COP21, a United Nations Climate Change initiative. Commissioned by Signify, a study by Cundall shows that for mid-scale and luxury hotels, using Interact Hospitality can deliver significant energy savings without compromising on quality and guest comfort.

21st January 2020
Realising sustainability goals through LED upgrades

Signify has announced that it is helping the city of Davos to achieve its sustainability goals by upgrading both Davos’ streetlights as the lighting of the city’s Congress Centre to high-quality energy-efficient LEDs. Davos will host business and political leaders from around the world during the World Economic Forum.

10th December 2019
3D printed professional luminaires for a circular economy

Signify has unveiled its facilities to 3D print light shades and fittings (luminaires) in the Netherlands and plans to establish 3D printing factories in the US, India and Indonesia. This highly flexible, more sustainable form of manufacturing uses a 100% recyclable polycarbonate material, which allows luminaires to be tailored to customer’s exact needs and recycled at the end of their life, supporting a circular economy.

27th November 2019
LED lighting for sustainable marine-based fish farming

Signify has been chosen as the main provider of underwater LED lighting for the marine-based fish farms of Australis Seafoods in Chile. Australis chose Signify because of its commitment to a sustainable world, strongly supporting Australis’ objectives for responsible and efficient fish farming. 

20th November 2019
Blowing a fresh breeze of renewable energy into operations

For the next ten years, Signify will purchase renewable energy for its operations in Poland from the Green Investment Group’s (GIG’s) Kisielice onshore wind farm. Kisielice wind farm is a 42-megawatt (MW) project located 200 kilometres north of Warsaw and was acquired by GIG in August.

12th November 2019
Key trends to reshape the telecoms industry in 2020

Delivering a technology outlook for 2020 might prove to be more difficult. What we do know with reasonable certainty is that Moore’s Law is still relevant with the speed and capabilities of computers continuing to double every few years. However, many futurists in the telecoms industry now believe that Moore’s Law will reach its limits in 2020 as chipmakers hit serious physical limitations.

23rd September 2019
Sustainability accelerated needed for a carbon-neutral world

“Another year of record heat waves, fires in the Amazon and Siberia, and the ice caps at their smallest for centuries. The time for debate is over – now it’s time to take urgent action,” said Eric Rondolat, CEO of Signify, who will speak during the opening ceremony of Climate Week New York City.

19th September 2019
Spotlight shines on Japan as the Rugby World Cup nears kick-off

Signify is playing a key role in the build up to the 2019 Rugby World Cup, after installing LED lighting in Kobe Misaki stadium, Japan, one of the stadiums being used for the tournament which takes place from 20th September 20 to 2nd November.

16th September 2019
HSV becomes world’s first football club to use LiFi

Journalists in the press centre at the Volkspark stadium, home to Hamburg football club HSV Fußball, are the first to file their stories using an innovative new means of wireless communication. This is because Signify has installed LiFi in the stadium press centre.

9th September 2019
Smart bulbs and buttons for efficient lighting

Signify has unveiled a suite of new bulbs and smart accessories from smart lighting brand Philips Hue at a special event during IFA, including filament bulbs, smart plugs, smart buttons and more, to help bring connected lighting to all homes.

21st August 2019
Improving harvest efficiency through LED lighting

Signify has partnered with AppHarvest to help the company increase efficiency and boost yields using significantly fewer resources in their 25 hectare greenhouse. The greenhouse will be fitted with a hybrid LED lighting system, utilising Signify’s Philips GreenPower LED toplighting compact and Agrolux high pressure sodium lighting.

19th August 2019
Cost savings by upgrading streetlights to LEDs

Belo Horizonte, one of Brazil’s largest cities, is realising 50% electricity cost savings by upgrading 182,000 streetlights with new LEDs from Signify. The upgrade is part of Brazil's first major public lighting public-private partnership between Belo Horizonte Iluminaçao Publica (BHIP) and Signify. The new LED lights also improve the safety of the citizens on the streets of Belo Horizonte. 

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