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11th February 2009
C&K Expands Family of Sealed Tactile Switches

C&K Components, a leading international supplier of tact switches, toggle, rocker and pushbutton switches, and smart card interconnect devices, has expanded its family of KSC Series tactile switches. Designated the KSC741 and KSC721 devices, the low profile tactile switches feature a height of only 4.3mm, sealing to IP67 standards and an extended life to one million actuations, making them ideal for high reliability applications.

6th February 2009
C&K’s Switches Specified by Leading Power Tool Manufacturer

C&K Components has developed a subminiature snap switch with extended life cycles and high electrical capabilities. Designated the LCA Series, the compact, RoHS-compatible switches are available in SPDT and SPST configurations with solder, quick connect, or PC terminals.

20th January 2009
Low Profile Snap-Acting Key Switches from C&K

C&K Components has added two new devices to its family of K5 Series snap-acting key switches. The new K5G and K5A2 switches feature silver- or gold-plated dome inserts for enhanced user feel, provide excellent tactile feedback, and are housed in small, low profile packages. “Along with superior tactile feel, the K5G and K5A2 switches provide excellent acoustic qualities,” said Gustavo Jimenez, product manager for C&K Component...

19th December 2008
C&K Develops Miniature Reed Detect Switch

C&K Components has developed a miniature surface-mount reed detect switch designed for long life and ease-of-use. Designated the RS Series, the detect switch is a miniature reed detect component with an electrical life of one million cycles.

16th December 2008
C&K Claims First Surface-Mount Snap-Acting Detect Switch

C&K Components has developed a surface-mount, micro-miniature, snap-acting detect switch with extended life cycles. Designed for ATCA applications, the MDS Series device joins C&K’s family of detect switches including the SDS Series, SDT Series and HDT Series components. C&K has also become a member of PICMG, a group of companies collaborating to develop open specifications for high-performance telecom and industrial computing a...

13th October 2008
C&K Develops Ultra-Low Current Tactile Switches

C&K Components has developed a series of low profile tactile switches that combine ultra-low current consumption and extended operational life. Designated the KMR Series, the switches feature an operating current of only 1µA at 1.8VDC, actuation forces to 4N and a life span to 300,000 cycles, making them ideally suited for mobile applications.

6th October 2008
C&K Develops Rectangular Micro Miniature Connectors

C&K Components has developed a family of rectangular micro miniature connectors tested in accordance with ESA specifications. Designated the MDMA Series, the connectors are fully interchangeable with ESA Micro D Connectors (ESA ESCC specification 3401-029) and MIL-DTL-83513 products, and feature removable crimp contacts that also meet ESA requirements.

1st September 2008
Miniature slide switches from C&K

C&K Components has developed a family of miniature slide switches designed specifically for applications where height or surface area is restricted. Including the AYZ, JS, JSM and PCM Series devices, the ultra-low profile slide switches are suitable for momentary or momentary and latched operation.

23rd July 2008
Round rocker switches from C&K Components

The new CR series of panel mount rocker switches from C&K Components feature a unique round actuator and body, making them ideally suited for small and large appliances, office equipment, computers, peripherals and other applications.

15th July 2008
C&K’micro-mini pendulum detect switch allows side or top actuation

C&K’s new SDT series micro-mini, surface mount detect switches have a pendulum-style construction sitting just 3.3 mm off the board. The pendulum-style actuation allows devices to be actuated from either side or the top.

13th May 2008
Detect Switches for ATCA Applications from C&K Components

C&K Components has developed a variety of detect switches for use in ATCA (Advanced Telecom Computing Architecture) applications. Designated the MDS Series, SDS Series, SDT Series and HDT Series, the detect switches are implemented on the server blade as a safety mechanism to guarantee the blade is powered down, while ensuring no data is lost.

6th May 2008
C&K Combines Sensitive Touch and Tactile Technology In 14-Function Navigation Switch

C&K Components has developed a 14-function navigation switch. Designated SensoNav, the switch combines sensitive touch and tactile functions while guaranteeing an extended life span of 1 million actuations per direction.

15th April 2008
C&K Develops Silent Detect Switch with Wide-Angle and Radial Actuation

C&K Components has developed a versatile silent detect switch with a variety of orientations. Designated the KSJ Series, the single pole, single throw, normally open detect switch features high actuation tolerances along with silent and linear operation during actuation with no tactile effect.

3rd April 2008
Compact Sealed Snap Action Switch for Multiple Applications from C&K

C&K Components has developed a series of sealed subminiature snap action switches. Designated the ZMS Series, the single pole, double throw snap action switches are available with a variety of actuators and terminal styles, including PC, solder and potted leads.

28th March 2008
Subminiature tact switches from C&K are available in a variety of configurations

C&K Components, a leading international supplier of tact switches, toggle, rocker and pushbutton switches, and smart card interconnect devices, has developed new versions of sealed through-hole subminiature tact switches. Designated the KSA family, the tact switches consist of the KSA, KSL, KSB, KSI, KSFI, KSJ and KSD devices. The switches are available in a variety of configurations, including vertical and right angle mounting, top or side a...

4th March 2008
Ultra-small SM half pitch side actuated DIP switch from C&K

C&K Components has developed an ultra-miniature, surface mount, side-actuated DIP switch. Designated the TDP Series, the half pitch switch features a dual bifurcated wiping action that ensures reliable contact. When mounted horizontally, the side-actuation mechanism provides visual confirmation of the on/off status.

14th February 2008
C&K offers rectangular connectors for space and other hi-rel applications

C&K is now able to deliver a full range of high reliability rectangular connectors manufactured at its European Space Agency-approved production facility in Dole, France. The company is the only supplier of ESA-approved Micro D (MDM) and single in line microminiature (MTB1) devices. ESA-approved D subminiature versions are also available. The devices have been used in Worldwide Space projects and programs for several years in both standard an...

17th December 2007
Top actuated tactile switch has integrated actuator

C+K Components’ new KMT series tact switches are claimed to be industry’s smallest and lowest profile top actuated devices with an integrated actuator (push plate). KMT series switches also feature a 50% longer operational life over comparable products.

14th December 2007
CoActive Technologies Names Paul Jona As Chairman and CEO

The Board of Directors of CoActive Technologies today announced that it has named Paul H. Jona as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. CoActive Technologies manufactures electromechanical switches, interface controls, keypads and dome arrays, for a variety of industries including industrial equipment, mobile communications, computer and automotive and is a portfolio company of private investment firm Littlejohn & Co.

11th December 2007
Sound Tunable Tactile Switches from C&K Components

C&K Components has developed a series of sound tunable tactile switches. Designated the KSC ST Series, the design of the switch enables the sound intensity to be 100% controlled, with the ability to match the sound level of applications with two sound intensity grades.

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