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1st September 2020
C&K strengthens sales force with new VP of Sales in EMEA

C&K has appointed Lars Stegmann as the new Vice President of Sales of Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA). Stegmann has more than 20 years of experience in the components and the systems business. He will apply his extensive technical experience and in-depth business knowledge in order to provide superior customer support, further develop customer relationships and enrich the customer experience.

1st September 2020
C&K develops sealed subminiature snap-acting switch

C&K has launched a silent, sealed, subminiature snap-acting switch series that offers precise actuation in automotive applications. The compact ZMW Series snap-acting switch combines a long stroke with more than two millimetres of over travel for reliable actuation. The ZMW Series is used in rugged environments including automotive, industrial, white good and other applications.

17th July 2020
C&K ESA-certified D-Sub Backshell with Haloring

C&K has entered the space market by obtaining certification from the European Space Agency (ESA) for a Backshell with Haloring, answering the call for a stamp of approval previously unrealised by similar products.

2nd July 2020
C&K miniature toggle switch features never slip grip

C&K has expanded its 7000 Series locking miniature toggle switch to include an optional knurled cap. The textured pattern provides a nonslip surface that enables customers to move from one position to another without the toggle lever slipping from their grip.

15th May 2020
Soft feedback tactile switch with ultra-low sound

C&K has enhanced its tactile switch offering to include a low sound, long travel and positive tactile feedback version. The Tact Low Sound (TLS) Series provides advanced haptic communication with ultra-soft feedback that can be customised to meet vehicle interior requirements.

6th April 2020
Sealed miniature pushbutton switches deliver performance

C&K has developed a sealed miniature pushbutton switch that offers an extended operating life to 50,000 cycles on FP11 & FP21 version. The FP Series is completely sealed via an O-ring between the actuator and bushing, preventing contamination. The sealing also enables automated soldering and cleaning, saving significant time and money during the assembly process.

25th March 2020
Miniature tact switch rated to ten million cycles

C&K has launched a new tact switch with a rating of ten million cycles. The KSC Tireless Endurance (KSC TE) is a revolutionary addition to C&K’s tactile product portfolio that helps ease the design cycle by offering a long-standing lifetime for its size and force range.

26th June 2019
Compact tactile switch meets haptic automotive demands

C&K has announced the launch of its KSC XA tactile switch, designed for automotive interior and openings applications. The new switch is in a smaller form factor than existing competitor products that deliver the required sound and haptic feedback. It is provided in a compact 6.2x6.2x4.9mm package, making it ideal for applications such as steering wheel or gear shift paddles.

18th June 2019
Low priced sub-miniature tact switches for home automation

Manufacturer of high-quality electromechanical switches, C&K, has introduced two new sub-miniature tact switches aimed at design engineers developing home automation and Internet of Things (IoT) electronic devices: the PTS636 and PTS526.

29th May 2019
Range of vandal-resistant sealed switches for ATMs expanded

C&K has announced the launch of its ATP16 series of anti-vandal sealed pushbutton switches. Aimed at designers of equipment and devices used in public spaces or remote locations that are often at high risk of theft or intentional damage, the vandal-resistant switches are suitable for applications such as access controls, intercom push to talk devices, service station equipment and ticketing or automatic vending machines, among others.

17th May 2019
Snap-action switches deliver space savings when mounted on PCBs

C&K has announced the launch its compact LCW series of sub-miniature sealed snap-acting switches. With a contact rating up to 0.1A as first release, the new products deliver a highly repeatable action, making them suitable for very high precision, detection applications, such as temperature, and pressure switching in motorised equipment, sump pumps thermostatic controls and air conditioners.

17th April 2019
Sub-miniature tact switch for home automation

Manufacturer of electromechanical switches, C&K, has announced the launch of a new sub-miniature PTS815 tact switch aimed at design engineers developing home automation and Internet of Things (IoT) electronic devices. With printed circuit board (PCB) space at a premium within consumer electronics devices, the ultra-compact C&K switch addresses the growing demand for high quality and competitively priced switch solutions for large volume m...

2nd April 2019
Vandal-resistant sealed switches for hostile environments

High-reliability switch provider, C&K, has announced the launch of its ATP19 and ATP22 series anti-vandal sealed pushbutton switches. The new high-strength, lightweight switches are IP67/IK10 rated, ensuring their suitability for operation in harsh conditions and ability to withstand potential malicious damage.

19th February 2019
Harsh environment switches with extended actuation

Now available from specialist distributor of electronic components, TTI, the new IP67-sealed model in the C&K K12S Series of switches is suitable for outdoor applications such as automotive door locks, boot openers, motorcycle handles and similar harsh environment uses including agricultural machinery and vehicles and off-road transportation.

12th February 2019
Strengthening focus on business expansion

High-quality electromechanical switches company, C&K, has appointed Scott Smith as the company’s first Chief Revenue Officer (CRO), reporting directly to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), John Boucher. This new management appointment bolsters C&K during a robust phase of global expansion, as the company plans to broaden its offering and customer base.

31st January 2019
Ultra-compact tactile switches for gaming controllers

Specialist in high-reliability connectors, C&K, has announced an expansive switch portfolio for designers of games controllers and gaming accessories. It offers a broad range of miniature tactile, ultra-miniature tactile and micro miniature tactile switches for PCB mounting. Designed for the most demanding applications, the switches can be customised in order to achieve the exact sound and feel desired.

11th December 2018
Light and compact connectors designed for space applications

C&K has announced the launch of its space-grade D-Subminiature Surface Mount Termination (SMT) range of electrical connectors. The new SMT D-Sub connectors under CS-FR053 specification are primarily intended for aerospace engineering applications such as developing communication and network ports for satellites, spacecraft and launchers.

22nd October 2018
Standard-profile DIP switch offers reliable operation in all applications

C&K new BDB DIP switches traditional full-profile DIP switch delivers a new generation price-competitive solution for all applications that require a reliable DIP switch with an extended actuator for easy operation.

3rd October 2018
Robust SAM series multiway switches offering simple integration

High-quality electromechanical switch provider, C&K, has announced the availability of its new SAM series multiway switch. This switch is defined by its integration, direct motor management based on SPDT (single pole, double throw) contacts, and flexible mechanical characteristics including travel, shaft shape and dimensions.

23rd August 2018
DIP switch provides low-cost option for logic and control application

C&K has announced the launch of its new SDB DIP switches. The new DIP switch provides product designers with a cost-effective solution for applications that require a low-profile switch for space savings on PCB layouts. The SDB DIP switch has a high operating life cycle under load and comes in thru-hole or surface mount models with additional tape and reel packaging available.

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