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18th January 2022
Philips UV-C devices provide schools in Munich further protection

Signify is equipping a number of schools in Munich with 7,500 Philips UV-C air disinfection devices, providing schoolchildren, teachers and other staff with an additional layer of protection against viruses and germs.

16th September 2021
LEDs to enhance road safety and improve driving experience

Signify is aiming to enhance road safety and improve the driving experience in Stockholm’s E4 Bypass tunnel, connecting the northern and southern parts of Stockholm County. Of the road’s 21km, more than 18km will be in a tunnel, making it one of the longest road tunnels in Europe, and one of Sweden's largest and most prestigious infrastructure projects to date.  

7th July 2021
How UV-C is helping Dutch theatres to reopen

Signify has announced that it is helping theatre goers in the Netherlands to again do what they love most: view top performances in some of the nation’s most renowned theatres. Signify is equipping Royal Theater Carré in the centre of Amsterdam and Theater De Ruchte in Someren with almost 100 Philips UV-C disinfection upper air luminaires.

8th June 2021
Upgraded lighting boosts European football stadiums

Signify has upgraded the lighting of six of Europe’s top stadiums, on time for the kick-off of Europe’s biggest international football tournament. Switching from conventional lighting to connected LED lighting offers a superior match experience for players and spectators in the stadiums, and for TV viewers at home.

4th June 2021
Signify launches new and future-ready Philips Hue app

Signify has enhanced the user experience of millions of Philips Hue users around the globe as it launches the fourth generation of the Philips Hue app. Rebuilt from the ground up, the all-new Philips Hue app has been designed as the foundation for the future of smart lighting.

14th May 2021
The future of smart lighting connectivity

Signify has announced WiZ as one of the first smart lighting players of which all new products will be Matter-upgradable. Matter, a new open-source industry-unifying technology that enables smart home devices to interact seamlessly, was announced by the Connectivity Standards Alliance on May 11th. WiZ’s Matter-upgradable new products will hit the shelves from September 2021.

13th May 2021
LED grow lights help vertical farming

More than 70% of the fruit and vegetables consumed in Sweden today are imported by truck, ship or plane from other countries. With the aim of making food production more sustainable, Swedish vertical farmer and salad producer Ljusgårda, plans to increase its production 20-fold.

30th April 2021
Easy to install TrueForce LED highbay lamps launched

Signify has introduced its new Philips TrueForce LED highbay universal lamps that are easy to install, save energy with low initial investment and are particularly suitable for industrial use, in warehouses, and retail areas. As such, LEDs can have a meaningful contribution to the European Green Deal and accelerate the adoption of more sustainable technologies.

9th March 2021
UV-C lighting disinfecting the air validated

Signify and Innovative Bioanalysis, have conducted research that validates the effectiveness of UV-C lighting disinfection upper air luminaires on the inactivation of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. The UV-C disinfection upper air luminaires inactivated 99.99% of SARS-CoV-2 in the air of a room within 10 minutes, and the virus was below detectable levels at 20 minutes.

23rd February 2021
Brighter Lives, Better World 2020 sustainability program

Signify has successfully completed its Brighter Lives, Better World 2020 sustainability program, outperforming on most of the ambitious commitments set when launching the program in 2016. In 2020, the company achieved carbon neutrality for all of its operations across the world and use 100% renewable electricity.

17th February 2021
UV-C disinfection lighting safeguards players

Signify has announced that it is supporting a safe future for stadium sports by installing UV-C disinfection lighting at The Stoop, home of English Gallagher Premiership Rugby Union Club Harlequins. Signify’s UV-C Partner Powercor has installed 11 UV-C disinfection upper air units in the Honours Bar.

15th February 2021
LED lighting helps accelerate eco-friendly fish growth

Signify has supplied Kingfish Company with Philips Aquaculture photoperiodic LED lighting products to optimise fish growth and feed conversion at the world’s first sustainable land-grown aquaculture facility for Yellowtail fish. The lights provide effective and energy-efficient lighting for the large tanks and allows Kingfish to achieve as much as 30% higher production than designed for.

8th January 2021
Integrated lighting solutions to improve experience

Signify and Honeywell have announced a strategic alliance to deploy integrated, smart lighting solutions for commercial buildings. Together, the companies aim to improve the occupant experience – focusing on productivity and wellbeing – and to reduce energy consumption.

4th January 2021
Signify provides the benefits of natural light indoors

Signify has realised its first NatureConnect installation in the Netherlands, a natural light indoors innovation inspired by nature to boost employee wellbeing and productivity. At Van Rennes Elektro & Installatietechniek, they realised the possibilities of NatureConnect and its contribution to a more productive and natural office environment. 

21st December 2020
Gran Canaria installs Interact City on main highway

Signify is transforming Gran Canaria’s most important highway, known as GC-1, into a smart highway with Interact City. The Cabildo (council) of Gran Canaria has upgraded the lighting system to LEDs that provide a 2700K colour temperature. This supports its main objective of preserving the outstanding conditions for viewing the night sky as required by the Canarian Observatories.

Alternative Energy
15th December 2020
Solar lighting innovations boost energy efficiency

Signify has installed solar luminaires on Leipsoi Island in Greece to protect the island’s environment while enhancing safety in places that were insufficiently illuminated before. This sustainable solar lighting solution was commissioned by Fotis Mangos, Mayor of the Municipality of Leipsoi.

14th December 2020
UV-C disinfection lighting brings additional safety

The last thing you need, is to worry about your health and safety during shopping. Unfortunately, amid the current pandemic this is all too much the reality for many grocery shoppers. Now, thanks to the installation of UV-C disinfection lighting from Signify, customers of EDEKA Clausen in Hamburg can rest assured that their retailer has their safety top of mind.

Alternative Energy
14th December 2020
Pan-European consortium for green energy deal

Signify, HEINEKEN, Nouryon and Philips have formed the first consortium to sign a Pan-European green energy deal securing additional renewable electricity for Europe. The four companies have a shared vision to further reduce CO2 emissions in support of the UN Paris Agreement and the European Green Deal objectives.

30th November 2020
Tackle COVID-19 with UV-C disinfection lighting

Signify has launched a broad portfolio of luminaires and devices with UV-C disinfection lighting for the professional market. Together with Boston University the company validated the effectiveness of UV-C light sources in inactivating SARS-CoV-2, the virus causing COVID-19.

19th November 2020
Colour Kinetic lighting in Guanyin Altar

Signify has completed the installation of Colour Kinetics luminaires and Luminous Textile panels in the ‘Guanyin Altar’ Buddhist temple on Mount Putuo in Zhejiang Province, China. It’s the first time Luminous Textile panels have been installed in a domed ceiling, creating a representation of skylight using dynamic colour lighting, dynamic video content, and music.

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