OMRON releases E3AS-HL CMOS laser sensor

18th December 2020
Alex Lynn

OMRON has launched a new E3AS-HL CMOS Laser Sensor with sensing technology that significantly improves detection capability. Reliable detection of difficult-to-detect targets helps eliminate the need for time-consuming installation design and adjustment at equipment commissioning.

Detection using conventional reflective photoelectric sensors is affected by the target colour, material, or surface, and human experience and skills are required to design and adjust the sensor installation for each target. This issue often arises in the automotive and food industries where various targets with complex shapes and glossy surfaces are detected.

The new E3AS-HL CMOS Laser Sensor can reliably detect targets that cannot be detected with reflective photoelectric sensors. Its industry-first sensing algorithm reaches high-speed sampling at 10,000 times per second and OMRON’s unique accumulation processing increases sensitivity by amplifying the slightest amount of light bounced off the target. The manufacturing technology adjusts the receiver lens position in the sensor to the micrometre level, enabling reliable detection of any target colour, material, and shape.

These technologies allow the E3AS-HL Sensor to reliably detect curved and irregular shaped glossy automotive parts and multi-coloured and glossy food and packages. The E3AS-HL Sensor can be used where reflective photoelectric sensors were used and helps significantly reduce the time required to adjust the sensor installation position and angle and the threshold values.

Key features:

  • Reliable detection of difficult objects reduces equipment design and commissioning time.
  • Increased equipment design flexibility reduces design time.
  • Antifouling coating on sensing surface ensures stable operation even in harsh environments (Patent Pending).
  • OLED display and teaching enable easy, quick, and optimal setting.

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