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3rd June 2024
Omron exhibiting EV product lineup

Omron Electronic Components Europe is set to showcase a range of innovative solutions aimed at enhancing efficiency and reducing energy losses in EV charging, electricity storage systems (ESS), and solar applications at the smarter E Europe Exhibition 2024. 

Eco Innovation
22nd May 2024
OMRON will start providing PCF calculations based on global standards

OMRON Corporation will begin providing carbon footprint data of products (PCF) calculations based on global standards for high-capacity power relays for energy storage systems and other new equipment to customers from May 2024.

12th February 2024
New G6RN-E 10A relays from Omron

Omron Electronic Components has extended its relay portfolio with the introduction of its G6RN-E, for heat pumps, smart building, factory automation and energy applications.

19th September 2023
Fast response and reassuring click from Omron's new mouse switches

Omron Electronic Components Europe has introduced two new subminiature switches for next-generation high performance mouse mechanisms including gaming mice.

21st June 2023
Low contact resistance relays for EV chargers and PV-powered homes

Omron Electronic Components Europe has expanded its high-power switching capability with the addition of a low contact resistance model for the successful 2 pole contact type G7L-2A-X series relays.

31st May 2023
Omron mini surface-mount switches deliver reliability and flexibility

New D2LS miniature surface-mount micro switches from Omron combine tiny dimensions with a positive mechanical action comparable to larger switches, while ensuring outstanding long-term durability.

25th April 2023
New photo microsensor extends transmissive photo IC portfolio with 3mm slot width

Omron Electronic Components Europe has extended its SMD photo IC portfolio with the introduction of a compact 3mm slot variant.

23rd March 2023
New MOSFET relays deliver higher dielectric strength and sensitivity

Omron Electronic Components Europe has further expanded its MOSFET relay G3VM series line-up now offering increased sensitivity and higher dielectric strength capability.

7th March 2023
New Omron AC PCB relay delivers its highest load capacity

Omron Electronic Components Europe has extended its AC relay portfolio to provide its highest ever current and voltage capacity for AC PCB relays.

25th January 2023
Omron adds two new MOSFET relays

High dielectric strength, high-temperature, and highly responsive miniature MOSFET relay introduced by Omron.

Eco Innovation
20th December 2022
New regulations and electronic components bring safer ways to save the planet

As the world takes steps to safeguard the planet from a climate calamity, new hazards demand tighter regulations in applications such as industrial and consumer refrigeration, vending machines, and heating systems such as heat pumps and hydrogen boilers. In consequence, associated measurement and control devices and the components within them also face new applications and regulations.

24th November 2022
Omron launches colour sensor for industrial monitoring

Omron Electronic Components Europe has announced the introduction of its B5WC Colour Sensor, which enables monitoring of equipment, plant, and industrial processes through detection of small colour changes. Specific applications are being developed through co-creation with industry partners.

27th October 2022
Omron expands DC Power Relay Portfolio for green and sustainable systems

Omron Electronic Components Europe has extended its family of DC power relays with the introduction of the G9EC-X1, a compact relay, offering switching up to 1000V, 150A DC loads. The device is ideal for green and sustainable systems.

News & Analysis
19th October 2022
Omron expands distribution network with Conrad Electronic partnership

Omron Electronic Components Europe has announced that it has signed a pan-European distribution agreement with Conrad Electronic, the German based sourcing platform for technical supplies operating in 17 European countries.

Eco Innovation
23rd September 2022
Omron presents solutions for PV panels and EV charging at EDS

Omron Electronic Components Europe is supporting the roll out of sustainable energy sources by presenting a range of solutions addressing PV inverters, Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) and EV charging systems at EDS, Coventry.

7th September 2022
Compact, high performance DC relays for automotive and mobility applications

Three new PCB relays from Omron Electronic Components Europe target automotive and mobility applications where space is tight and high-performance is crucial.

28th June 2022
Omron introduces a bi-directional DC power relay

Omron DMS Europe has launched the first product as part of its organisation-wide focus on tackling the challenges of climate change and, specifically, helping to drive the change to net zero emission fuels.

19th May 2022
Switches play a critical part in the billion-dollar esports industry

Esports or competitive gaming has grown to a billion-dollar industry – taking computer and console games to a new level. What is little appreciated, however, is the importance of electronic components to the industry. Iker Saenz, Product Marketing Manager – Switches, Omron Electronic Components Europe discusses.

News & Analysis
26th April 2022
Omron releases transparent bash button

Omron Electronic Components Europe has announced the W7BB-X01 transparent “bash button”, which installs directly into the coverglass of a large display panel to enhance user interaction in casino games and similar applications. The robust, mechanical button is tactile and easy to activate without looking away from the screen.

8th March 2022
Omron launches compact non-leaded MOSFET relay with 75% higher load current

A MOSFET relay from Omron combines a high current rating (200V 0.35A) and high ambient operating temperature range in a small-sized surface mount format, making it a suitable choice for test and measurement equipment.

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