OMRON launches next generation i4L SCARA robot series

25th February 2021
Alex Lynn

OMRON’s new i4L SCARA is a compact robot which offers strong performance at the lowest total cost of ownership. The i4L delivers quality along with scalability, preventative maintenance, and integration flexibility well above its class.

Thanks to its compact design and small footprint, it is simple to install, and can be table mounted or wall mounted, without the need for additional hardware or brackets. Its compact design and flexible programming make the i4L ideal for a wide variety of robot applications, including digital assembly.

The i4L offers simple integration with unique Ethernet connectivity in the base, and maximum uptime by means of interactive maintenance alarms and an RGB dome light. A status light helps to diagnose problems faster and more efficiently, maximising value in every stage of the product lifecycle. It is ideal for high-speed repeatable applications, and comes with three options of working envelope with reaches of 350, 450 and 550mm.

“OMRON has invested many resources in helping customers realise an advanced and flexible manufacturing environment with our robotics technologies,” said Motohiro Yamanishi, Senior General Manager of the Robotics Business Development Project at OMRON’s Industrial Automation Company, adding, “The new i4L SCARA robot will be key in advancing that initiative a step further, by giving customers competitive performance and reliability at an affordable price. The i4L SCARA safely automates material transport operations.

“This is an area rapidly being enhanced with industrial robots in industries worldwide as a method not just to meet labor shortage challenges but to manage the risks associated with the global spread of the Coronavirus.” 

“Fast-paced manufacturing environments require speed and flexibility. OMRON’s i4L SCARA robot can help companies solve this issue because it can work 24 hours a day tirelessly, punctually, and safely in the same environment as people," added Tom Mathias, President, and CEO of OMRON Robotics and Safety Technologies.  

Highlights of the i4L SCARA include:

  • Simple integration: The i4L offers simple integration with a compact design and footprint. Horizontal (table mount) or vertical (wall mount) installation is possible without additional adapters or brackets. Cable connections can be arranged so that they exit through or are parallel to the mounting surface.
  • Maximum uptime: The i4L helps maximise uptime thanks to faster problem diagnosis. Its highly visible multi-coloured LED light dome enables predictive maintenance and gives convenient indication of the robot status.
  • Performance: The i4L offers high-end inertia and repeatability for a light duty SCARA robot, providing all the performance necessary. Reduce set up complexity and programming time thanks to simple integration and synchronisation when deploying multiple robots.
  • Productivity: OMRON has taken the standard SCARA robot to the next level for more productivity within the workplace. The i4L’s speed helps to expedite material handling and helps to reduce material costs, while freeing human resources for other tasks that maximise productivity.

Additional features include:

  • Five kilograms maximum payload capacity
  • 350 mm, 450mm, and 550mm reach options
  • Weight for 350mm/450mm = 15kg
  • Weight for 550mm (180 mm quill) = 16.38kg
  • Weight for 550mm (350mm quill) = 16.52kg

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