Signify launches new Philips StoreFlow retail lighting

27th February 2023
Kristian McCann

Signify will launch new luminaires and IoT-based lighting management at the EuroShop 2023 retail trade fair designed to support the retail sector in its transition to a more sustainable, energy efficient and connected future.

Reimagining the shopping aisle

Signify's new Philips StoreFlow - the first ever retail luminaire with a housing made of more than 68% bio-based plasticsi - is a special focus at EuroShop, which runs from February 26th to March 2nd in Düsseldorf, Germany. StoreFlow is the first Philips luminaire that provides high-contrast lighting, offering a new shopping aisle experience with focus on products and a lively atmosphere. As well as exceptional lighting quality, the solution has excellent efficiency and intuitive functions that give retailers a high degree of flexibility in illuminating their aisles.

"Eye comfort and product visibility are key to the shopper experience. That's why shelves are lit the brightest at eye level and have a very smooth vertical gradient, while maintaining good illumination from the top of the shelf to the bottom," says Marleen Verhagen, Cluster Product Manager at Signify.

Rethinking modern lighting management

With electricity prices high, retailers are looking for advanced lighting management systems to lower their operational costs. At its EuroShop booth, Signify will present the first hybrid lighting control system, allowing retailers to mix and match from its extensive portfolio of wired and wireless controllable LED luminaires. This enables retailers to harness up to 40% energy savings with the Interact system, regardless of their existing lighting infrastructure. Stores with simple on/off light switches will be able to switch to a dimmable concept more easily than ever before.

In addition, Signify will introduce the energy dashboard of its Interact Multisite management system. This gives retailers real-time and historic insights into the electricity consumption of the lighting and other verticals in the store (such as refrigeration, ovens, and HVAC). At one glance, the system provides an overview of all connected stores, as well as enabling deep dives into individual stores.

Stylish design and sustainable creation go hand in hand

Using waste materials to manufacture recycled luminaires is one way Signify contributes to a circular economy. At EuroShop, the company will launch the Philips MS Projector, MS Pendant & Surface-mounted and GreenSpace Perfect Fit downlights with a housing made of 65% post-industrial recycled materials, and showcase the Coastal Breeze Collection made from 100% recycled fishing nets.

"Our ambition is to use at least 55% recycled or mass balanced bio-circular waste or residues for all our printed parts by 2024," says Riemer Adema, Head of 3D Product Management at Signify. "This decreases the use of fossil fuels and helps to preserve precious resources."

Signify will showcase its capability to 3D print luminaires with complex textures. This is exemplified by the A Touch of Archery (AToA) luminaire, developed in close collaboration with Landini Associates for McDonald's to give the chain's restaurants a unique look. The luminaire has a special texture that was impossible to deliver with traditional manufacturing techniques. 3D printing with texture gave the desired result, combining sustainability with maximum design flexibility.

EuroShop 2023 visitors can find Signify at booth B40 in Hall 9. In line with Signify's sustainability goals, the booth is modular and uses reused and recycled materials where possible. Over 80% of the construction materials are intended for re-use.

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