Motion detection turns lights on and off without sensors

16th September 2022
Kiera Sowery

Signify introduces an app, features and products for its WiZ smart lighting systemto enhance users’ daily convenience. 

The offerings include SpaceSense, a motion detection technology for your lighting system that doesn’t require any sensor to be installed.The WiZ app V2 andthe SpaceSense feature are available from end of September 2022.


TheSpaceSense feature isa never-seen-before innovation in the consumer lighting industry developed by WiZ.Ituses Wi-Fi signals that are already present in the room to detect motion– without the need of dedicated sensors and batteries. Wi-Fi signals are slightly disturbed when people move around in a room, like a ripple in a swimming pool. By measuring the small deviations in signal strength caused by those disturbances, the WiZ lights can determine if there is an object moving in the room.

The detection is omnidirectional and doesn't require line of sight during installation, like in the case for a traditional motion sensor. The sensitivity of the system can be adjusted, for example, to prevent your pets from turning the lights on and off while running in and out of the room. You simply install at least two lightsper room and connect them with the WiZ app V2. The new feature is completely opt-in so all WiZ users can decide themselves whether they would like to make use of it or not.

Danny Lousberg, Head of Software Product Management of WiZ said: "For many users the need for extra hardware to enable motion detection in their system felt complex, expensive and cumbersome. Now, for the first time ever, SpaceSense™ takes those hurdles away, opening up automations and other smart lighting advanced benefits to everyone."

Take lighting into your own hands

Next to SpaceSense, the WiZ app V2 is full of other surprises and offers exciting new featuresplus smoother interactions.The brand-new user interface makesfor an even more intuitive experienceto make people's everyday life easier.The Quick Action featureallows you tocontrol your personalized lighting choices faster,independently from other users in your home, while the Light Scene feature lets your creativity come to life by creating a specific Scene for any room. You can tweak light settings as desired, create a new Scene,and initiate itwithin the app or with Siri voice controlfor an instant change in atmosphere.

A more comfortable, caring and joyful home

In addition to the various new features, WiZ introduces a range of new types of lamps and luminaires.

The battery powered Mobile Portable lampcan be usedto light up any place inside or outside your home for the ultimate cozy feeling. It has a dual-zone design that creates a beautiful gradient color effect with dynamic light modes, allowing you to create a personal ambiance. In addition to smart control with app or voice, the lamp features a touch panel for quick control: set the mood with on/off button, pre-set modes and dimming features.

When you feel like painting every corner with colors, the Pole floor light creates the desired feel with wide-angle wall-wash effects. Remove its foot and place it horizontally under your couch or behind your TV for the perfect movie night. It also comes with dual light zone design for you to mix a unique lighting experiences and take your creativity to next level.

Another addition to the WiZ table and floor lamp family is the Bar Linear Light. This slim bar radiates plenty of colors and is easy to fit in small spaces. This light adds playfulness to any space in the house – be it highlighting home décor or a display cabinet or bookshelf.

The newPanel Ceilingfits any interior style. Depending on your needs, the WiZ Panels are available in three different sizes and shapes. Set the right ambiance to transition from work to rest with tunable cool to warm white light and adjustable brightness. On top of being easy to install, this new LED panel ensures uniform light distribution for the comfort of your eye.

WiZ is also moving outside of the home,with its first outdoor luminaire, the multicolor String Light.It is completely waterproof and weatherproof, so you can light up your garden or balcony in just a month from now with 16 million color options. Simply applytheDynamic Light modein the WiZappfor personalizing your festive lighting. The String Light’s 12 LED bulbs will randomly light up multiple colors based on the chosen light mode, creating the perfect atmosphere for you to gather with your family and friends, whether it’s a party, Halloween or Christmas.

The latest new accessory, the Smart Button, lets you control lights with just one click of a button. Like other WiZ control accessories, the Portable Button sends wireless commands directly to your lights without going through your Wi-Fi router, so it works even when your Wi-Fi is down. Just stick it on the wall with the included wall plate, or any metal surface such as your fridge, as it comes with a magnet embedded in the back. It controls all WiZ and Connected by WiZ lights.

Maikel Klomp, Business Leader of WiZ said: "At WiZ, we are on a mission to make smart lighting more accessible and meaningful in daily life. A ground-breaking feature like SpaceSense is yet another major step in bringing this mission to life.”

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