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3rd November 2018
Omron releases USB multi-function Environmental Sensor for the IoT

Omron announced a USB version of its multi-function Environmental Sensor that quickly allows designers to monitor seven parameters.

25th October 2018
New Small Size PCB Power Relay boasting High Switching Capacity of 32A

Omron new miniature, high switching capacity PCB Power Relay.  The G6QE has been developed for a high switching capacity of 32A in a small size package.

10th October 2018
USB multi-function environmental sensor for the IoT

A USB version of its multi-function Environmental Sensor that allows designers to monitor seven parameters, has been announced by Omron. Like the previously available Omron 2JCIE-BL01 Sensor, the new 2JCIE-BU01 offers multiple sensors in one unit that has built-in memory and connectivity through beacon communication.

5th October 2018
IoT processing control sensors for industrial processes

New Flow sensors E8FC and Pressure sensors E8PC from Omron bring a new generation of innovative solutions for controlling industrial processes that use different fluids and gases. Based on a unique technology, these new sensors perform double monitoring of the main parameters of flow or pressure.

Test & Measurement
30th August 2018
Blood pressure monitor for obese people

At the European Society of Cardiology Congress, OMRON Healthcare revealed data for the new OMRON RS7 Intelli IT, its first automatic wrist blood pressure monitor clinically validated for use in obese patients, which will be launched later this year. According to the protocol set by the European Society of Hypertension, study results from the at-home OMRON RS7 Intelli IT demonstrated accurate measurements equivalent to tho...

29th August 2018
Power latching relay range expanded with connectivity options

Omron Electronic Components has expanded its range of high performance AC latching power relays with new connectivity options meeting a wider range of applications including EV charge stations, PV inverters and lighting control as well as smart metering. The Omron G9TA and G9TB relays provide a solution for switching currents up to 60A and 120A respectively.

27th July 2018
Hermes Standard in AOI systems available

It has been announced that Omron will be offering its AOI systems with The Hermes Standard (THS) as of the end of August. The Hermes Standard is provider independent machine-to-machine communication that simplifies production related data transfer in SMT production. 

6th July 2018
Innovative solution to integrate control and information

It has been announced by Omron that they will release the NX-HAD4[][] high speed Analogue Input Unit and NX-SL5[][][] Safety CPU Unit that can be used with the previously released NX1 Series. 

20th June 2018
New robots easily integrate into the production line

At Automatica, it was announced by Omron that it will be introducing a new line of SCARA robots. Named the “i4,” the new generation of SCARA robot aim to save space during installation, and allow easier configuration into existing production lines. To see and experience the new i4 SCARA visit Booth 310 in the B5 Hall at Automatica.

12th June 2018
Strategic alliance in the world of collaborative robots

A strategic alliance in the world of collaborative robots has been formed as Omron announced that they have signed an agreement with Techman Robot. Through this alliance, Omron will market and sell Techman’s TM series of collaborative robots via Omron’s distribution network under a co-branded logo, starting in the second half of FY2018.

Test & Measurement
23rd May 2018
3D solder joint inspection products aimed at the European market

  Electronics company, Omron promotes VT-S530 PCB inspection system and VT-X750 high speed automated X-Ray CT inspection system as flagship products representing 3D solder joint inspection technology.

29th March 2018
Staying connected with wide range of FPCs

Omron Electronic Components Europe offers time savings with its Rotary Backlock FPC connector range. The XF series of FPC connectors is a popular and space effective option for interconnecting PCBs and connecting boards to displays.

9th February 2018
An ultra-thin and highly durable tactile switch

Omron Electronic Components Europe has released an ultra-thin sealed surface-mounting tactile switch rated at 1 million operations. The new ultra-thin Omron B3SE delivers amazingly high durability with a minimum of 1 million operations, offering a long product life cycle. The tactile switch height of just 2mm contributes to the development of incredibly slim devices. The button gives the user positive tactile feedback, contributing a quality...

Test & Measurement
15th January 2018
X-ray inspection system suitable for BGAs or THT-components

  Traditional X-ray technologies are limited in inspecting components like BGAs, LGAs or THT-components. Omron’s automatic X-ray inspection system VT-X750 incorporates ‘Computed Tomography’ (CT), specifically to provide high-precision, X-ray imaging to perform precise and reliable analysis of these hidden soldered areas.

12th January 2018
Latest advances showcased at CES 2018

OMRON has showcased its latest advancements in AI, robotics, automation and sensing and control at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. OMRON Corp.'s inaugural booth at CES focuses on the harmony that can be achieved between humans and machines with interactive demonstrations showing how technological innovation can effectively meet business and societal challenges.

3rd November 2017
A world of opportunities

The IoT is opening up a world of opportunities for unattended facilities. A range of IoT-ready sensors allow for designers to create remote automated response systems. Gabriele Fulco, European Product Marketing Manager, Omron Electronics Components Europe, explains.

19th September 2017
Omron to showcase smart sensors at UK Construction Week

  At next month’s Construction Week conference at NEC Birmingham on 10th-12th October, Omron Electronic Components is to demonstrate a new range of IoT ready sensors for smart buildings.

12th September 2017
Industrial robots offer preicise speed measurement as if by magic

No matter how hard we try humans cannot live up to the speed and precision of robots. No human can do it as quickly and as precisely. Modern robots can move workpieces around at a speed that you could once only dream of. Precise measuring instruments are needed to avoid mistakes occurring due to the incredibly quick cycle times required in modern production. For this, the manufacturer Omron Adept Technologies of Dortmund relies on systems ma...

24th August 2017
Barometric sensors for battery operated mobile devices

Two MEMS-based barometric pressure sensors from Omron Electronic Components Europe have been specifically designed to support height and pressure measurement in drones, smartphones, pedometers and other battery powered mobile systems. The Omron 2SMPB-02B and 2SMPB-02E sensors provide stable and reliable height and pressure measurements, allowing changes in elevation to be reliably recorded.

18th July 2017
Multi-function environmental sensor supports the IoT

Omron Electronic Components Europe has announced a multi-function Environmental Sensor that quickly allows designers to monitor seven parameters from one easy to integrate module. Specifically designed for the growing number of autonomous IoT systems, the new Omron 2JCIE-BL01 Sensor measures temperature, humidity, light, UVI, barometric pressure, noise and acceleration.

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