Philips LED outdoor lights: energy efficient and reliable in every season

7th June 2023
Sheryl Miles

Signify, the global specialist in lighting, offers new energy-efficient Philips LED outdoor lights designed to perform in changing weather conditions while addressing the need to reduce energy consumption.

The new spotlights, wall lights, pedestals, and spots for gardens and other outdoor spaces can withstand high temperatures and sun exposure, as well as heavy rain. The lasting quality and brightness allow you to enjoy the outdoors year-round, while the LED lights and built-in UltraEfficient solar technologies help reduce energy consumption and cost of living.

Whether your garden is blanketed in snow or you are basking in the sun, to enjoy your outdoor space year-round, Philips LED outdoor lights are designed to perform in a wide variety of weather conditions. The solar lights maintain their brightness even during winter.

Whether the season is gloomy or sunlit, the lights are built to withstand extreme temperatures as low as –20°C and as high as 40°C. They resist high sun and UV exposure as well as heavy rain and weather humidity up to 85%, without leading to corrosion or rust.

Rising energy costs have influenced the cost of living. The new Philips LED outdoor lights include UltraEfficient LED or Solar technology to reduce energy consumption. With a lifespan up to 50,000 hours they allow you to enjoy reliable and energy-efficient outdoor lighting in your garden, balcony, patio or driveway.

Philips LED UltraEfficient Arbour wall lights, pedestals, and posts provide warm white light for your outdoor space throughout the year, no matter the season. Compared to standard LED lights, they save 50% of energy due to their A-class LEDs.

Philips LED UltraEfficient Solar Tyla wall lights and pedestals are solar-powered and offer two levels of brightness that can automatically be activated by the built-in sensor. Enjoy the garden on a cozy summer evening with beautifully dimmed light, or let bright light help you navigate the darker days when entering or leaving the home. The power-reserve mode can be used so the lights only activate when motion is detected. The UltraEfficient Solar Tyla lights require no grid energy due to the built-in solar technology.

Philips LED GardenLink Low Voltage system consists of spotlights, pedestals, and accessories that offer bright light to illuminate your favourite outdoor spots and are designed to withstand the weather. The plug-and-connect feature makes it easy to install the lights within a few seconds wherever needed. Additionally, the Dusk-to-Dawn sensor offers a timer control with four modes, which can be used to automatically switch the light on or off during certain times of the day.

"At Philips LED, we strive to meet the needs of consumers. Research has shown us weather resistance and durability are considered the key factors for outdoor lights. With changing weather patterns, we understand this is more important than ever. Philips LED outdoor lights stand out as they are designed and proven to perform in a wide variety of conditions,” says Michael Rombouts, Business Unit Leader LED Lamps and Luminaires at Signify.

“Additionally, the cost of living has gone up in the past year and outdoor spaces also offer opportunities for consumers to save energy – supporting the environment and the cost of living challenge."

The Philips LED Outdoor UltraEfficient Arbour (3000K, 3.8W, 800 lumen), Philips LED Outdoor UltraEfficient Solar Tyla (3000/4000K, 0.2/1.2w, 55/255 lumen), and Philips LED Outdoor GardenLink Low Voltage (2700K, 6W, 600 lumen) are available now.


Tests that have been performed: 1000hrs UV exposure with no yellowing or breakage; 500 hours of salt spray test and chemical solvate test to withstand corrosion and rust; extreme condition testing (85 degree with 85% humidity) for extreme weather condition withstand; waterproof testing at time 0 (out of factory) and after lifetime to ensure IP commitment during lifetime.

Comparing the Philips UltraEfficient luminaire with the Philips LED Bustan luminaire. The Philips UltraEfficient luminaire uses at least 50% less energy and offers 50,000hrs lifetime.

Compared to the Philips Dusk Solar luminaire, the Philips Ultra Efficient Solar Tyla lasts 500% longer when the solar battery is fully charged.


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