Enhance outdoor areas with Philips' new ultra efficient solar lights

6th November 2023
Paige West

Signify presents the Philips Radii, a new line of auto-linkable and Ultra Efficient solar lights. These lights connect automatically, ensuring simultaneous illumination upon motion detection.

The Ultra Efficient solar technology empowers these lights to deliver bright, reliable lighting for up to six consecutive nights with just a single charge from the sun.

The Philips Radii range includes pedestal and wall lights, ideal for gardens and various outdoor settings. They guarantee consistent performance regardless of weather conditions.

Seamless integration for a secure and inviting outdoor space

Philips' auto-linkable technology ensures a unified operation, allowing the lights to activate in unison when motion is detected. This feature creates a secure and inviting atmosphere around your home. The lights offer a dual-brightness feature, providing a soft, ambient glow that intensifies upon motion, ensuring safety and comfort through the night.

Solar-powered efficiency for year-round lighting

Signify's Ultra Efficient solar technology ensures dependable lighting in all seasons. Laboratory tests by Signify have demonstrated that these lights can last a minimum of 40 hours on a full charge. Being fully solar-powered, these lights eliminate the need for electrical expenses, further enhancing their appeal.

Durability and performance across varying climates

Designed for durability, Philips Radii Ultra Efficient solar lights are built to withstand diverse weather conditions, from extreme cold of -20°C to scorching heats of 40°C. Resistant to intense sunlight, UV rays, and heavy rain, they are crafted to prevent corrosion and rust. With an impressive lifespan of up to 50,000 hours and a five-year warranty, these lights are a long-term lighting solution for any outdoor space.

Michael Rombouts, Business Unit Leader LED Lamps and Luminaires at Signify: "At Philips LED, our commitment is to continuous innovation for superior consumer products. The Philips Radii auto-linkable Ultra Efficient solar lights exemplify this, offering ease of use with automatic activation for a sense of security and warmth. We are excited for our consumers to experience these latest additions to our Ultra Efficient range and anticipate further solar innovations in the near future."

Product availability

The Philips Radii auto-linkable Ultra Efficient solar lights will be available from January 2024 in the EU, priced at €99.99 for the pedestal light and €89.99 for the wall light.

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