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14th April 2021
Longer distance optical sensor for touchless control

OMRON Electronic Components Europe has announced a new addition to the B5W series of optical sensors. The new B5W-DB diffuse reflector sensor has a longer sensing distance of 550mm, longer than light convergent resistance sensors of the same size making it well suited for COVID safe user interfaces.

25th February 2021
OMRON launches next generation i4L SCARA robot series

OMRON’s new i4L SCARA is a compact robot which offers strong performance at the lowest total cost of ownership. The i4L delivers quality along with scalability, preventative maintenance, and integration flexibility well above its class.

10th February 2021
G3VM – PSON MOSFET relay has high current capacity

OMRON Electronic Components Europe has launched the G3VM – PSON, a compact MOSFET relay with high current capacity for industrial and test applications. With a high continuous load current, low leakage and small packing, the new relay lends itself to exciting applications in data loggers, communication devices and test equipment.

18th December 2020
OMRON releases E3AS-HL CMOS laser sensor

OMRON has launched a new E3AS-HL CMOS Laser Sensor with sensing technology that significantly improves detection capability. Reliable detection of difficult-to-detect targets helps eliminate the need for time-consuming installation design and adjustment at equipment commissioning.

3rd December 2020
Compact 500VDC power relay for charging circuits

OMRON Electronic Components Europe has announced a highly compact 500VDC power relay aimed at the pre-charge circuits in electric vehicle chargers, battery back-up systems for solar panels and other high current DC applications.

5th November 2020
OMRON supports USB-C device test with long-lasting socket

OMRON Electronics Components Europe has announced that it is supporting the roll-out of consumer electronics based on the USB-C type of I/O connector with the release of a new long-life, easy to use inspection and test socket.

12th October 2020
OMRON integrated controller for fully automated robotic production

OMRON has announced the launch of a ‘Robotic Integrated Controller’, the new NJ501-R, based on OMRON’s NJ series of machine controllers for industrial automation. With the integrated controller, it is possible to automate advanced and complex manual work and simulate the design and modification of production facilities in a virtual environment, and conduct maintenance remotely.

9th October 2020
OMRON launches flexible 3D time-of-flight sensor module

OMRON Electronic Components Europe has unveiled a new precision time-of-flight ranging sensor that delivers a convenient, modular solution offering positioning, autonomous-guidance, and proximity sensing for a wide range of applications.

Artificial Intelligence
9th October 2020
FH series vision system with AI defect detection

OMRON has announced the global release of its new FH Series Vision system with defect detection AI technology that identifies defects without learning samples. This artificial intelligence technology, which reproduces human sensibility and the techniques of skilled inspectors, reliably detects defects that were once difficult to capture, automating human vision-based visual inspection.

30th September 2020
Omron optical sensors in a touch-free post-COVID world

Omron has announced that it is supporting the safe reopening of spaces after lockdown with a wide range of optical sensors. These components can form a vital part of an effective infection control regime within buildings, rooms and even crowd-controlled spaces by monitoring body temperature measurement, counting the density of people in an area and reducing the need to touch surfaces.

23rd July 2020
OMRON HD-1500 mobile robot with 1,500kg payload capacity

OMRON has announced the launch of the HD-1500, the strongest and newest addition to the company’s series of mobile robots. The new HD-1500 boasts a heavy payload capacity of up to 1,500kg.

16th June 2020
Robots speed up the production of COVID-19 tests

In the fight against the coronavirus, speed and close co-operation are required. This is why Senova, a German developer and manufacturer of rapid COVID-19 test systems for biomarkers, viruses and microorganisms, decided to use the robotics expertise of Omron to enhance its production process.

8th June 2020
Omron appoints Easby to support MEMS sensor portfolio

Omron Electronic Components Europe has announced that it has expanded its UK distribution network with the appointment of Easby Electronics. Easby will focus especially on Omron’s innovative sensor solutions in support of its strategy to develop a portfolio of IoT building blocks.

29th April 2020
Nexmosphere incorporates human vision sensor to signage

Omron Electronic Components has announced its Human Vision Sensor aimed at retailers. The Nexmosphere X-Eye Gender sensor captures age and gender for those standing in front of interactive displays and digital signage, allowing content to be tuned appropriately whilst complying fully with GDPR regulations

24th February 2020
MOSFET relay minimises leakage for maximum test accuracy

In a world first for semiconductor and other test equipment, Omron Electronic Components Europe has created a MOSFET relay module that minimises leakage current. With a T- circuit structure, the Omron G3VM-21MT offers an exceptionally low leakage current of just 1pA (pico-Amp) or less, giving accurate measurements in all types of test equipment.

20th February 2020
Environmental sensors at IoT Tech Expo Global

Omron Electronic Components Europe has announced that it is demonstrating new MEMS based sensor solutions for building automation and other environmental monitoring applications at the IoT Tech Expo Global (Stand 397). Centrepiece of the stand will be the recently launched wide angle 32x32 element version of the Omron D6T MEMS Thermal Sensor, offering the widest field of view that Omron has ever delivered.

20th January 2020
High power relay features low heat generation

Omron Electronics Components Europe has announced that it is moving into the high power relay market with the launch of a new 100A device featuring low heat generation due to an ultra-low contact resistance. The new Omron G7EB is aimed at distribution power conditioning systems (PCS) as well as test equipment such as semiconductor testers.

5th December 2019
Evaluation board fast tracks IoT sensor system development

A new Sensor Evaluation Board from Omron Electronic Components Europe has been announced, which aims to give developers working on sensor systems for the IoT a fast track to a ‘proof of concept’ prototype hosted on Raspberry Pi, Arduino or Adafruit Feather.

22nd November 2019
Optical sensors with longer range and enhanced performance

Omron Electronic Components has announced a new series of optical sensors, featuring a longer detection distance. Omron B5W sensors are particularly effective at identifying black, transparent, reflective and other hard to detect services, and the new range also features enhanced performance in this area.

13th November 2019
OMRON Automotive becomes part of the Nidec Group

OMRON Automotive Electronics has become part of the Nidec group under the new name Nidec Mobility. Moving forward, the company will work closely with Nidec’s automotive motor business unit to develop new modules and systems that combine the motors, pumps and gears of the Nidec group with the electronic control units, and other electronic components, of Nidec Mobility.

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